What is Autoship? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Last Update: December 22, 2023

We believe the set-it-and-forget-it philosophy can be applied to your pantry. Wouldn’t it make life a bit easier if you didn’t have to remember to order coffee every month (or, worse, risk running out)? Wish granted: meet Autoship, which lets you set up recurring, flexible deliveries of your favorite healthy products. Read on to learn how Thrive Market’s Autoship program works—including how it can save you up to 10% on your essentials—and the items our team recommends putting on repeat.

Ed. note: Since Autoship first launched, you’ve given us some great suggestions for how to make it even better. This post has been updated to include the latest changes to our Autoship program.

3 Reasons to Use Autoship

  1. You’ll never run out of your essentials. You know when you get home from the store, only to realize there’s no toilet paper left in the cupboard? Autoship makes that experience a thing of the past. Add your everyday healthy essentials—think coffee, diapers, supplements, pet food and, yes, T.P.—to your Autoship order and they’ll arrive at your doorstep on your schedule.
  2. You’ll save more than time. We’re talking about money, of course. With Autoship, you can save an extra 5 to 10% on thousands of products.
  3. You’re in control. Fear of commitment? That’s ok. Autoship is flexible, meaning you can edit items in your delivery, change the delivery date, or cancel any time. We’ll send you two reminders before your box ships—three days before your shipping date, then again the day before—so you can make any necessary adjustments. Easy!

How to Use Autoship

Ready to get started? It’s simple:

  1. Add Autoship-eligible items to your cart (formerly your box). There are thousands of products to choose from; keep reading for our suggestions.
  2. Join Autoship at checkout by choosing the “Yes, join Autoship” option and completing your order.
  3. Your discounts will be automatically applied to your order and all the items in your order will be added to your Autoship items list. Nice!

From there, you can edit your Autoship items; view and adjust your shipping date, delivery address, and payment information; or pause your deliveries via the Manage Autoship tab in your Account settings. In between Autoship orders, you can also place regular, non-recurring orders.

What’s New with Autoship

Since launching Autoship, we’ve listened to your feedback and made a few important changes to improve your experience:

Your Cart items won’t automatically get combined with your Autoship shipment.

You’ll continue receiving notifications three days prior to your next shipment date, but we won’t automatically include your cart items in your Autoship order. Use the top section of your cart to build and place non-recurring orders. Below the cart, you can manage and customize your next Autoship shipment.

Save on shipping (and reduce your carbon footprint) by adding one-time items from your Cart to your next Autoship shipment.

So you have your everyday essentials on Autoship, but say you spot a new snack or skincare product that you want to try. Instead of placing a separate, non-recurring order, you can add one-time items to your next scheduled Autoship shipment by clicking the “Add to Next Shipment” link on your cart page. Choosing this option will not automatically remove the item from your cart. Remember that Autoship orders of $49 and up ship free!

Add your next shipment to your Cart to process your order at any time.

Need your items A.S.A.P.—meaning before your next Autoship order is scheduled to ship? We get it. Process your order at any time by choosing the “Add Next Shipment to Cart” button on your Cart page. Go to the Next Shipment section on your Cart page. Click the “Add All to Cart” button and click “Confirm”. Your items won’t get automatically removed from your next shipment. Skip or remove items if you don’t want them to process on your scheduled date. Alternatively, you can add individual items to your cart by visiting the product page and clicking “Add to Cart.”

Skip your next Autoship shipment with one click.

Need to pause your deliveries? That’s ok. Go to your Next Shipment section on your cart page. Click the “Skip Shipment” button and click “Confirm”. You also have the option to change your next ship date via the “Change date” button. Or, you can skip individual items from your Next Shipment items list.

Easily set up shipments to send to different addresses.

Home is where your Thrive Market healthy essentials are, right? Whether you’re traveling or want to send an order to a friend or family member, we’ve made it simple to temporarily change your delivery address (and your payment information, too). Go to the Next Shipment section on your cart page. Edit the “Shipping address” or “Payment” information tied to your next Autoship order. These changes will not impact your cart order or your account default address and payment method.

Easily subscribe to new items while shopping.

As an Autoship customer, you can easily add new items to your Autoship from any page while shopping. Simply click the “Add to Autoship” option and set your item preferences. (If an item is already in your Autoship, this button will say “Manage.”)

More questions? Check out our FAQs or reach us 24/7 via Chat.

What to Put on Autoship

Now, the fun part: shopping. We recommend starting with the items you use every day: the sweetener and dairy-free creamer you put in your morning coffee, the protein powder and superfoods you throw into your post-workout smoothie, the snacks your kids can’t get enough of, or the skincare products you use each night. Take a look at your order history and poke around your pantry for ideas.

Pantry Staples

Coffee & Tea
Milk & Creamers (Almond, Oat, Coconut, etc.)


Avocado Oil
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil


Greens Powder
Protein Powder

Parents & Kids

Diaper Rash Cream

Beauty & Body

Shampoo & Conditioner
Body Lotion
Feminine Hygiene


Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Cleaning Wipes & Sprays
Laundry Detergent
Dishwasher Detergent


Wet Food
Dry Food

Beyond the Basics: Even More Autoship Ideas From our Staff

Erin Mosbaugh, Senior Copywriter: “I have wellmade Women’s Daily Probiotics in my Autoship because I can’t go a day without them (they help keep me regular #bless).”

Bailey Kaiser, Member Services Training Coordinator: “The 4-week delivery schedule is perfect for a cycle-focused box for the ladies. Herbal tea, feminine care items, and paleo chocolate are at the top of my monthly-must-have list!”

Lauren Creatura, Senior Data Analyst: “The closest thing I have to a puppy-sitter for my quarantine puppy so he doesn’t jump on me during my zoom meetings: Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Bacon and Peanut Butter Hemp Extract Cookies and I and Love and You‘s Jerky Dog Treats.”

Lauren Braen, Product Manager: “I love having all of our favorite beverages on Autoship! They’re part of our daily/weekly routine and having them sent regularly means one less thing to think or worry about. Some favorites from my Autoship list: Thrive Market Organic Almond Beverage, Navitas Organic Turmeric Latte, Good Karma Flaxmilk + Protein, Thrive Market Culinary Matcha Tea.”

Case Bradford, Ecomm Operations Coordinator: “LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix is a flavorful way to boost energy sans sugar or caffeine. I added this to my Autoship so I can enjoy a burst of mind-body rejuvenation at home or on the go.”

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