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9 Healthy Medicinal Roots & Plants For What Ails You

Medicinal Roots & Plants Infographic click here When we think of medicine today, much of it is synthetic and man-made. Thousands of years ago, however, medicine relied heavily on natural substances like herbs and roots. Medicinal roots and plants have a long history of healing.

Easy Recipes for Warm Holiday Drinks

Whether it’s eggnog or mulled wine, there are certain drinks that have become signature for the holidays. Not only are they festive but they also keep everyone warm on a chilly winter night when gathering together in the spirit of the season.

Wanna Know Where Your Maca, Cacao, and Chia Seeds Come From?

For most who have ever sprinkled maca into a blender, the Junín Valley might as well be in outer space. But at the end of a treacherous, winding road 14,000 feet high up in the Andes, there’s this place, where maca survives harsh conditions.

Spice Up Your Life With Maca Mexican Hot Chocolate

[schema description]Spices and butterscotch-like maca powder add new dimension to this zesty hot drink. Drink this extra dark hot chocolate first thing in the morning for an energy boost, or enjoy as a mid-afternoon treat.[/schema]

WATCH: 3 Potent Ways to Boost Your Energy And Avoid a Caffeine Crash

The alarm clock is not the buzz we look forward to every morning. It’s that feeling of taking the first sips of that faithful, glorious cup of joe. The jolt it gives is everything. But by late morning and into the afternoon, it’s all downhill.

5 Healthy Foods You Shouldn’t Overdose On

The Inuit people of Arctic Quebec have survived off the natural resources of fish and marine mammals from nearby oceans for centuries. Essential for protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, what the Inuits eat would be considered healthy—theoretically. Yet studies have shown the IQs of their children are abnormally low.

Going Through a Breakup? Eat This To Heal Your Broken Heart

Even if you’re the one doing the breaking up, when a relationship falls apart, it can take a serious toll on your body and mind. Sure, we know that food isn’t love, but that donut looks like a sweet rebound when you’re feeling heartbroken.

Get a Jolt of Energy From This Maca and Raspberry Smoothie

[schema description] A generous scoop of maca gives this fruity smoothie tons of energizing power.  For a thicker smoothie, try using frozen raspberries.[/schema]

New to Superfoods? Here’s What You Should Try Now

Not sure if you believe the hype surrounding superfoods? Sure, they sound almost too good to be true, but ditch the skepticism—it’s time to become a convert.

Maca’s Incredible Journey From Mountaintops to the Mainstream

The road to maca starts at sea level, in Lima, Peru. From there, Kipp Stroden, CEO of Essential Living Foods, rides a specially tuned car up a treacherous, winding road on the Andes.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Maca Cream Sauce

Most recipes harness maca’s butterscotch-like flavors in desserts, but this savory sauce is a revelation.

Maca Matcha Milkshake

Try this nondairy milkshake for a bright and refreshing way to access the vibrant energy of maca.

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