Announcing the Thrive Market COVID-19 Relief Fund

March 15th, 2020

Update 4/2: Thank you to everyone who has donated at checkout to support our COVID-19 Relief Fund—your generosity during this difficult time has been inspiring! Today, we’re proud to announce the Thrive Market COVID-19 Relief Fund donation page as a way for members and non-members alike to show their support without needing to place an order. Donating is easy and takes just a few minutes—simply select the amount you’d like to donate to affected families, seniors, and healthcare workers, and indicate whether it’s a one-time or recurring donation. We’re grateful for any amount, however big or small, you can contribute. Last but not least, we’d like to send huge thank yous to Garden of Life and New Chapter for getting this effort off to a strong start with generous donations of $7,500 and $5,000, respectively.

Update 3/20: Some members have asked how they can use Thrive Market to get supplies to an elderly or immunocompromised neighbor, relative, or friend, and we want to help! If you know someone who needs groceries or supplies and is unable to leave home, please send an email with details to covid19relief@thrivemarket.com and we’ll help you coordinate getting an order to them. Thank you, members, for looking out for each other and inspiring us with your compassion.

Dear Members,

For the past three weeks, all of us here at Thrive Market have been focused on one thing: getting you the products you need to keep your families safe and healthy during the coronavirus crisis.

We’re humbled to be the place you turn to at a time like this and we won’t let you down. We’ve built up our inventory levels on key products and will never engage in surge pricing. We’ll also continue to communicate transparently about all shipping delays.

But the crisis is now entering a new and more serious phase. As schools and businesses shut their doors and confirmed cases of COVID-19 grow, millions of families will face hardships in the weeks and months ahead, from lost wages to unplanned childcare needs to potentially crippling medical expenses. The families most affected are also likely to be those least equipped to face these hardships alone—and they shouldn’t have to.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch the Thrive Market COVID-19 Relief Fund. It will provide $150 grocery stipends to any family facing health or financial hardships due to COVID-19. For the next 30 days, 100% of Thrive Market member donations at checkout will go toward this effort and we will match every donation dollar for dollar.

If your family or someone you know needs support, send a message or short video explaining the situation to covid19relief@thrivemarket.com. Stipends will be awarded to members, Gives members, and non-members alike, and will be based purely on need.

To all of you who choose to donate some or all of your savings on your next order: THANK YOU. Your generosity inspires us—and will make a difference now more than ever.

We’re all in this together,

The Thrive Market Team

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