Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Crisps - Cacao

10 oz box

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10 oz box

Why You’ll Love It

A delicious gluten-free option that’s good for you, too. These cacao crisps take all the health benefits of brown rice and intensify them by sprouting the grain. The mix is lightly sweetened with low-glycemic organic coconut palm sugar from Bali and flavored with organic cacao, sunflower oil, sunflower lecithin, and unrefined salt.
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About This Brand

True ingredients, prepared simply.Sometimes it takes a few simple ideas to start a revolution. For the French, it was liberté, égalité, fraternité. Our grand idea is simplicity itself. Simplicity, sustainability, integrity. This better way is not our own invention. We’ve found it in the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of generations, the virtues of family farmers. We invite you to join us, as we set the table for an amazingly tasteful revolution.“To be simple is to be great,” a famous American essayist once wrote. He might easily have been describing the philosophy behind One Degree organic foods. We start with simple ingredients from family farmers who are devoted to the earth, the integrity of their crop, and your health. True sources, truly veganic.When you add sustainability, transparency and consumer-empowering technology, what you get is an incredibly honest meal. And, if you can remember back to how good food once tasted before it became genetically modified, globally...
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Organic sprouted brown rice, organic coconut palm sugar, organic cacao, organic sunflower oil, organic sunflower lecithin, unrefined salt, tocopherols (vitamin E).

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 2/3 Cup (30 g) Servings Per Container 9

Amount Per Serving

Calories 120 Calories from Fat 50

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 6g 9%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 4%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 50mg 2%
Total Carbohydrate 16g 5%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 7g
Protein 2g 3%

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 0%
Iron 6%

Produced in a facility that uses soy, tree nuts, wheat and dairy.

Reviews For Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Crisps - Cacao

Based on 70 Reviews

Out favorite cereal

I tried this bc I have dietary restrictions. I loved it & it's so good that it's now my 4 year olds favorite cereal.

- Jaclyn Clark


This cereal tastes just like Cocoa Puffs or Cocoa Pebbles. Sooooo yummy and stays crisp in milk down to the last bite, unlike my other gluten free rice cereal that turns to mush before I can finish half of the bowl. I liked it so much after my first box that I immediately ordered four more!

- Betsy

Grandson's Five Star Review

My grandson has breakfast with me every morning before I take him to his school bus. Even when he likes something a lot he never gives it more than four stars. (Call him a fussy food critic--he always thinks there is room for improvement.) This is the one exception. He calls it the best cereal ever and says he would give it even more than five stars if that were an option.

- Patricia

Excellent plus Low Price

My daughter loves this cereal. It has whole quality ingredients and tastes good. The price is reasonable too. Thank you!

- Thrive User

Breakfast Goodness

I love this cereal and look forward to eating it when I have it. You would never know it gluten-free.

- Monica


I am obsessed with cereal and this cereal doesn't make me feel bad after going through a box very quickly. Plus, its a vegan/ethical brand!

- Desiree


I have been looking for a cereal that meets my sweet tooth needs but isn't as unhealthy as regular chocolate cereals. This cereal is really yummy and I don't feel as guilty going for a second bowl. Sometimes I'll use unsweetened chocolate almond milk and it makes for a good treat! :)

- Tammy


we looked all over for this product we couldn't fine it
till I Looked real close, I looked for a web side and I didn't
see one till I looked real close and it was on the box with big letters finielly got it I punched in the [ theone degree
orgnic ,com and got it
we will send for it as soon as I tell all my Family . this is a very good cerail we love it shood be in the srores
thank you


organic sprouted brown crisps cacao

This cereal has become one of my family's favorite, I love the natural ingredients and specially that they use brown rice instead of white. I don't buy cereals at all, but this one has all the ingredients that I would approve for my family.

- Veronica

Love this stuff!

I am on a pretty tight diet due to health issues and food allergies. This is one of the only cereals that I can have that is actually good! It tastes like coco puffs, but better, in my opinion. Plus it doesn't contain sugar cane, it is coconut palm sugar, which is one of the reasons I can have it, and love it! It doesn't taste very good dry though.

- Nicole

Greatest Guilt Free Breakfast Ever!!!


- W A


I used these in my own version of the "heathy snickers bars" recipe found on Thrive Market site. I say my own version because I used almond butter and almonds instead of peanut butter and peanuts. While it did not taste like snickers (because of almonds) it was SO GOOD!

- Sandra



- Lu

Great Coco Pops alternative

I like to mix it with plain rice crisps and the kids love it! Even the fussy husband thinks it tastes like coco pops and thats a first.

- Carrie

Pretty Good

As cold cereals go, this one is pretty good. Remains reasonably crispy in milk and has a pretty good taste... especially when compared to other 'healthy' cold cereals go. This is one that I will keep 'in stock' for those mornings where cold cereal is desired.

