Snapea Crisps

3.3 oz bag

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3.3 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Calbee starts by mashing up organic and non-GMO peas, blending them with rice, salt, and a combination of canola, sunflower, and/or safflower oils before forming into the familiar peapod shape. They are then baked (not fried) to a crispy perfection, making a protein-rich and gluten-free Snapea Crisp snack the whole family will love.
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About This Brand

The Calbee Group, one of the largest snack and food manufacturers in Japan, is committed to harnessing nature's gifts, to bringing taste and fun, and to contributing to healthy lifestyles.
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Green Peas, Vegetable Oil (Canola, Sunflower and/or Safflower Oil), Rice, Salt, Calicum Carbonate And Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate)

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 oz (28g/about 22 pieces) Servings Per Container About 3.5

Amount Per Serving

Calories 110 Calories from Fat 40

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 4.5g 7%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 3%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 50mg 2%
Total Carbohydrate 17g 6%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
Sugars 1g
Protein 5g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 6%
Iron 8%

Harvest Snaps do not contain gluten. Harvest Snaps are made in a facility that also manufactures products containing wheat, milk, soy, shrimp and fish.

Reviews For Snapea Crisps

Based on 297 Reviews

Great Standby

Great staple to have on hand at work. Just with Thrive carried more flavors (hint hint Black Pepper).

- Leslie


Great snack!

- Jaime Ambrose


Way better than potato chips

- Karin A. Ward


We rarely eat these kind of snacks but I ordered a bag with my last order. My husband and I took them with us on a stroll around our property and polished them off in no time. I will definitely eat this yummy treat again.

- Sarah Cari-Roberts

Snapea Crisps

They were light, airy and very good.

- Dolores

Good snack!

These are good and good for you, with fiber, and good taste. Just enough salt.

- Maxine


Scrumptious! Especially because they are not overly salty.

- Ann

Its ok

I am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. I like the crunch but it's not what I expected.

- Kowanda Hill

Delicious snack

I really like Calbee's products. I just discovered this and am totally loving it. Good flavor and texture, and much healthier than potato chips.

- Joejoe

Snapea Crisps

These are addicting and you need self control when eating them. They are a perfect snack and are not as harmful as chips or sugar! I order these every time.

- Leslie Dickerson

Light, Crispy, and Delicious!

I have enjoyed several flavors of Snapeas now, and still don't know which one I like the best! They are ALL delicious! :)

- Joan

Give Peas a Chance!

I had no idea what to expect and so it was a great surprise to find out how good Snapea Crisps really are!! O Happy Day!!

- Roxie


I couldn't wait to try these, and what a great price. Not only did I love them but my husband and daughter did also. A new favorite snack in our house! I better stock up!

- Kimberly Krzic

best buy

I love these and I think they are the best buy u have as far as price

- Thrive User

Great price

I'm not crazy about the taste. It's more bland than salty but my son likes them and they look like a healthy snack, so I'll take it. I'd like to try the spicy ones next.

- Olesia Sutterlin

Great snacks

This came within 4-5 days. I was honestly surprised with the quick delivery. I was glad it wasn't a scam either, thinking that it might've come as a smaller size. This is perfect for munching on when I am watching movies. It's absolute delicious at the lowest price possible. In stores it's about $3-4 so this is totally worth it!!

- Carmen Chen


very tasty snack and a great way to get kids to eat green beans!!

- Martha

LOVE these!

A wonderfully satisfying, healthy, crunchy snack!

- Regina


These are absolutely incredible a healthy snack for m and my grandchildren. You really do have to discipline yourself though. I get them every time I order. Do yourself a favor and indulge. Healthy. Fat and protein!!

- Leslie


Best healthy snack ever!

- Cathy

Better than potato chips

I LOVE these delicious crunchy peas! They aren't as greasy as potato chips, but they provide a similar and satisfying crunch that I crave. I wish Thrive would carry more flavors, as these are somewhat on the bland side. However, I still find it easy to eat two servings in one sitting, but I don't feel as guilty about it as I would with regular potato chips.

- Nancy McGee

Snap pea dry

They are good to eat for a snack if you are hungry

- Lori shoemaker


Love these! Always satisfy my need for a little crunch.

- Rachael Warshaw

Very Greasy

These are really tasty, but sooo greasy!

- Aimee

As Good as Potato Chips

Betcha can't eat just one. <g>

- Larry

I love crunchy!

I love crunch of all kinds. Chips are satisfying, but have no food value. I discovered these Snapeas and love them. Thanks!

- Marion

Tasty light snack

I love the taste of these, and they are a great, light snack. The downside is that Calbee (the brand) is from Japan, meaning this food is created in facilities in Japan. I don't usually endorse food unless it's made in America, but when you're in a pinch, this is a decent snack.

- Caitlin

Great snack - need more flavors

This is a great tasting snack that is almost a guilt-free enjoyment. Just wish that Thrive Market carried other flavors and Calbee snacks made from other legumes

- CJ

So good

These are so good. My daughter calls them "crunchy peas". She'll take them in her lunch tomorrow. They're a great, healthy snack and they're really inexpensive.

