Toast with Almond Butter, Apple, Sea Salt, and Thyme

March 16, 2015
by Barrett Prendergast for Thrive Market
Toast with Almond Butter, Apple, Sea Salt, and Thyme

Artisan toast — it sounds a little bourgeoisie, but you'll be converted once you taste it.

Imagine the most delicious piece of toast with jam you've ever tasted, and elevate it to the gourmet. This simple recipe for toast with almond butter, apple, sea salt and thyme will leave you wondering why you stuck to plain grape jelly for so long.


1 thick slice of the bread of your choice (Country or multigrain bread is always a good choice)
Almond butter
1/4 apple cut into thin slices
Maldon sea salt
1/8 teaspoon of thyme leaves


Toast your bread until golden brown in a toaster or under the broiler.

To assemble, slather the toast with a generous layer of almond butter. Then, add a thin layer of honey. Place apple slices on top and finish with a generous sprinkle of sea salt and the thyme leaves.

Photo credit: Barrett Prendergast

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