Pork LardPork Lard856166004051Fatworks® pasture-raised Pure Lard is a premium cooking oil that adds subtle, natural flavor to your dishes. Made from back fat, this is truly “pig made for the pan,” making it the perfect lard for frying and sautéing. It’s also great for baking mouthwatering crusts and pastries.14 oz Jar
Great, clean taste - by This is really good, clean-tasting good in a variety of applications both sweet and savory!
So good! - by I use this for EVERYTHING! From cooking eggs to popping popcorn to greasing my pans for baking.
Good for baking ! - by I use this in biscuits and pie crust . Makes them soft and flaky with an old fashioned taste ! Love this brand !
Best Lard so far - by when I open the jar and put my nose in, the smell puts me back to my childhood, just like my mom would render a large batch. quality and fresh you can smell. :)
Tasty - by Adds taste to potatoes
Fatworks Foods
Fatworks Foods

Pork Lard

14 oz Jar$1.00/oz
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