Wood Cleaner, Orange & Lemon

16 oz bottle

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16 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

Like a breath of fresh, citrusy air, this Wood Cleaner is all you need to clean and nourish wood and laminate surfaces throughout your home. It’s lightweight enough to use daily as a dusting spray but tough enough for more heavy-duty jobs like cleaning floors and wood cabinets after the dinner splatters. It’s safe on painted surfaces and works great as a conditioner for stainless steel surfaces—no more fingerprint smudges! It’s hypoallergenic for allergy-prone family members. It has only 5 simple, powerful ingredients including olive oil, vinegar, and citrus oils. Spray it onto a damp cloth to clean and buff wood furniture or onto a dry cloth to clean and polish cabinets. Get your wood and laminate floors shiny and dirt-free when you spray it on a mop. The bottle comes with the concentrate so you just have to add your own water.
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About This Brand

In 1996, Kandie Konomos began a household cleaning company named Herb ‘N Organics Cleaning. As a professional cleaner, however, her skin often reacted to the chemicals in the cleaning products and she developed contact dermatitus. After years of trying different “green” products, research and experience, Kandi began to develop her own safe, natural cleaning products to help with the dermatitus. She soon found that her own products worked just as well—if not better—than commercial cleaning agents. They also relieved her of contact dermatitis. These recipes are still the core of Truce products today. During the same time, Kandie’s friend Diann Peart was finishing her PhD in Ecology and was becoming increasingly aware of the use of toxic chemicals in homes and gardens. The relationship between illnesses and chemical overload was glaringly clear. Cases of chemical sensitivies were on the rise, as were endocrine disorders—and they still are. Diann committed herself to educating local...
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Olive oil, Orange essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Vinegar, Guar gum.

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Reviews For Wood Cleaner, Orange & Lemon

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Truce Wood Cleaner

Like it! A fine spray for larger areas. Fresh smell and leaves a shine. Lightweight. Cleans as you wipe.

- Paula

Better Than Most

When I buy "hippie" organic cleaners, I do so with the understanding that I'm trading quality for a product that's healthier, less toxic, eco-friendly, etc. This product is WAY better than Pledge and other leading wood polishers/cleaners. It REALLY lifted my toddler's gunky finger prints -- yogurt and other unidentifiable stickiness, as well as polished our wood and laminated surfaces. It also made the dust easier to lift, rather than scooting it around. I'm a happy customer!

- Catherine

Great cleaning results!

This product cleans wood very well, it has a nice fragrance. I am in the cleaning business and will purchase more.

- Kathleen

Will be buying again!

Just received my first bottle of this in my shipment. I've been cleaning my tables and dressers with this stuff and I love it. I'll be buying the refill next time!

- Jasmine

Truce wood cleaner

It makes my wood tables really shiney! I love it.

- Victoria

Strong scent

My bottle was a bit messy from a leak during shipping, bottle is still very greasy. The scent is a bit overwhelming, but once you use it furniture, spreading it around, it is better. Does a nice job on wood surfaces.

- Tabatha

great product!

I bought this to use on my leather furniture as my dogs lick & I will not use chemical cleaners. this is made from stuff you keep in the pantry & some essential oils, it smells great, cleans great. I also used on wood floor & they look great and are not slippery!! leave a light, fresh citrus scent- almost makes you WANT to clean!

- Cheryl

Truce wins

I absolutely love this brand. I just bought it, but this company is truly committed to non-toxic products. Just add your own water and it's reusable if you buy the concentrate. You have to shake it up because it doesn't have chemicals to combine oil and water. It works great.

- Jessica

GREAT wood cleaner!

Love, love this cleaner. Works beautifully on my antiques as well as kitchen cupboards! The scent is so nice and clean. I'm hooked!!

- Cathy

Works great!

Brightened up my dressers and leaves no residue.

- Renee

Great scent!

Beautiful shine on my wood without the greasy feel and a wonderful scent!

- Melissa

Best wood polish/cleaner!

I've tried a few different natural wood cleaners and nothing has been as great as Truce! It doesn't leave any smudges, instead it looks brand new furniture. The smell is light and doesn't linger either.

- Marcin

Smells good, ok on wood

I like all-natural cleansers, especially ones that actually do a good job of cleaning and removing stains. I bought this Truce wood cleaner for some antiques that I have in my house, and while it didn't do any harm to the old grain, it didn't really do much in terms of shining them or bringing out the luster. I guess there's some value to the chemicals a lot of these cleaning companies put in their wood cleaning products, but I still thought this all-natural cleaner with olive oil and other essential oils would seep into the wood grain and do a bang-up job. I'm a bit disappointed in the results.

- J.Barnett

Awesome wood polisher

I love this Truce polish, because it has no harsh chemicals, no allergens, no soaps or dyes, no perfumes and definitely no additives. It's just made from pure oils from Mother Nature, and it smells great, does a fantastic job on my cabinets and tables, and doesn't leave that slick, slimy residue that most store brand cleaners do. This is a safe product that I don't worry about with my kids at home, and it does the job. It's good for the environment and functional, the best of both worlds.

- Carmelina M.

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