Purple Heirloom Potato Chips

5 oz bag

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5 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

First grown nearly 8,000 years ago in the Andes Mountains, potatoes were originally reserved for Inca kings. Today, they are still harvested in South America, particularly Peru and Bolivia. Purple potatoes are incredibly nutrient dense, especially when paired with organic coconut oil and sea salt in each bag of Jackson's Honest Potato chips.
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About This Brand

Throughout the day, grabbing a quick snack is something that almost all of us end up doing, although it can be very easy to overlook healthy food options when it comes to snacking. While fresh fruit is great option, sometimes you want to satisfy those crunchy or savory cravings, which is exactly what Jackson's Honest Potato Chips does! The history of Jackson’s Honest Jackson's Honest Potato Chips is a newer player in the world of snacks and was started by a husband and wife team. The idea wasn’t born from a desire to compete with huge snack companies. Instead, the company started as an idea to provide better food. The owners of the company had a son who suffered from major health issues as a child, including chronic fatigue and serious nutritional deficiencies. After the couple spent hours, days, and months studying popular foods that people eat, they came to the conclusion that it was the man-made vegetable oils that needed to be cut out of the diet. They also found that...
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Heirloom Potatoes, Organic Coconut Oil and Sea Salt.

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Reviews For Purple Heirloom Potato Chips

Based on 85 Reviews

The best

These are the absolute best chip I've ever tasted...and the color adds to them...yum yum! Buying them again right now, 2 bags :)

- Elise


These are wonderfully crispy and full of flavor. I will buy these again and again

- Thrive User

Favorite potato chip!

The coconut oil brings out so much flavor - buttery and sweet. Pair that with the fact there's essentially no grease and an amazing crunch, you've got the perfect potato chip! (And it goes without saying, Thrive's prices can't be beat)!

- India Ross

Sooo yummy

These are awesome! More flavor than white potato chips!

- Raven Carey

Not overly oily

Wonderful chip, especially for those who are trying to limit the greasy taste of regular chips. Great tasting, satisfying and from an heirloom potato! Good job!

- Kathyren Beverly

Purple potato chips

I think I'm in love with these purple dudes.
If they don't have these in heaven...I'm not goin!

- Jami Kerr

Yum, good texture, crisp and color

A pleasant snacking experience. Just the right amount of salt mixed with the coconut oil for cooking and it has a great flavor. The purple potatoes are a fun color and have a good crunch.

- Andy

Super duper!

I got these for my husband, not sure if he'd like them because he tends to prefer more "generic" products. He very much enjoyed them.

- Lisa Kuria

Hubby Said Buy A Case !

Clean, Paleo Friendly and Hubby Approved. That pretty much sums it up.
Potatoe Chip Perfection.

- Lauren Hutchinson

Potato Chip Win

Delicious buttery flavor :)

- Jordan


Love these chips as always

- Brenda

Insanely delicious

These are the best potato chips I've tasted. Warning: with these, it is impossible to eat just one. They have so much flavor and the perfect amount of sea salt. I far prefer these to the regular white potato chips that Jacksons makes. They don't sell these at my local Whole Foods, but I love that Thrive carries them!

- Kathryn

Crispy, Tasty, and Craving-Fixing

These have become my new favorite chips. I usually crave salty foods, and these have done the trick for me! I am so happy to have them.

- Alethea

Still the best!

I've reviewed these before, and they never fail to please. The coconut oil really enhances that wonderful purple potato flavor. One of my all-time favorite treats!

- AnnieLaurie

Highly recommended

These are fabulous.

- Denyse

Really freaking good

These were perfectly crunchy and salty, totally everything I could ask for in a potato chip. Love the coconut oil thing, very much a treat to find a special something this good that is paleo.

- Amber Butler

A real winner!

Excellent! I'm a huge fan of purple potatoes and coconut oil. Perfect combination.

- Greg


Healthy and delicious!

- Tarren Huddleston

Heirloom Chips

I was looking for a healthier chip to try because who doesn't love a good potato chip. These were perfect! Nice crunch and great flavor with not too much salt. I would buy them again.

- Lori

Jackson's Purple Heirloom Potato Chips

Jackson's has been the leader in making a quality potato chip. Cooked in coconut oil, absolutely delicious; they are the best out there!

- Debbie

Dark purple crunchiness

These are good. Be sure to store them so they won't
get stale. I got these as a special offer with my order.
Otherwise, rather expensive.

- Laurel

Oh, the wonderful "hidden" benefits of indulging in a delicious snack!

We all know the saying, "hidden in plain sight", and that lovely color that makes these chips appear so exotic also contains wonderful antioxidants like the ones you get from blueberries. Now, blueberries are yummy, but when you want a crunchy, just-a-bit-salty snack, this is the choice that fits the bill. They are cut just thick enough to be substantial without being "hard-crunchy". Don't let the fact that they are cooked in coconut oil deter you - there is no "coconutty-sweet" flavor - just delightful, satisfying, healthy potato chip goodness!

