Tapioca Flour

20 oz bag

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20 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca Flour is harvested from the dried roots of the South American cassava (yucca) plant, and has a mildly sweet taste. Each serving is free of sodium, cholesterol, sugar, fat, and carbs, making it a great option for gluten-free, vegan, and Paleo eaters, or anyone trying to watch their sugar and carbohydrate intake.
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About This Brand

Bob’s Red Mill believes in good food for all. Whether it’s wholesome oat flour, energizing quinoa, or chewy shredded coconut, they aim to bring plentiful options for living a healthy lifestyle. You’ll not only find an array of helpful baking and cooking ingredients, but also a line of similar options without the gluten for those who suffer from gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. The possibilities are truly endless when you bring some of their items into the kitchen! Take notice that all of Bob’s Red Mill products are packaged in clear bags. Their commitment to truth, honesty, and integrity even comes into play with how it’s viewed on the shelf, allowing people to see the quality right before their very eyes. About Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill As the name suggests, Bob’s Red Mill was founded by Bob himself—Bob Moore. Just take a quick glance at any of the products and see his face right on the front. Although the company has an extensive list of food items, Bob has always...
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Serving Size 1/4 cup dry (30g) Servings Per Container 18

Amount Per Serving

Calories 100 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 20g 9%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 0g
Protein 0g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 2%

Reviews For Tapioca Flour

Based on 29 Reviews

Paleo staple

A must have when trying all the fancy Paleo recipes

- Raven Carey

Great AIP flour

I love this as a part of an Autoimmune Paleo Protocol flour replacement mix. If you are AIP- buy this, arrowroot, green banana flour, and fine milled coconut flour and your pantry is set. Thrives price is very competitive too.

- Ashley Johnson

Great for making flour

I used this to make a homemade gluten free flour mixture for baking. I learned the hard way that this is not in itself a replacement for flour! But mixed with other flours like rice/oat/arrowroot it works great

- Anna Ligas

Love it!!

I love this! It's smooth, the taste is mild so you can use it in anything, and it's economical! I love almond flour/meal, but it can be so expensive, so in cloud bread or breaded recipes, this is my new go-to! I'm slowly but surely bringing my husband over to the Paleo side of life, and he can't taste anything lingering when I use this, and it doesn't make things goopy like arrowroot does when used as a thickener for gravies/sauces, etc.

- Michelle


Works well in all my gluten free recipes.

- Tabatha

Tapioca Flour

Haven't used, yet. Looking for easy recipes.

- Vivian

Must have!

Best price and a must have for a GF or Paleo lifestyle. Thank you Thrive!!!

- Theresa

Can'f go wrong with Bob's Red Mill products

Another staple I always have for gluten free baking.

- Sally

Alternative Flour

Bob's brand is always good!

- Denise

Great product!

I LOVE this tapioca flour! Thanks to Thrive, I can now get it for 1/3 of what local stores were charging!

- Tasia

Try it

I don't know what others use this for, but we coat chicken nuggets and cook in coconut oil for delicious chicken nuggets.

- Deb

Works Well!

Works well in place of Cornstarch! I am buying again!

- Courtney

Excellent for gluten-free baking

Tapioca flour is great for replicating the chewy nature of gluten. It's the only flour I've found that can make a perfect gluten-free gravy and perfect homemade alfredo sauce. I use it in combination with coconut flour to make my favorite pizza crust and cinnamon rolls. I always keep it on hand anytime I need something to have that flexible element.

- Emma

Bob's Red Mill Tapioca Flour

I've switched over using Tapioca flour in place of Arrowroot...just seems to work so much better. The price for this is EXCELLENT...I can purchase 3 bags for the price of one at the grocery store...THANKS for fast shipment and excellent products

- Diane

Not too many uses for it.

I am not a cooking expert so I have not found many uses for this tapioca flour as of yet. So far, I have mixed it with my gluten free flour to satisfy my paleo diet.

It took a few errors to come up with the right consistency. It was harder to absorb and in turn took longer to cook. But it did turn out to be a great tasting bread. Now, I have to find more recipes to make better use of this flour.

- O. Guzman

My secret ingredient!

Probably not so secret, but I love it regardless! My boyfriend has a gluten allergy and ever since we started dating, I've been looking for ways to cook gluten-free versions of his favorite foods. The big ones are pizza and meat buns. I recently added tapioca flour to my gluten-free flour mixture (potato starch, rice flour, and seasonings) and he was so pleased with the results! It's the closest I've ever gotten to tasting like the real thing. I'm not really exactly sure how or why the tapioca flour does what it does to the dough, but it definitely went in the right direction. Compared to previous batches, it was flakier on the outside and softer/doughier on the inside, and didn't interfere as much with the flavors in the pizza or the meat buns. It's not a huge part of the flour ratio so this 20oz bag is perfect, and a great price.

- Gretchen

Gluten-Free Biscuits!

I love backing and have been using regular gluten flower my entire life. My father was advised to cut gluten from his diet a few years back which brought my baking to a halt. He can't eat my food anymore!