- David

Good Snack

I was pleasantly surprised by these chips. They're salted just enough and the light pea flavor is an interesting blend with the light crispy texture (similar to cheese puffs.) Good job!

- Larry


Good texture and great flavor! We all loved these. Even the picky eaters!

- mostlysunny07

What a surprise!

Once again I was fooled. I bought this thinking it would be just okay as a replacement snack for chips. It's great! The taste is good; it's fairly healthy, and I really like it. Wish ALL my choices were as good as this...


Great Snack

I love these SnapBack crisps. They're perfect when you're in the mood for something light & crispy. Not greasy at all. You can add them to salad but I usually eat them right from the bag.

- Eileen

Delicious and Nutritious

I used to buy these from Trader Joe's when I had a chance to find one. Now that Thrive carries these, I'll buy them all the time. Great replacement for crunch snacks with empty calories!

- Shay

Love Them!!!

As a kid I ALWAYS loved pea pods and these are as close to the real thing as you can get!!!! YUMMY!!!!
Highly Recommend if ~ like me you LOVE pea pods!!!!

- Sheila


Love these. I have to stop buying them because I will eat the whole bag within two days.

- Kathleen

My Favorite Alternative

I absolutely love chips and these snapeas are the perfect alternative. They are light and crispy and lightly salted. Probably my favorite healthy chip-like snack of all time!

- Chloe

Prepare for a snack attack

These are so delicious they should be illegal! So tasty and light that it's a perfect munching snack for watching television or snack during the day. I ate the whole bag in one go. So yummy!

- Emily


Can't stop eating these and grandkids love them too!

- Lanae

Love it!

The taste and texture is great!

- Hélène

Satisfying salty & healthy snack

These are a great alternative to less healthy snacks. They are very satisfying and salty enough to do the trick when that is what you are craving.

- 3rd coast dweller

These are addictive!

Oh man. I am not a potato chip or nacho chip fan so these tasty treats satisfy my need for a crunchy snack. I also love them on a salad for a little extra texture. I'm addicted.

- Rebecca

Just got a bag...and they are gone...

My daughter loves these, and the price on Thrive Market is 1/3 of the price at Whole Foods. I should have bought a case.

- Matthew

I love this

I love this snack!

- Clara

Delicious and healthy

I LOVE Spapea Crisps. The bag tells me that it's a vegetable, but it's so tasty that I have a hard time believing it. The lightly salted variety is my preference. If I want to save some for later, I have to divide half into a different container before I start eating. These crisps are addictive.

- Ryann


Best snack ever!!!!

- Julie

No More Chips

I was hoping these would be a nice replacement for something savory to munch on and was pleased with their crunchy healthy goodness!

- Michelle

How good these are!

Tasty snack that is good for you and flavor can't be beat! awsome

- William F Willin

Awesome e

Great quality and at a great price thanks to thrive. Great snack but sadly ounce you start munching it's hard to stop.

- Zachary Dewald

I hate vegetables, but....

I love the taste of this product. It is too hard not to eat the whole bag.

- John

So good! Awesome replacement for potato chips.

So glad I discovered these on Thrive. Looking for a quick and somewhat healthy accompaniment to my packed lunches. These are addictively tasty, have 7 grams of protein and 4 gram of fiber per serving. Each bag provides (for me) two very generous servings.

- Jennifer

these are amazing!

They sounded yummy and were a great price and to my surprise, both me and husband LOVED them. I need to buy like 50 bags at a time. They are addicting.

- Jenna

Great Snack!

Tried this on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. This is a great snack for on the go. On those work days that I'm too busy to stop for a meal, this hold me over until I'm able to take time out for a meal.

- A Evans


Always have loved there. Light, Salty & Crispy.

- Kevin

Surprisingly delicious!

I only added these to my cart to reach the free shipping threshold. Boy was I surprised when I ended up loving these! They are the perfect combo of salty and crunchy. The 3oz bag actually lasted three snacking sessions as well. Great taste and value! I just added two more bags to my order.

- Nicole Antinori

Great on salads

Perfect replacement for croutons on a salad, or a nice crunchy side to pretty much anything.

- Rachael

I didn't know what to expect

I'd never had these before, but I'm trying to make myself try new things. I knew that I like peas and sugarsnaps in the pod, so I picked these to try.

I was blown away by the taste. They have the texture of cheese puffs, and the taste is more like potato chips than peas.

I had to check the label to make sure what I was eating was actually somewhat healthy (and discovered that they're more than 'somewhat' healthy!). These are going on my shopping list again (and again and again).

- Patrick

Awesome Snack

My daughter loves these Snapea Crisps! What a healthy way to keep her happy.

- Tiffany

Great snack!

These are great to munch on when you want chips! My teenage daughter actually loves these. I had to buy her her own bag! I was shocked!

- Shannon

Snapea crisps

I really like these when the urge for something crunchy hits me

- Linda

Buy a lot

They're so good and they go quickly, we buy 10-20 bags at a time!