- Bill

Great cereal!

Cereal has great flavor and doesn't get soggy quickly in milk - and it even turns the milk to chocolate milk, yet is good for you! Win, win!

- Regina S

Love this Cereal!

I would never imagine this was gluten-free. So tasty and delicious.

- Monica

Not Coco Pebbles but Not Bad!

If you are expecting the taste of your childhood favorite sugary cereal you will be disappointed! BUT these have a light chocolaty taste, they stay crunchy to the end and they are sweet enough to taste like a treat :)

- Laura

Chocolate in the morning!

This is a nice chocolatey treat in the morning. They taste great and are a nice change to the regular routine of breakfast.

- Ruth

Love these brown rice crispies!

My daughter and I love this cereal. It is so delicious and healthy. The crispies stay crispy and they taste just like the name brand cereal. Also, I use with cashew or almond milk and it is soooo yummy!!!

- April

delicious cocoa puffs alternative

Great tasting cereal with crunch and just the right amount of cocoa sweetness.

- Jen

Delicious, fun cereal

It's fun because, by the time you finish the cereal, you have chocolate milk. Also, it stays crisp right to the end. It's a favorite of my husband's and mine.

- Diane


I use these as mix-ins in a good strawberry-banana yogurt. Yum!!

- Nichole

Perfect for my Chocolate Cravings

I can't believe this is as healthy as it is! It tastes EXACTLY like coco puffs!!!

- Danielle

So Good & Stay Crisp

I decided to try these when I stumbled across them while shopping on Thrive. I'm so glad I did. They have just the right amount of chocolate taste and sweetness and stay crisp to the last bite. I usually find I have to eat rice cereals really quickly if I don't want to eat soggy cereal, but not with these. I can eat them slowly and enjoy the flavor with no sogginess at all. These will become a regular order for me.

- Regan

Almost cocoa crispies!

I'm on a very limited diet. This was a blessing! An almost chocolate experience and no 'real' sugar and GF! It tastes pretty good.

- Deidra

kids love it too!

This cereal is great! As a college student/broke 20 yr old, I sometimes like to have cereal for dinner or dessert but I stay away from super sugary cereal. This is the best healthy cereal I've ever had! Tastes like Coco Pops but waaaay less sugar, plus it's vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free! I was babysitting my little cousins (2 years and 5 years) and they both loved it too! It's a total dupe for traditional sugary cereal!

- Meg

Extremely Tasty

One of the best gluten free cereals I've tasted. I am certain your kids will love them because this kid with over 50 years experience certainly did.

- Mary

Not what I was expecting

I loved cocoa pebbles as a kid--and what better than a healthy version?!? Buuuutttt this cereal was much different than what I was expecting, and not in a good way unfortunately. It wasn't a strong chocolate taste, to be honest there wasn't much flavor at all. It was a bummer. I won't be ordering these again.

- Amanda


Love this super crunchy chocolate cereal great on coconut ice cream

- Deborah

cocoa sprouted rice crisp

simply the best cereal ever!

- Aimee

Stays crisp!

This cereal stays crisp to the last spoonful!

- Robin


Love it. Feels like a little treat!

- Ivy


I was skeptical but this product is great. I'm hooked. Cures my chocolate craving in a healthy way.

- marissa


I go through sugary cereal cravings once in a very great while, and try so hard to just forget about it and move on. I was placing an order for some essentials and stumbled upon this item. I'm so glad I did! It was sweet enough to satisfy that nagging craving, but not overly sweet. A small bowl of this with some whole milk made a perfect, satisfying dessert at the end of a long day.

- Amanda


My 11 yr old daughter likes the taste of these, but didn't like how quickly they get soggy.

- Gail

Soooo goood

very yummy! Ordered 3 boxes already!

- Ashley

Num num

This is just slightly sweet with a great crunch. Nice for breakfast and a snack.

- Tami

Happy kids

My kids love this cereal. I can't keep it stocked in my pantry.

- Judy

Another Thrive winner

These brown rice cocoa crisps are delicious in a bowl with organic milk or making bars with them! For the gluten intolerance we have in our home these are a real treat!

- Kathleen

Great cereal

This is my favorite cold cereal. We also made great krispie treats with this, grass fed butter and organic marshmallows from Thrive!

- kellie


Really tasty; a great, more wholesome sub for Cocoa Crispies.

- Ashleigh

Love them

My husband said they tasted very "toasty" but to me they tasted just like my childhood favorite cereal, Rice Crispies.

- Georginna

simple and very yummy

I love foods with simple ingredients lists! This cereal reminds me fondly of the cereal of my youth, but it's better, because it's not too sweet - it's just right. You can really taste the cocoa, too.

- Andrea


Me and my boyfriend both love this cereal and I'm picky! Great find!

- Jessica

My Daughter Loves Them!