- Gloria


These are great tasting and healthy. Chips are my husbands weakness and now he can have them again.

- Irene

Jackson's Purple Potato Chips

These could only be better if they were organic! Love that they are cooked in coconut oil. Yummy kettle chips. I used to be able to get the Jackson's organic chips on Thrive but haven't seen them for a while.

- Jennifer


Anthocyanins, medium-chain fatty acids, and trace minerals... What's not to love? Junk food gets righteous, and I don't feel guilty - these chips are just darn good. Thanks for introducing me to them!

- Sandy

Best Chips Ever!

(Un) Fortunately, I could eat the whole bag in one sitting!! Best ever - get some every Thrive Market order!

- Donna


This brand is the healthiest potato chips available. The only thing I wish is that they were organic.

- Sprout


These chips are absolutely wonderful!

- Valorie

The best!

These taste like any other potato chip. Crunchy, salty, and yummy! I love that you cannot taste the coconut.

- Christina

Total perfection!

These are so delicious and you really taste the beauty of the potato.

- Winnie


outstanding flavor

- larry


Loved them. Husband's favorite. Goes great with my coconut wrap sandwich's

- Cathy

Best of Best chips

These rock potato! Best chips ever; only challenge is moderating my eating of them.

- Jan

Heirloom Chips

I bought these to try & compare to Terra Blues. Have to say, these don't come close. Will stick to Terra.

- Jeni

Overpriced, but Tasty

They definitely taste good, but there is nothing remarkable about them to warrant the high price.

- Elizabeth


These chips are truly the best. Enjoyed every last one. You won't be disappointed with this product.

- Ann

good for Paleo

Love the simple ingredients, high quality coconut oil, and delicious taste!

- Sophie Curtis


So good I can eat chips without the guilt.

- Barbara Hendricks

deliciously addicting

I prefer the sweet potato since I live more paleo based but these are a nice tasting chip every once in a while when you need something different.

- scott

Purple Perfection!

I was hesitant to try these because I'm not a fan of coconut oil (or coconut in general), but the coconut flavor is very faint and adds such a great level of flavor to these chips. And let's face it, rainbow veggies are fun to eat and taste better! I add a few bags to every order.

- Pinkachan

Top Notch

These are so delicious, the potato flavor shines. Add to that they are cooked in healthy coconut oil and it's a done deal. I order Jackson's every month with my Thrive order.

- Katrina

Why buy regular chips when you can have these beauties?

So, first of all, let me just say that I also love Jackson's sweet potato chips...like, as in, I eat them very super often, but my kids don't really like that variety; however, they love these! These chips taste like regular potato chips, but they look prettier and are sans the preservatives and other bad ingredients. As a side note, a bag of these purple chips was left open the other day, and I figured that they wouldn't taste as fresh two days later after being left open...but they still were crisp and tasty. It's the small things in life...

- Eve

Tasty chips

These chips are good. Light and crunchy with just a hint of salt. I prefer the sweet potato version more, so not sure that I'll purchase these again.

- Kristen

So Good!

Can’t believe this is paleo. I would repurchase.

- Jennifer


These are light and taste great.

- Robyn

The Tastiest Chips Ever!

I thought eating Paleo meant no more of my favorite thing, chips. But instead I found something better! These chips are super tasty and colorful, even better than your bag of regular potato chips. Will definitely buy a bunch more!

- Hailey

These were just "ok"

I prefer the regular potato chips in coconut oil made by the same company. I love purple potatoes but these chips didn't do it for me. Some of them were a little bitter or slightly burnt tasting while others were nice and sweet tasting in comparison. I liked those chips. Ordered 2 bags and both were the same. Will stick with regular chips in coconut oil.

- Kathy

Great Product

These chips are an awesome addition to our healthy snack arsenal for our kids. It is so hard to find chips in stores that have not been cooked in oils that are just not good for them. Our kids love these...and so do I!

- Justin

Love These Chips

I love these potato chips! Only wish the bag was bigger!

- Faye


Best chips ever made--thanks for carrying them.

- Mary


new product for me and it was a delight

- Derek Horner

Purple Heirloom chips

Love these! Great taste! Like these better than the sweet potato chips.

- Nancy Brooks

Great Taste

I love these potato chips! I like that these are fried in coconut oil and made from purple potatoes. I never thought I would see a purple potato chip!

- Faye

Amazing treat!

I absolutely LOVE these chips. They're amazingly fresh and crunchy. The fact that they aren't cook is nasty hydrogenated oils just makes them all the better. The only downside is that their "guilt-free" nature allows me to justify eating the whole bag in one sitting. ;)

- Sabrina

"Purple-ly Perfect" chips

These purple heirloom chips have all the right ingredients. I love the fact that they are cooked in coconut oil. Absolutely scrumptious!