- Sharon

Snap go it with Snapea Crisps

I've been enjoying these light and crunchy Snapea Crisps for years. And now, thanks to Thrive Market, they ship right to my door for less than I have been paying for them at walmart. If you like peas and crunchy snacks and healthy eating, give Snapea Crisps a try in your next order.

- Kelli


Light, crispy, tasty, healthy snack that is hard to stop munching on

- Deborah




big hit

My kids have loved these since they were 2. We've sampled a few types, and this brand is much better than the others. These make a great salty treat that also has quite a bit of protein in it. Only problem is that we go through a bag so quickly!


Super delisious!!

Crunchy, yummy and I hope they are as good for you as they taste!

- mrbsmom

Worth it.

I love these and I'll be ordering them again.

- Jawara

Snapea Crisps

Love Love these snacks! I buy them because not only are they tasty but also Non_Gmo!

- Brent

One of my Favorite Snacks

These Snapeas are so addicting. They are a great alternative to potato chips and are a good source of protein. Light & Crispy. Love them!!!

- William


Tasty and recommended

- J

Chip Alternative

Want a salty, crunchy alternative to chips or popcorn? This is the answer. My 12 year old son and much older dad both love it (as do I of course)!

- Treetop


To die for! Couldn't stop eating!!

- Jennifer

Snapea Crisps

My granddaughter and I enjoy these together with our pb&J or salad. perfect compliment to either.

- Sherri

Weren't what I expected.

I thought these would be roasted dryed snap peas, but they are actually something like cheese curls. I was disappointed about this and I do not like them much. They taste ok.

- Brandon

An excellent instead of chips choice

A satisfying crunch, an excellent taste and lower sodium. What else is there to say ? Highly recommend this.

- Charles Johnson

Snappea snack

Loved them and the price is so great compared to the store.

- Judy

Love the Calbee's snapea crisps

NON-GMO LIGHTLY SALTED SNAPEA CRISPS SNACKS are a great snack that fills you up after just a handful. Eat more veggies!

- Judy

Tasty snack item

This is a very good snack option. I love fresh pea pods, and these lightly salted baked renditions are almost as good as the fresh item. The only mild annoyance I had was that my bag apparently got severely vibrated or shaken in transit, ending up with a significant part of the bag consisting of broken bits instead of whole pods. The flavor was still fine, but I ended up using a spoon instead of my fingers to eat most of the bag.

- Bettie

Love this Snack!!

Light, crispy, good balance of nutrition and calories. I have eaten dozens of bags. They are a favorite of my 2-year old granddaughter, too.

- Wendy


These are amazing, I wish Thrive offered the wasabi flavor. I know they aren't the absolute best for you, but they are way better than potato chips!

- Jeannine


These pea snacks are truly amazing and must try!!!

- Heather

Love these!

I've been eating for a few years now. Thrive has a great price!

- Cheryl


These snapeas crips where delicious! Will order more for sure!

- Sandy

good snack

I enjoy these crispy crunchy snacks. They are good.

- kim

Yummy snack!

Very crisp and has a great flavor! I loved them.

- Kathleen


When only crunchy will do!

- Maria

great + great

love the product + love the price!

- Kenneth

Just alright

There wasn't much to these crisps, they really don't have much flavor. You could eat the whole bag and really not feel full. If you want something with a crunch these are good but they're not satisfying in any way.

- Stef

Salted Snap pea crisps

They're great

- Karen


I like these very much. I am on a diet and much these during the day. They are light and low calorie...a few seem to satisfy that urge.

- patricia briones

it has a good taste

I will buy them again, they are awesome

- charolene stephens


Great healthy snack. Light as a feather

- John

Can't get enough!

I LOVE these! Just enough salt to make you not want to put down the bag. They don't actually taste like snapeas to me, but They're crunchy and salty and yum.

- LaWanda

I love these little peas

These are crisp and light with just the right amount of salt. Great light snap pea taste. I like them better then the cheese snack that they remind me of and they don't make my fingers orange.

- susan

Fried Pea pods who knew

These are YUM!!

- Gina

non-GMO lightly salted Snapea Crisps

Grandkids LOVE these! Guiltless snacking for all ages
Perfect night time (or anytime) snack!
Family favorite for us!

- Lynda

Snapply delicious!

LOVE these snaps! very addicting

- Diana

Soooo Goood

Loved the snapea crisps. Perfect replacement for the other stuff I used to snack on. Thanks.

- Frances

Excellent Snack

These Snapea Crisps are tasty and satisfying whenever I need a quick little snack to hold me over until my next meal. Even great to snack on during a movie instead of popcorn!

- Yolanda

crispy snack

We love these! Light and crunchy, great for diets and all around good!

- Dee

These are awesome

I love these. They are very addicting.

- Mindy


Great for when I get an urge to snack

- Judith

Snappy Treat

First experience with this, but I would buy it again. Really delicious.

- Jonnie


These are a great snack and so delicious!

- Rebecca

Fresh and Crispy

Really good. I also LOVE their RAW HONEY

- Anita


These are very tasty, crisp, just salty enough, makes a great quick snack.

