Coconut Creamer, OriginalCoconut Creamer, Original671635706041Unlike conventional creamers laden with artificial flavors and high-fructose corn syrup, our sweetened powdered coconut creamer is made with simple ingredients, like ethically sourced coconut oil, MCT oil, and coconut sugar. Plus, it’s gluten-free and vegan. Use it to add rich, creamy flavor to hot tea, iced coffee, and smoothies.8 oz pouch
Not paleo - by I have ordered this for years. Last week the packing was different so I checked the ingredients- rice hulls and acacia gum! I thought maybe I’d been sent the wrong one by mistake but the barcode number matched my old paleo package. What a shame. Thrive Market, you need to update your product description so more people don’t waste their time buying things they can’t use.
Perfect for camping and travel - by I originally bought the item to test out for when I go camping, but I use it most mornings now. I love a little creamer in my morning tea and this stuff is great! Not too sweet and add a great flavor to my morning cup
Not Like Lairds - by I do not follow a dairy-free diet but I do love Lairds creamers. I thought this would be like Lairds but it’s not. The creaminess is definitely similar but the flavor is not as good. It has a very coconut-y taste and it’s sweeter than I expected. If I had to follow a dairy-free diet I might use the rest of this product but for now, I’m going to save if for guests who might be interested.
Very sweet - by I was looking for a replacement creamer because I always buy Silk unsweetened oat and coconut creamer and for some reason lately no one is carrying it! I have to have coffee every day, I am also an nursing mom so I thought this could be a good replacement and add some extra calories and energy. Its very sweet and is not creamy enough for a replacement creamer. I ended up adding unsweetened coconut milk as well. I like my coffee less sweet.
Doesn’t mix well - by I bought this for camping, but it doesn’t mix into hot coffee very well.
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Thrive Market

Coconut Creamer, Original

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