6 Amazing Head-to-Toe Beauty DIYs Using Coconut Oil

November 13th, 2015

With its rough, fibrous exterior, a coconut is an inconspicuous package for something so incredibly beautifying. When these fuzzy drupes were first discovered bobbing around the Pacific Ocean centuries ago, most likely no one suspected right away that they could be such a rich source of head-to-toe nourishment.

Now the fruits—the oil, to be exact—of the coconut have taken the world by storm. First of all, it smells totally amazing—like a cool breeze on a beach in the tropics. But even more glorious than its scent are its beauty benefits. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals, helping to prevent premature aging. Vitamin K has anti-inflammatory effects that’s healing to the skin. And with extra-moisturizing properties that can benefit both skin and hair, coconut oil is basically the total beauty package in one little jar.

While this oil is dream-come-true all on its own, there are so many simple yet creative ways to harness its power. Ready to experiment? Pick up a jar of coconut oil and try these six easy DIYs.

Forget Salt Spray—You Won’t Believe This Sweet DIY Hair Texturizer!

Sugar is the new salt when it comes to hair texturizers. Combined with coconut oil, this just-add-water spray gives lightweight, California-cool beach waves with shine instead of grit.

WATCH: DIY Mascara Plus 4 More Surprising Ways to Use Coconut Oil

In this video, wellness coach Jennifer Partridge shows how coconut oil can be used as a game-changing clear mascara. Mind. Blown. Her coconut-brown sugar scrub ain’t too shabby either.

This Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask Recipe Is Good Enough To Eat

Dehydrated tresses need a drink? Try this (edible) two-ingredient deep-conditioning hair mask to restore much needed vitamin E, vitamin B, and protein to damaged hair.

Get Smooth, Silky Skin With This 5-Ingredient Body Butter

This moisturizing cream will envelop skin with a sweet scent and sublime softness. Never buy artificially scented body butter again.

6 Super-Simple DIY Body Scrubs

These easy, breezy recipes will be your gateway into mixing up your own luxurious scrubs for all time. The star ingredient? Why, coconut oil, of course. It makes an ideal carrier oil for many types of facial and body scrubs.

The Easiest DIY Natural Deodorant

Does making your own deodorant sound kind of involved? Actually, it’s super easy (and it works)! Try this recipe for an all-natural deodorant that will banish chemicals from your delicate underarm area for good.

Photo credit: Alicia Cho

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