- RaxAnn

Green bean snaps

Great a healthy snack tastes like Cheetos crunch

- Linda

snap peas are great

Great taste and I'm addicted. My favorite snack. Good fiber as well.

- Ross

Non-GMO Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps Snacks

These are so wonderful, I couldn't help myself; I ate the whole bag in one sitting.

- Karen Groeneveld

Oh so good and tasty

they are very good remind me in texture of cheese puffs and satisfy my need for the crunch the saltiness is perfact

- Deborah

Perfectly salty

A staple in our home for our infants and kiddos. Great little snack.

- Lisa


Love to snack on these!

- Shelly


I love these. I was addicted to potato chips, but the weight was getting up there. So now I can have my crunchy and salty too. These are just what I needed to help me kick the chip habit.

- Carol


Calories per bag is 110?

- Lynda


My 20 month old stopped eating most vegetables but she LOVES these!

- Nili

great snack

I really love these, crispy, salty and so good for you

- Ann gomez

Very Good!!!

Deliciously addictive! !!! Can't eat just one.

- Erin

Pricing Value

Excellent product! I get these regularly; although I did find the exact same value at the Raley's near where I live with a broader variety. They have a tomato basil that is my favorite.

- Caitlyn

Great snack

Harvest snaps are one of my favorite snacks no matter where I purchase them from.

- Dusty

One of my favorites

I like this snack with drinks, in lieu of chips or with a light dip. Yum.

- Tina


Something healthy to crunch on!

- Deborah

Awesome snack!

A great snack at a great price! And the kids love 'em!

- Ed Fiedler

Snapea Crisps

I love these and use them to dip in hummu

- Claudia

Mmm Mmm Good

Oh gracious, these peas are amazing. Crisp and light with just the right amount of salt. Never quite had peas like this before. Wish the bag was bigger!

- Joyce


Delicious! I'd like to see flavor options available like the Ceasar and the wasabi.

- Trudy

Perfect savory sback

Don't have to eat them all...a few at a time satisfies!!!!

- Gail

Scrumptious snack

This is so good! It's my go to snack. One problem, there are not 3.5 servings in this bag. The best I can do is 2!

- Donna

Snapea Crisps

They were so good and I plan on getting more.

- Shelley Doyle

Snappeas snack

Not what I thought they would be.... Better!

- Rob


Love it

- Andrea Herrera Sanchez

crispy snack

These pea snaps always amaze me. They are crisp and fun to eat. Although a bit oily and flaky crumbs, but a better alternative to potato chips.

- C

1st purchase

Delicious and fresh

- Marianne

Mr. Green beans!!

Yummy healthy & fun kids will love them and they are good for you.

- Helen F. Migliore

Great snacks!

Everyone in my house likes these and they are frequent snacks on the go in the car...on the way to soccer games and other activities. Better than a chip if you ask me (and hidden veggies as far as my son is concerned).

- Sue


great snack not filling yet satisfying. have bought several times!

- edna


These are great, I just wish Thrive would carry some of the other flavors!

- Donna

Just ok

I guess I expected these to be tender, dried snowpeas, lightly salted. Sadly, they are not. They remind me of a less tasty, slightly "off" potato chip. I wouldn't order them again.

- Dianne

Calbee Non-GMO Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps Snacks

Very tastey

- Donald


I enjoyed eating these as a between meal snack when I didn't want a heavy snack chip. Great for my diet too!

- Eric

not what i was expecting

thought these were actual snapeas, not what i was expecting & not great

- Sheree


Crispy, a little salty, with a good supply of protein. My new favorite, healthy snack

- Deborah

Palm Oil

I love these, and I used to eat them all the time but stopped because they use palm oil (in the vitamin c). Farming palm oil is very distructive to habitats of many critically endangered species. Do you know if it was sustainably farmed?

- Thrive User

Snap peas snack

Not to happy with these 70% peas. They have the shape of peas but that's where it ends. The middle is like a matrix similar to funyuns.

- Michael


As I've aged, I've grown away from sweet, and want SALT! These are a perfect snack when you have a salt tooth. Not too salty, and a balance of a bit of sweetness from the peas. Love 'em, but they are dangerously good , too, and you have to take as much as you consider safe and put away the bag.

- Aura

Yummy naughty-replacement snack

I no longer feel like I'm being deprived of cheese doodles (I know -- poison) now that I have these to snack on!

- Gwen

Calbee Snapea Crisps

Tasty ......A bit oily though.

- John

Would not buy again

These stick to the roof of your mouth. Would not buy again.

- Margie

Love, love!

I love these crunchy tasting peas. I will eat the bag in one day, I shouldn't but can't help it because they are so good. Rather eat these than your unhealthy potato chips.. Fixes my crunch craving! Definitely should try it!

- Myrla


These are so delicious! I could probably eat the whole bag in one sitting! They are light and airy, not greasy, even my toddler will eat them with his delicate pallet!

- Jenn


Excellent yummy snack!

- Shannon

Snapea Crisps

They are really good. I don`t eat potato chips , these are much better and I believe better for you. I did order more.

