One Degree Organic Foods

True ingredients, prepared simply.Sometimes it takes a few simple ideas to start a revolution. For the French, it was liberté, égalité, fraternité. Our grand idea is simplicity itself. Simplicity, sustainability, integrity. This better way is not our own invention. We’ve found it in the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of generations, the virtues of family farmers. We invite you to join us, as we set the table for an amazingly tasteful revolution.“To be simple is to be great,” a famous American essayist once wrote. He might easily have been describing the philosophy behind One Degree organic foods. We start with simple ingredients from family farmers who are devoted to the earth, the integrity of their crop, and your health. True sources, truly veganic.When you add sustainability, transparency and consumer-empowering technology, what you get is an incredibly honest meal. And, if you can remember back to how good food once tasted before it became genetically modified, globally transported, showered in chemicals and hormones, processed, reprocessed and loudly marketed, you’ll also rediscover some wonderful memories and long-lost flavors in every slice and spoonful.We invite you to learn more by touring this site. Meet the real farmers who supply our grain. See the difference sustainable, veganic growing practices can make —to the land and to your health. Take away some delicious recipes featuring sprouted grains and other honest ingredients. Enjoy food the way it used to be: Simply great.Our name promises you’ll never have more than one degree of separation between you and the source of your food. From harvest to home, the only part missing is the thrill of walking our quietly majestic fields yourself.One Degree Organics is defined by the fresh new concepts we’ve brought to the market. Our name is your guarantee you will know the farmer who grew your food — an incredible degree of transparency that allows you to meet each farm family and hear their stories.We believe you have the right to know the truth about ingredients, sources, methods and philosophies. The right to know who: family farmer or giant agribusiness? And where: pristine fields on the Canadian prairie, or a factory farm along the flight path of a crop duster? And especially how: with pure natural seeds, crop rotation and plant-based fertilizer ... or GMO plants, chemicals and animal fertilizer?Welcome to the One Degree revolution. Suddenly you have the power to know, to decide — and even to bring change to the world.One Degree at a time.

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