Almond Flour Muffin & Bread Mix, PumpkinAlmond Flour Muffin & Bread Mix, Pumpkin856069005018Every season is Pumpkin season with Simple Mills' Pumpkin Muffin Mix. It's made with simple, whole food ingredients including almond flour, coconut flour and coconut sugar for nutrient value and lower glycemic impact. Authentic pumpkin flavor that's out of this world, from pumpkins straight outta midwest farms.9 oz box
Easy gluten-free option - by Good with the dairy-free vanilla icing
Happy I got it for free - by Got this as a "FREE Gift" from Thrive. I tend to like Simple Mills brand, but this was not so good. It turned out somehow too greasy and also too dry in the mouth. The flavor was okay without being good, and there was a mild aftertaste I didn't like. I did appreciate that it wasn't too sweet -- it's definitely a muffin rather than a cupcake. If I ever get it free again, I'll try making it with butter in place of the oil, and I'll add more of the pie spices from my own kitchen, which I think would improve it significantly. I don't plan to buy it, though.
its ok. - by this is better than the thrive brand but it's very bland when made as the box states. I think it's a good base to add things to. Needs more flavor, maybe a touch of salt, more spice, and some vanilla. Texture is really nice for almond flour, which can get gritty.
Perfectly Pumpkin - by Love to mix this mix with a can of pumpkin, throw in some chocolate chips, and bake up a batch of muffins. Good, healthy ingredients that become a perfectly sinful dessert...
Worth the price - by I made pumpkin muffins and they were so good! I used coconut oil and used unsweetened kefir instead of water, like the box said to do if you wanted moist muffins. Sprinkled them with pumpkin seeds, a little maple sugar and a dash of pumpkin pie spice. ☺
Simple Mills
Simple Mills

Almond Flour Muffin & Bread Mix, Pumpkin

9 oz box
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