- Leah

Caution: Deliciousness is Addicting

Great snack food

- Greg

Snap peas

Love them. A good snack for my daughter.

- Angela

Great healthy snack!!

I usually end up eating the while bag because they're so darn good!!

- Kim Howse


I love them, could eat the whole bag. Have to remember: it's a snack and processed =), not a meal

- elke

Awesome snack

These are light and airy and has a gentle pea taste! The best I've had!!!

- Juli

Love these!

The snap peas have such a satisfying crunch and anyone who's had them knows what I mean. They're delicious and light weight. Perfect snack for in between meals or while watching a movie.

- Kristina

Snapea Crisps

Delicious snacks. Great real pea flavor. Light, crispy, with just the right amount of salt.

- Luna

Snap peas

I love this product better than chips

- S

Go To Snack

After reading the great reviews I got several bags - they are delicious! Husband actually took some to work and one of his co-workers was curious - he said he wants to buy some!

- Catherine

An awesome low sodium snack!!

If you miss potato chips, this hits the mark. Good taste, low sodium and a great crunch !!!

- Charles Johnson

Wonderful Flavor...Gluten Free

Very tasty snack and much better for you than potatoes chips !

- Moreen

Non-GMO Lightly Salted Snapea Chrisps snacks

I would love to give a review but I have yet to receive my order & free coconut oil. What is taking so long?

- Esther

salted snapea crisp

Super snack!

- Renie

Out-of-this-World Delicious!

I didn't check for calories or fat content--and depending on that reading, may give less stars--but I'm giving this 5 stars. So delicious I think I could eat several bags at one sitting!! The 3.3 oz size is several servings (even for me, lol). One of the most delicious foods I've ever had!

- Linda


I really liked this snack.

- Jill M.


Super crunchy and satisfying, taste is a little different but I'm hooked now.

- Cathryn

Shapes Crispes

I can't get enough of them. And they are good for you too!

- Thrive Cheryl Stevenson

Wish there were more!

I love these Snapea Crisps! They are a great light snack. I just wish Thrive Marketplace had more options. There are a lot if different types and they are all really good. I would love to see more here.

- Becca

I was surprised.

These things are actually pretty good! I really like them. The black pepper flavor are really good too.

- Bill


I'm addicted to these

- Karan McCuistion


Taste good and have protein

- Jillian

great snack

This is a great snack, doled into smaller bags out of the pouch. The crunchiness helps satisfy too! great flavor!

- edna

Snap pea crisps

I totally love these crisp little snacks. They are great with soup, salads or sandwiches. Very nice alternative to cops and. They are great to just eat out of the bag. Yummy.

- Helene Stafford

Snap pea snack

Great tasting healthy snack and a bargain

- Revonda


Theses are awesome

- Natalie

crispy and vegetal

tastes just like snap peas but with the satisfying crunch of potato chips

- IJ

Snap Peas

Good taste. Love to eat them with guacamole.

- Harleysgirl


My kids love these more than I do! We always have a few bags at home. They're so tasty and I'm happy that my kids have a healthy option!

- Rose

Tastey Treat.

I have been buying these locally for a couple of years and I really like them. They have some crunch to them but they are soft enough for the toothless.

- Mike Boelte

Better than Chips!

These Snapea Crisps are SO tasty! The crunch is similar to Cheetos, but they are WAY better for you! I am a texture kind of person. I love a good crunch. These deliver on that and taste. When I am craving chips, I reach for these instead.

- Tammy


I love these snacks. Best price on Thrive. I purchase three bags every time I order.

- Suzy

Non-GMO lightly salted Snapea Crisps

Excellent , only exceeded by the Caesar flavored Snapea Crisps

- Linda Holden

Great Crunch!

I purchase about 5 packs monthly from Thrive because they are not only a great, delicious, crunchy snack but, because I have priced them at other stores and this is the best bargain I can find anywhere. A necessity for my household!

- Gailya

one of my fav snacks

i love these so much! i had been eating them before i started using thrive, and the price cant be beat!

- Lori

Snapea Crisps

This is another product that is misleading. I buy this product at Costco's and save a whole lot more than by buying through thrive market. I was not aware that these are snack-size/individual packages........There's not any savings at all.

- Reyna

Snapea Crisps

My grandsons and I really love these!

- Jean

Got my colleagues all hooked!

These are crunchy, satisfying with just a tad of salt. I tend to finish an entire pack in 5 servings. I got all my colleagues hooked on it!

- Kat

nice crunchy treat

tasty crunchy treat, esp good for those of us who are eating gluten-free.

- Joyce


These are really tasty and a great alternative to chips. I love their snackability I hate the Canola oil.

- Erin

My Favorite Go-To Snack

These are fabulous. Low in calories and salt, high in fiber with a mild taste, and if I feel like eating the whole bag I can without feeling guilty.

- Kate


nice product.

- travis



- Selina

Crazy in Love!

These are sooo good I was very surprised!! I can't wait to reorder.

- Donna




snap peas crisps

I enjoyed them but needs less salt and more pea flavor.

