Going Through a Breakup? Eat This To Heal Your Broken Heart

Last Update: September 29, 2022

Even if you’re the one doing the breaking up, when a relationship falls apart, it can take a serious toll on your body and mind. Sure, we know that food isn’t love, but that donut looks like a sweet rebound when you’re feeling heartbroken.

After a really terrible breakup, there are two ways it generally goes. Some people sink into the pits of despair, only rising from bed for a glass of water (or something stronger) and maybe to take a shower. Its easy to completely lose your appetite due to heartache, and food becomes uninteresting in the midst of recovery.

As for everyone else, heartbreak becomes a completely valid reason to stand in front of the refrigerator in your underwear and eat ice cream out of the carton at 9 a.m. Your regular food rules go out the window and all of a sudden you’re a stereotype, reaching for anything with sugar, carbs, and chocolate because the stress hormone cortisol has reared its ugly head. But your daily dose of “breakup food” is actually making it harder to get over your ex and move on with your life.

Processed sugary foods are linked to increased depression, fatigue, and feelings of anger, which is exactly how you don’t want to feel when you’re going through a breakup. Set yourself up for success and get over your heartache more quickly by nourishing your bod with foods that are proven to boost your happiness, energy, and beauty factor.

If you’re finding it hard to focus and can’t stop obsessing over your ex

Pile some grounding foods onto your plate. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, root veggies like beets, carrots, parsnips, onions, and turnips are thought to help support the Root Chakra. Responsible for our sense of security, stability, and connection, the Root Chakra can help us feel strong and powerful. Try this simple yet irresistible veggie tahini bowl to feel connected and grounded.

If you have zero energy and can’t get out of bed

Pull yourself together and get the energy you need to get moving with maca and ginger. Maca is the super energizing root that is traditionally used to boost energy levels–and there’s evidence that it could with depression. Blend it into smoothies or take it in capsule form if your prefer an instant dose of energy. Stay strong and increase your vitality with a kick of ginger. With its natural anti-nausea capabilities and immune strengthening powers, ginger is a spicy way to wake yourself up in the morning.

If you’re still feeling really, really sad

Feed your brain. Because your emotions are regulated by the hormones secreted in your brain, you want this super important organ to be working in top condition when you’re going through something as mentally challenging as a tough breakup. Support your brain function with healthy fats. Your brain is actually 60 percent fat, so it makes sense that EFAs, or essential fatty acids, fuel your brain. Throw some flaxseeds or walnuts into your breakfast cereal in the morning to find your happy place.

If you’re ready to take revenge (nicely!)

So you’re feeling focused, energized, and happy–now it’s time to look as good as you feel. Revive your skin and hair from the inside out with aloe vera. Aloe can increase your body’s ability to absorb fluid, which will keep your skin hydrated, hair soft, and promote healthy digestion. The magical plant is also used to brighten skin and get rid of dark spots and blemishes. So that next pic you post of you laughing and smiling on instagram? No filter needed.

Obliterate the stereotype of a sad girl sobbing while shoveling cheesecake–that isn’t you! It’s ok, in fact it’s normal, to feel sad when a relationship ends. But shower yourself in self-love (and good-for-you eats) and you’ll bounce back from that broken heart in no time.

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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Michelle Pellizzon

Certified health coach and endorphin enthusiast, Michelle is an expert in healthy living and eating. When she's not writing you can find her running trails, reading about nutrition, and eating lots of guacamole.

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