Chocolate Brownie Energy BarsChocolate Brownie Energy Bars722252301802The rich, indulgent flavor of a fresh-baked brownie. CLIF BAR® Energy Bar is the first bar we made, and it’s still everything we’re about. Nutritious, organic ingredients. Performance nutrition. And great taste. Whether you’re on a 150-mile bike ride or exploring a new trail, this energy bar is built to sustain your adventure. The rich, indulgent flavor of a fresh-baked brownie.12 bars (2.4 oz each)
So chocolaty - by these taste great and keep me fueled.
Delicious - by I love these!! They taste amazing
Chocolate lovers favorite - by A yummy protein bar full of chocolate and oats.
Good Energy Bars - by These bars are great source of energy when I need a little boost for work or when working out. The brownie flavor is the best by far and the price is great too! How few, make sure to stay hydrated because these bars can be drying.
Favorite Flavor - by Clif bars are the best— filling enough to be a quick breakfast on your way to class, and absolutely delicious. Price is better than other bars as well, without compromising quality. The brownie is my favorite flavor, super chocolatey!
Clif Bar
Clif Bar

Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars

12 bars (2.4 oz each)
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