- Valerie

Taste great!

What a great price for a delicious snack!

- Carlene


Love these, but wish they'd start carrying the Caesar flavor, it's even better.

- Jennifer

Eat the whole bag good!

These snacks are light and taste delicious

- Nickie Jay

Jerry & Debbie

This is a delightful, crispy snack if you're looking for something with the consistency of of the baked cheese curls, but the flavor of a slightly salty enjoyable snack that's much healthier than most.

- Gerald

right amount of salt

I love these. Just the right amount of salt.

- Annie

Pea snacks

Didn't care for. Crunchy, but mushy in a moment, like paste. Flavor weird.

- Barbara


This is a great crispy snack. They're perfect to take place of potato chips and my two year old loves them! That's a huge selling point for me because he loves junk food (like father like son). Trying to get him on th healthy train isn't easy but I will definitely be ordering these again!

- Brittany

Great taste!

These were so yummy. Surprisingly tasty and a great snack instead of oily chips.

- Jennifer

nice healthy snack

light & airy these make a great snack, the taste is very good, we enjoy and buy several

- edna


The only problem is that the bag is not bigger. Most delicious snack I've ever had. Perfect blend of crunch and then it melts in your mouth.....leaving you wanting more!!

- Margarett


Great alternative to the neon orange cheese snacks. Same texture and crunch. Not exactly "health food" but satisfies the junk food craving in a healthier way than a lot of other snacks. These were really good but I like the black pepper ones even better.

- Bonnie

snapea crisps

love these!

- Debra

Good snack for kids too!

My 18 month old loves these. LOVES them. Best easy, light snack ever.

- Rebeca

Addicting Snapea Crisps

These are absolutely delicious! The greatest part about it, I don't feel guilty eating them. They provide a soft crisp taste with a mild hint of salt. I was so tempted to finish the bag in one sitting. I will be ordering these with each Thrive purchase.

- Belinda

Tasty snap pees

I like taste of pee very crunchy

- Connor

Tasty snack.

These are a nice change from the usual salty snack. Nice light flavor and not too salty.

- Carol

So delicious!

These were so good I couldn't stop eating them!

- Angela

Great snack!

I like to snack on these in place of potato chips. You still get the crunch but with more protein and fewer calories. Buying them here is slightly less expensive than places like Target or Trader Joe's.

- Diana


These are a great healthy alternative to potato chips. Lightly salty with a satisfying crunch.

- Megan

Loved them!

I loved them and so did my two kids!

- Keisha


healthy and very addictive snack

- Paula N.

Non-GMO Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps Snacks

These are delicious and one of my go-to's when I'm in the mood for crunchy.

- Carole

Can't get enough!

These pea crisps are just plain delicious and fun to eat. The texture is reminiscent of original Cheese Doodles. A light, crunchy, salty snack with a slight sweetness of peas. If you are not careful, you could eat the whole bag in one sitting; they are addictive! A nice, protein-packed snack even your kids will enjoy. Bet you can't eat just one!

- Robin


I have no will power when it comes to these snacks! They are tasty, crunchy, and just salty enough. I can't order too many bags.

- Judith

Snap crisps peas

I like these for a quick snack. they are also good in a salad.

- Ava

One of my favorites

These are one of my all time favorites. They are great on their own and good to have along with a sandwich or burger instead of chips or fries and much healthier too.

- Jodi


This is my new fav snack! I'm addicted

- Kat

Love These!

So Yummy. Big Thanks to ThriveMarket for carrying them!!

- Momof3Girls

Addicting :)

So light and crispy with the perfect amount of flavor!

- Yu-Ming

Great snack!

I loved these green pea crisps better than any potato chip I've tried. The lightly salted, crunchy chips are satisfying and relatively healthy.

- deecee

Great snack!

These are delicious and crunchy -- a great snack. Want to try all the flavors!

- Cindy

Great snack

Love these, wish Thrive would carry the ones with pepper. You get a good amount in each bag.

- Christine

Snapea crisps

My kids (6 and 1.5) loved these! I think I only got one out of the whole bag before they devoured them!

- Michael


These are addictive!!! My family loves them and we can eat them by the bagful without much guilt! These will be a staple at our house!!!

- April

Great Snack

These Snapea Crisps are a snack I enjoy and my family also enjoys them. I have 2 children living overseas and another plus besides their good flavor is that since they are light weight the Snapeas are cost effective to mail.

- yoopergirl

These are REALLY good

I crave chips ( crunchy salty) and this takes the place of those nasty potato chips. Crunchy and lightly salted, am back for many more.

- Roberta


I love these! A great mid-day snack at work and it doesn't have an overwhelming flavor.

- CJ McNair

This was a great purchase!

These are so delicious, a reasonable price and this batch I got is the freshest that I've ever had from Snapea Crisps.

- Megan


Loved these!! Thank you

- Jacki



- Tamera

Delicious & Inexpensive

So good & half the price of our local supermarket. I wish Thrivemarket carried all of the flavors

- Margit

Crisp and light

Good snack, light, love these when I have a salty craving

- Angela

Really nice surprise

I had never eaten this food before and was kinda' cautious about buying them. Well I can tell you, this proved to be a great purchase. The peas are light and crunchy and they taste good. This will be a repeat purchase for sure.