Now I use this flour in-place of conventional backing flower and now he can eat again! This flower is gluten-free and I am happy! The only negative factor I have found is that the bag is hard to reseal. I wish they could add some kind of Velcro or fastener to keep the product fresher longer.

- AJ Parker

Flour goodness

My household is completely dependent on Bob's Red Mill Tapioca Flour! We use it for just about everything. I have a gluten-free child and I follow a Paleo lifestyle so this flour is great for us, and not to mention delicious! It adds a great taste to my baking goods and it also makes for a nice crispy crust for gluten-free pizzas!

- D. Diaz

Great for Baking

This is my go-to flour now for paleo baked goods; i've been using this alot to make pao de queijo (brazilian cheese bread), and so far Thrive is where i've found the best price, which is important since I go through it quickly.

- Jeanne

Great for gravy

The description for this says it is a replacement for wheat flour, but I haven't had any luck using it alone. It works well combined with other GF flours.

It does work well with gravy and gives it an interesting sweet taste. I really like it as a thickener in pudding!

- Jeff Cotten

Great gluten-free flour

Tapioca is one of many replacement flours for those of us who can't have gluten. This flour can be great mixed with some other GF flour or used alone in some recipes.

It in great in use with deserts because of its mild sweet flavor.

Bob's Red Mill makes great products for everyone and it's really cool that you can get a great deal on them here at Thrive Market.

- Selly B.

No GMOs here

When you use corn starch you risk the chance of ingesting GMOs. Nobody wants that. If GMOs were OK for you then there wouldn't be so many countries banning them.

Tapioca flour is the perfect thickening replacement to corn starch and wheat flour. It also adds a nice little sweet taste to your gravy and soup!

- S.Barry

Great Value

I honestly hadn't heard of Tapioca Flour until my bread recipe called for it. I went on a hunt at my local grocery store and health food markets to no avail. When I found it online, it was just way too expensive. On a whim, I decided to see if Thrive had it, and they definitely just saved my plans for the holiday get-together!

It worked out really well in my recipe. You definitely get a lot of the flour in one bag, so I'd be able to make a lot of bread with this. Great value for the money!

- Gem

Great for gluten-free baking

I love that Thrive Market carries tapioca flour, and at an excellent price. You can't beat the cost, and since it's from Bob's Red Mill you know it's good stuff.

I like to add this to my gluten-free baking mix for many things. I make s nice crispy crust for pies and even for pizza. It browns beautifully. It also helps make my cupcake fluffy and springy!

- Selene Bollen

Terrific Gluten-Free Flour!

Due to my celiac disease, I need to avoid gluten. Like many others, I can satisfy my "wheat" cravings with gluten free flours. There are many different types and brands of GF flour, but I like this Bob's Red Mill the most.

This tapioca flour is one of many I like to use when backing. Cookies, cakes, brownies and so much more comes out just as light and airy as the gluten filled verities. I sometimes use it as part of a GF flour mix.

- Mercedes Gordon

Solid Flour, Lots of Uses

Most of Bob's products are really good and natural, so they fit most diet plans. I'm not following any particular diet, but I do like to eat as healthy as possible, and I want my kids to cut sugar and oils as much as possible.

I use tapioca flour to substitute for normal white flour if I'm making cookies or cake. Most times, I mix the tapioca flour with wheat flour, especially if I'm making chocolate chip molasses cookies, where I cut 2/3 of the sugar. The flour does take some getting used to as it doesn't react the way standard white flour does, but it doesn't take long to get it right.

- Idina Woods

Paleo friendly and gluten free, lots of trial and error

I'm on a gluten free, Paleo diet, so this tapioca flour is right up my alley. The price is decent for the amount you get, so no complaints on that end. But if you're not some kind of cooking expert, it's a lot of mistakes with this flour.

It doesn't have the same consistency and texture as wheat flour, so I've have a lot of failures in my baking trying to figure out how much water to use. It doesn't soak up water the same way, so you kind of have to experiment before you get it right. But when you do, it works really well.

- Ilene Wotan

Gluten Free Flour!

I'm on a gluten-free diet, and the flour I need is never available at my local grocer. I don't have a Whole Foods near me, either, so I had to do research online, and I started reading about Bob's Red Mill products. The tapioca flour was a good price, and I do a lot of baking, so I bought a pack.

Love, love, love this flour! It's perfect for most all the stuff I like to bake, and it's healthy. If you dip your finger in the flour, you'll notice it has this slight sweetness, which makes fresh bread and muffins taste wonderful, even when I cut the sugar in half like I do for all my baking.

- Irene W.

Bob's does it again

I've tried a bunch of Bob's Red Mill products, and always found them to be healthy and great. I decided to buy tapioca flour because I developed an allergy to wheat products, and I couldn't use wheat flour in my baking anymore.

The flour is outstanding, and can be substituted whenever you would use wheat flour a part of your recipe. I've used it to bake bread and pastries, and I've also used in sauces and soups to make them heavier and. And the price here is almost half what I've seen on other sites, which is awesome.

- Ian Wagner

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