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While deodorant does help alleviate body odors, it often rubs off through the day and can result in stained clothes and minimal protection. In addition, most deodorants are made with chemicals that are soaked into the skin and can have negative effects on the body over time. Amy Cazin, the founder of Primal Pit Paste, was weary of the questionable chemical additives in deodorant. She thought, there must be a better way to find prevent these odors without the use of harmful chemicals. From that point she set out to create a safe and natural deodorant that she could feel good about using, and give to her family. How Deodorant works The way deodorant works is a mystery to many but in a nutshell it’s actually quite simple to understand. First, sweat is naturally odorless and is surprisingly not the problem. Sweating detoxifies your body and while it may feel unpleasant, it’s a good thing. When bacteria mixes with sweat it creates body odor, and applying deodorant to your underarms neutralizes bacteria that causes the bad smell. A brief history of deodorant From the early years of civilization, we’ve tried to conquer unwanted body odor. The ancient Greeks used sharp metal tools in efforts to try and chisel the stench from their bodies, while the ancient Egyptians took a slightly more sophisticated approach, using perfumed oils and spices, such as cinnamon. Throughout ancient Asia, rock salts were used since it could help keep the armpit dry and kill some of the bacteria. What we know as modern deodorant, however, wasn’t used until the late 1800s. The exact details are unknown, but leading historians believe that modern deodorant was discovered in Philadelphia. America was in the midst of the Industrial Revolution and factory workers were becoming quite smelly as they operated manufacturing machines. At this time, someone came up with the idea of creating a wax made of zinc oxide, an antibacterial, in order to wick the sweat away. This modern take on deodorant helped solve bad odor problem, but created new health problems in its wake as skin irritation emerged. Since the 1800s, Deodorants continue to use questionable ingredients that alleviate bad odors at a cost to your health. This is why Primal Pit Paste uses all natural ingredients such as organic arrowroot powder and non-aluminum baking soda, and doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. How Primal Pit Paste got started Amy Cazin, found herself increasingly concerned about questionable chemicals used in deodorants that her family used. She searched online and found studies that theorize the chemicals used in personal care products are potentially responsible for breast cancer. More research is required to prove those studies, but using a chemical-free deodorant made of nothing but all-natural ingredients is undeniably better for the body, your health, and the environment. After collecting research and being shocked at what she found, Amy felt impassioned to do something—she and her family immediately stopped wearing conventional deodorant and they started seeking alternative options. Although, she was unsatisfied with what she found so it was back to the drawing board. She started by deeply researching the ingredients found in conventional deodorants and natural deodorants, and once she had the materials that she needed, Cazin began hand making deodorants in her kitchen. What was left over, she gave away to friends and associates to try out. But what she didn’t realize this at the time, was that it was the very beginning of her company, Primal Pit Paste. The rise of Primal Pit Paste With a day job as a Crossfit instructor, Amy Cazin’s homemade deodorants were a hit with her network of athlete friends. They simply couldn’t get enough of it and word was spreading fast. After about 10 months of giving it away as gifts and selling it out of her home, she saw that there was a growing need for her chemical-free deodorants and seized the opportunity. From that moment Cazin decided to sell her wares online and named her business Primal Pit Paste. Cazin started the company with a humble initial investment of $100 and the company made around $800,000 in sales within the first year and a half. The product was made by hand in her kitchen and shipped out to customers from the dining room. After a few months, sales grew and the business expanded into her garage. The house was wholly consumed by the business and it still wasn’t enough. Orders kept coming in and there simply wasn’t any room for anything else. Needing more space, Cazin turned to crowdfunding for enough money to move into a proper manufacturing facility. The funding campaign was successful and allowed the company to expand sales to a national scale. It was around that time when major international retailers came calling for Primal Pit Paste, and the company flourished. Products that Primal Pit Paste sells Primal Pit Paste has created and sold over 75 different products ranging from chemical-free lip balms to organic toothpastes. Let’s focus on their stellar deodorants, though. Primal Pit Paste deodorants are chemical-free, made of all-natural ingredients and come shipped to you in a container that is BPA-free and completely recyclable. In addition, their products are vegan-friendly containing no animal products and are certified as cruelty-free. At Thrive Market, we sell a sampling on Primal Pit Paste products. Let’s discuss them below: Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant Stick, Unscented Feeling incognito? Unscented may be for you. Containing no scented essential oils, this deodorant allows to you feel fresh and while staying minimal. Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant Stick, Royal & Rogue With earthy tones of sandalwood, frankincense, black peppercorns, and rosewood, this deodorant keeps you clean while being reminiscent of nature. Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant Stick, Jasmine A self-described soft bouquet of springtime, this deodorant contains subtle notes of sweet jasmine and gardenia. Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant Stick, Lavender This deodorant has a calm and enticing floral aura that will keep you feeling fresh all throughout the day.

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