- James

chip alternative?

not quite....but interesting texture, also gives that little bit of salt

- Virginia



- Danielle

Great low cal snack

I've always been a fan of these little gems but getting them so much cheaper than my local supermarket makes them even better!

- Dina

Super Tasty Snack!

These are incredibly delicious! Lightly salty and crunchy makes them a great alternative to Potato Chips.

- Annastasia

Snapspea Crisp

This has become my favorite snack food-Love them and the price is wonderful! Thanks Thrive!

- RetaAnn Reames

Vegan Snacks

Finding decent vegan snacks can be a chore but these always satisfy. Could be less greasy however!

- Beth

I like the taste & crunch of the snap peas.

The snap peas are a size & price I will pay for to
satisfy my need to snack healthily.

- Thrive User

Great product!

We go through 2-3 bags of these a week. My kids and I love them. They taste like real peas, but also are great if you're craving chips or something salty.

- Hilary


I just got these yesterday and was honestly afraid I wasn't going to like this. But oh my... let's just say it was hard not to finish the bag in one sitting!

- Kathryn

My new addiction!

Move over pita chips these are my new way to satisfy my salt craving and maintain at the office until lunch! Now the whole office is hooked because I shared :)

- Shana

Snapped crisp snack

I was buy them in the grocery store. Now I will restock on Thrive. It's the best thing since slice bread.

- Davina

Very tasty surprise

These were the right amount of salty and crunchy to satisfy that "potato ship" craving I was having.

- CPicou

Non GMO lightly salted snap peas

Delicious light and perfect if you have a taste for something a tad salty!!

- Carole Smith

Pretty good snack

These are pretty good, I like my snacks saltier but a good snack for the price

- Ashleigh


Top notch snack. Will buy these again.

- Chris

The Best Snack Ever

I can eat the entire bag in one sitting.... ever the price is awesome.

- Mazie


I love these and can eat the whole bag.

- Yaz


One of my favorite snacks! BEWARE...easy to consume whole bag

- Summer

i could eat the whole bag!

Better than chips!

- Janelle

NOT Safe for Celiacs

These say Gluten Free, but have "manufactured in a facility with wheat" on the back and I tried them and they made me sick. I have Celiacs and am very sensitive. They taste amazing and my family loves them so we continue to buy them, but I will NOT be eating any more.

- Mandy


I honestly love these when I started eating a clean diet I liked these better than I ever like potato chips. They're flavorful and addictive so I have to portion ahead of time ;)

- Abby


This snack is the greatest. Crunchy, salty, and delicious. Good for you! Great way to eat peas. I have to be very strict with myself, or I'll eat the entire bag in one sitting!

- Judy

My new favorite snack

I really love these! I used to be able to sit and eat an entire bag of potato chips and had to force myself to stop because it was so unhealthy. Now I can eat these guilt-free because they are a true green vegetable. I recently put them out during a party among other snacks and they were the first ones gone, everyone loved them!

- H. Massey


Watch out: there is a very good chance the first time you try these, you will eat the whole bag!

These are a great switch for potato chips, and are super crunchy! My kids love them because they're so tasty, and I get to sneak veggies into their snacks. I've also replacing popcorn on movie night with these. None of the nasty additives of instant popcorn, and I don't have to immediately go floss my teeth afterwards. These are now a staple in my cupboard!

- Tyrone McB.

Best Cheeto Substitution!

These are the perfect snacks! Just the right crisp and flavor and caters to all of my dietary needs.

Even my kinds love them. And I don't feel guilty for giving it to them as they are low in sodium and gluten free.

I really wish they would add a resealable closure to the top to make it even more convenient.

- Damon B.

Yummy substitute to junk food

These crunchy little snap peas are just delicious! They have a great flavor, healthy ingredients, are high in fiber, low-calorie. Perfect if you're on a diet, ditching unhealthy foods, or just like crunchy snacks! I give these to my grandkids when theyre and they thought I was joking when I told them it was PEAS!

- P. Hansen

Crispy Little Snap Peas - Great for the Car!

My office received a few samples of this product to see if we wanted to buy them regularly. Having eaten similar chips before, I was not sure if I would like these but, was surprised to find that these were flaky and light! My favorite part is that the calorie count is low! I can eat these all day!

- K. Underwood

"Perfect for "Chip-aholics"

I was introduced to these by a coworker and I fell in love with them immediately. My favorites are the Black Pepper and the Caesar.

- Angela

Can't stop eating these!

I found these in a grocery store when I travelled to new york. Couldn't find one near where I live. So purchased online at Thrive. It is way cheaper than the grocery store price!!! I wish Thrive can provide more flavors! I really want to buy the Tomato Basil one!

- Zee


I absolutely LOVE this snack. I truly am addicted to how yummy this snack taste. I love how it's so healthy yet flavorful in taste. As other reviewers stated it's so easy to sit down and eat the whole bag in one sitting because that's how yummy they are. Definitely my new favorite go to snack.

