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How to Make Soup: The Ultimate Guide 

It may seem intimidating at first, but making soup at home is one of the easiest ways to incorporate lots of flavorful, nutritious ingredients into one satisfying meal. If you’ve got a few hearty vegetables, a package of meat or legumes, and some fragrant aromatics lying around, you’ve got just about everything you need to ...

Guide to Spices: From Allspice to Za’atar

One of the big things that separates a totally-fine dinner from a totally-delicious meal is expert seasoning—and for that, you need spices. But aside from a sprinkle of salt and pinch of pepper, how do you properly use them?  When you open your spice cabinet, a few big questions may come to mind:  How do ...

Yes, You Can Eat Healthily on a Budget—Here’s How

We’ve all been there: we start the week with a stocked fridge and the best intentions of cooking healthy meals all week…and then Monday happens. By the time dinner rolls around, we’re reaching for a takeout menu.

Introducing the Healthy Reset Meal Plan

Is it just us, or is there something about back-to-school season that makes you crave a fresh start (whether or not you’re actually going back to school)? 

3 Lessons for Perfecting Camp Cooking

Sequoia National Park, California. The first signs of evening spread across the sky and we are roughly thirty minutes away from our campsite. Heavy clouds gather above the treetops and cover what little sun is out. Rain begins to pitter patter against the top of our 4Runner. The sound reminds me of grains of rice ...

The Surprisingly Painful Side Effects of Quinoa—And How To Avoid Them

Side Effects of Quinoa Infographic click here Food allergies are more common than most people may think [1]. People may be allergic to gluten, nuts, fish, dairy, eggs, soy, and even superfoods like quinoa. Some may not even know they have a quinoa allergy. Though this pseudo-cereal has skyrocketed to superfood status in recent years, ...

Olive Oil vs. Canola Oil

Olive oil and canola oil are both common cooking oils that are often side by side on the grocery store shelf, but that’s essentially where the similarities stop. Both have something to offer, though, which is why we’re breaking down their key differences, benefits, and sharing tips for how to use them effectively with your ...

Expert Cooking Tips for High-Quality Meats and Seafood

Ever purchased a high-quality piece of grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, or pasture-raised chicken to cook for dinner, only to have it come out less delicious than you hoped? When you’re working with high-quality meats and seafood, a few extra minutes or a couple of degrees can make all the difference; they require some additional expertise ...

A Home Cook’s Guide to Salts

Any home cook worth their salt knows this ingredient is a non-negotiable kitchen staple. After all, a simple pinch can make everything from mushrooms to meat do one important and profoundly simple thing: taste like the best version of itself. But which salt is best? With myriad options to choose from these days, the basic ...

Get Excited About Cooking Again with Our New Cookbook (and Lots of Kitchen Hacks)

If there’s one thing we’ve all done a lot of in the last year and a half, it’s cooking. Some of us stepped up our game, testing out ambitious new recipes. Others started cooking for the very first time (and perhaps learned that one cannot survive on banana bread alone). Whichever camp you fall into, ...

The Best Ways to Cook Healthy Frozen Foods—No Thawing Required

If you’ve been bypassing the frozen aisle when you shop, it’s time to take another look. Why? Because a well-stocked freezer is a home cook’s secret weapon for fast, flavorful, and healthy meals. Famed Italian chef Lidia Bastianich encourages cooks to make their freezer “a treasure chest” and Camilla Marcus, owner of LA catering company ...

How to Clean an Air Fryer, Chemex, and Other Tricky Kitchen Tools

Why does it seem like your favorite kitchen tools are always the hardest to clean? If you find yourself wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze—quite literally—when it comes to cleaning your juicer (and all its accompanying parts), you’re definitely not alone. Instead of skipping your morning French press because of its confusing clean-up ...

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