These were a huge hit with both of us! I hope to see more One Degree foods on Thrive.

- Eve


Love it for a crunchy dessert with plain almond milk

- Marsha


So much better than a childhood fav

- Theresa

Mmm Good!

Tastes so chocolatey good!

- Mellisa


These brown rice puffs are very similar to a childhood favorite of mine but much more healthy!! Love them. Will buy again!

- Jenna

Breakfast Pow!

I break the rule of NO chocolate for breakfast with this one! Tasty!

- Shandra

kids love them

My kids love sugary cereals, of course! I bought these to replace as a weekend treat for breakfast, and now they want more. I love the quality ingredients these are packed with.

- Katie

I am hooked!

I have been on a very restrictive diet for some time and I was getting bored with all my regular foods. I tried this and was hooked from the first bowl! I cut up bananas in it and pour vanilla almond milk over it. It is a wonderful treat for anytime of the day! I will be a frequent buyer!

- Sandi

Absolutely Exeptional

This is perfect for consumers with restrictive diets or food allergies. No corn or wheat, but note that it was produced in a facility that also manufactures soy, tree nuts and dairy. I have tried many chocolate rice cereals, and this by far is my favorite. The rice stays very crunchy, it does not taste sugary, and it pairs well with coconut milk.

- Happy Customer

Missing the cocoa taste.

This is definitely a cereal I would like my kids to eat. It is organic, gluten free, glucose free and low in sugar. However, they have been exposed to Cocoa Krispies so the faint cocoa taste in this version did not stand to their demand. I finished the rest and probably would purchase again for myself and my husband, just not as often as I was anticipating.

- Kelli P.

Yummy, chock full of nutrients

I love using this cereal to make healthier versions of rice krispy treats. They're still sugary pastries, but I try to substitute healthier ingredients into family recipes whenever I can. It's also great on it's own for a cereal, and since rice crisps are relatively neutral, I can dress these up in all sorts of ways. I can add fruit, I can add granola, I can put them in oatmeal for added crunch or eat them plain with any sort of milk. I mix them in my smoothies sometime for texture and I like them sprinkled on ice cream or in a bowl of oat milk with some matcha powder on top. They fit right in with the rest of my organic regimen. The ingredients are simple and minimal, and it's great that they're sweetened with coconut palm sugar to avoid those sugar spikes after eating.

- Sandy C.

Healthy Breakfast!

The older you get, the more fiber you need to eat. This cereal is a staple for me every morning with my cup of coffee and letting the dogs out. It is organic and non-GMO which is super awesome!

What I wish is that I could have bought this in bulk. I would have bought a jumbo bag had I known I would eat so much of it. My grandson loves it too- that is the best part.

- Patrick Brady

Guilt-free Indulging!

I love that I can enjoy my morning cereals again! This cereal is great with any milk alternative such as almond and cashew. This cereal is organic and gluten-free and I highly recommend it!

- Sheila


My favorite cereal ! It tastes delicious , just the right amount of sweetness and chocolate taste. I recommended to everyone ! I want to thank you for making such amazingly delicious cereal

- Karina

Pleasantly Surprised!

This is my new favorite adult cereal!! I was a bit concerned about this cereal tasting like a bowl of cardboard particles, but to my surprise it was very tasty! As other reviewers have said, it is just sweet enough. I have a sweet tooth and this cereal satisfies it without the guilt of going overboard.
Oh, it also stays crunchy in my almond milk!

- Destiny


This is my favorite cereal. I'm 36 years old I don't buy this cereal for my kids, I buy it for me! :) I love it! It's sweet but not too sweet so it's perfect. Really it's like a dark chocolate rice crispy and I have to have a box in the house at all times!

- The Sparkle Mama


Remember Coco Krispys as a kid, these are the adult version, without the garbage

- Craig


I think they need to taste more like chocolate

- adrienne

Not a big hit with the kids

Unfortunately I thought this would be a good "treat" for the kids but out of 4 not one liked it. I personally did not care for the taste either.

- Rikie


Missing your chocolatey crunchy cereal? This will help with that. It was very yummy.

- Tamara

New Fav!

I was a little hesitated to try, but I'm so glad I did! I would recommend this for a sweet yet satisfying cocoa treat. very good!

- Jenn


My new favorite ceral, its like an adult version of Chocolate Rice Krispies, not super sweet. And it's sprouted so that's awesome! So delicious and great a company with great values!

- Valentine


Great bowl of breakfast!

- Kristi


This product is scrumptious! I combined them with peanut butter and banana for a healthy snack. Next up, I'm going to use them to make peanut butter protein bars.

- Bethany

One of my favorite cereals!

I've already bought this cereal twice! It's so addicting - nice cocoa flavour without tasting too sweet. I also love how it's made from a few, simple ingredients. Definitely going to keep on buying them!

- Ingrid

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