- Nati S

Great price compared to grocery store!

Love these snacks! And the price is so much lower than in my local grocery store.

- Carol

Great for salt-free diets

I'm severely salt restricted. These have only 65mg per serving, and only 5g fat). The only thing is they are a lot like potato chips--can't eat just one.

I had totally given up "snacks" because of the high salt and fat problem.

They do taste quite salty, which I sometimes miss

I can also share them with non-gluten friends.

- Paula Presley

Crouton Alternative

I use these as "croutons" on salads. Amazing!

- Meg

great treat

I first tried this at Costco, then when I returned to purchase more, they were not at that Costco any longer. Later, I dound them at San's, & when I went back to purchase more, I found & purchased the last 3 bags. These were 16.3 oz bags. I have been looking for more lg bags, w/o success:(

- terry duncan

Perfect snack

Since finding out that I am sensitive to both gluten and coconut oil, I've had to choose my snacks wisely. Snapea crisps are the perfect solution for me.

- Tess

Perfectly crunchy and salty

I love the texture of these, it's like eating a chip. They aren't overly salty and the taste is fantastic. My girlfriends and I finished the bag in one day, I wish it was a bigger bag!

- Ashlie

Crisp snap peas

I love these snap peas, can't get enough of them.

- Elizabeth knepp

Calbee Non-GMO Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps Snacks

These are awesomely good! Crispy, high-fiber snacky goodness. My favorite flavors are Wasabi & Salt & Pepper. Please get these in stock, too!!

- Indy Shopper

Great taste small bag

These are great but it is to easy to sit down and eat the whole bag in one sitting!

- Caitlyn


It's nice

- Elijah


It's good

- Elijah

so good

I am addicted to these (:

- alecia


I hadn't had these before; now I'm hooked!

- Marsha


First bite was just ok. By the fifth bite, I was hooked. These things are great in both taste and texture. Even my sugar-addicted hubby loves these things. Perfect snack for us.

- Carrie

I love these!

This is one of my all-time favorite snacks! They are addicting, and so good!

- Sarah

Yummy Crunchy Saltiness

I love these as an alternative to chips. Yummy pea protein, and this price is much better than most grocers, who charge $1.75-$3.00/bag.

- Tenley

Great flavor; just enough saltiness

I love salty food which is NOT good. These give me just enough saltiness and crispiness to satisfy that addiction.

- Evelyn Thomas

Better than Potato Chips!

I am loving these! My favorite go to snack. So much flavor and the crunch is so satisfying!

- Michelle

Kid Friendly!

My daughter eats almost zero vegetables and she' s been munching on these today. Finally!

- Thrive User


These are wonderful! They taste to us almost exactly like potato chips, except much better for you! And my husband is very discerning. I just wish they would use another oil instead of canola. It couldn't hurt to write the manufacturer to make a request, could it?

- Mendi

Really good!

Very tasty and filling. Ordered a few bags and when they are gone will order more! Healthy alternative to chips.

- Vicki

Eat these instead of potato chips

I really like the flavor of these snapea crisps, they taste exactly like snap peas, but they're crunch, crispy and have just enough salt. They're high in fiber, low in saturated fat and low in sugar. I eat these instead of potato chips now, and I feel a lot better knowing that I'm not putting a bunch of oils and chemicals into my body when I'm snacking.

- Dwayne Harper

Good Way to Eat Veggies

If someone told me I'd fall in love with snapeas, I would have thought they were crazy, but these are just so good. I never really liked the taste of regular snapeas, but these are something else. They have a nice, salty taste to them that makes them taste really delicious. I love that Thrive carries them too. They're out-of-stock locally pretty often, and Thrive has a really great price on them too. Makes them so much easier to get my hands on.

- Cassandra Jacobson

Snack on the Go

These Snapea Crisps are very good. I like to take them in my gym bag so I have a snack to munch on after working out that I won't feel bad having. I don't usually like vegetable snacks, but this one is actually very good!

- Shawn T.

At home everybody loves them!

At home everybody loves them. My wife uses them on salads but the kids sometimes just eat them out of the bag. They are crunchy and taste awesome. They encourage the kids to eats salads, so no complaints there. Will keep purchasing them.

- Garry Gilbert

Great healthy snack for kids!

My 3 year old loves these (and so do I)!!. They are a little salty, but not overly salty. They are crispy. Very affordable and convenient for a healthy kid's snack. And best of all, they are healthy!

- Natasha Palmer

Delicious crispy snack

These pods are incredibly tasty. My husband's not a big fan of veggies, but everyone in my family loves these. They disappear fast! We usually just eat them by the handful, but put them in salads too sometimes. They are a bit greasy, though not as much as they used to be, and still healthier than potato chips.

- Addie I.

Insanely addictive

These crisps are waaaay too addictive. I know they're healthier than potato chips, but what's the point when I eat the entire bag at one time?!

I would give these a 5/5, but they are surprisingly greasy. Still delicious though!

- Alyssa

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