- Paula

Purple Potato Chips

These are my husband and my favorite treat. We were told not to eat white potatoes and these are awesome. Can't get enough of them, but they're getting harder and harder to find.

- Jeri

More addictive than blue crystal meth

It's my belief that Walter White survived the final episode of Breaking Bad and began making purple potato chips instead of blue meth. These things are incredible, healthy, and addictive. 12/10.

- David

The BEst!!

My favorite of all time!!!

- Tracey

Great Taste

I enjoyed these as a lightly salted snack. Very good flavor.

- Cindy

Best Chips Ever

Glad to find something made with a healthy oil.

- Genie


These are great! I will be ordering them again.

- Alison

What a Great Product

I discovered these on Thrive Market recently and have not been disappointed. One of the biggest struggles of keeping our children on good, healthy oils is the lack of products available. These chips (all "flavors") have been very impressive and the kids love them. Our children have been Paleo/Primal for over 3 years now and products like these make for nice additions to some things that have been missed!

- Justin


Go for the normal sweet potato chips. They are delicious.

- Rachel

Delicious Potato Chips

I love these potato chips! They are simply delicious. I do of course wish the bag was bigger or the price lower, but the taste is great.

- Britney

Purple Heirloon Potato Chips

These were delicious chips. I won't be buying the store bought chips again. I will be buying these.

- Linda

Honest Jackson's purple potatoe chips

Love these. Only chips I eat anymore

- Victoria


Being allergic to corn, wheat and oats makes chips hard to find and tasty. These are awesome and worth the price. They are perfect and fits all my allergy issues

- Christi

My fav potato chips

So simple, and so good

- John

You Must Try These

These purple heirloom potato chips are great. Cooked in avocado oil,

- Linda

The best chips EVER!!!

This are the best chips you will ever try. I love all of Jackson's honest chips but the purple heirloom are my favorite. I had my kids and hubby try them and they couldn't stop eating them. These are so good! The perfect snack!

- Brittany

Love these!

A great crispy, slated treat that is cooked in coconut oil!

- peggy

Best. Chip. EVER!

These are the tastiest potato chips I have ever tasted. They aren't greasy or heavy, simply delicious.

- Elisabeth

Amazingly Delicious

I absolutely LOVE these chips. So crunchy and flavorful despite the simple clean ingredients list.

- Sabrina

My favorite chips

These chips are my favorite potato chips! It's too easy for me to eat the entire bag all at once. I also love the fact that they are cooked in coconut oil.

- Alex

Jackson's Honest Purple Chips

Guilt free and delicious.

- Dr. Rita

So good!

These are so good! I'm just transitioning to paleo, and these chips make it so easy to stick to it. Love them!

- Tara

Near Perfection

I agree with the other comments about this being the best chip they've ever had. And on top of tasting so great, it's also made with my favorite oil (coconut). The crunch is great too. Only qualifier is I think it's a tad too salty, but I can live with that. Don't ever discontinue this item, and I hope the owners never stop making it.

- michael

Spooky Looking Chips!

I bought these chips for a Halloween party that I was having because of their color. I found that they were healthier, taster and overall better than normal potato chips! They are non-GMO and made with coconut oil!

The only negative feedback I have is that they break when using dip sometimes. I found that I must dip them slowly. Great product overall!

- Betty Allen

Must try!

These are so good. I follow the Paleo diet and have had a hard time saying goodbye to chips. These are better than any chips I've had in the past and even better, they're Paleo approved! Everyone I've shared these with think they're the best chips they've had and never believe me when I tell them they're made in coconut oil and have no added chemicals. A clean and delicious snack.

- Colin

The Best!

These are, hands down, the best chips I've ever had. They taste so good, and the purple potatoes make for a fun looking snack. They have a nice salty taste that's just right without being loaded with salt. I don't think I'll ever eat another type of potato chip again!

- Stephanie

these are the best

These purple chips are the best chips I've ever had! My daughter agrees. And only made with coconut oil and salt - win!

- Angela



- Sarah

Best. Chips. Ever.

Not only do I adore this company, but the chips!! They do taste like coconut oil in my opinion, but they have an awesome texture, flavor, and crunch. The blue chips are so delicious! Don't even get me started with how good they are with toppings & dips...

- Angie

The Perfect Real Food Snack

The absolute perfect snack for people trying to avoid industrial crop oils! I live in a major metropolitan area that doesn't carry these, so thank you Thrive! I dare you to just eat one of these!

- Leslie

Very Good

I really didn't know what to expect when I ordered this, but I glad I got them. The purple chip was a surprise, even though it has on the description they are Purple. But the taste is wonderful. They are crunchy. To me, two of the best things about these chips is no added chemicals - just coconut oil and sea salt. The other is that the salt. They aren't so salty that it' all you taste as with regular chips. I will definitely be ordering these again. Thanks for selling them.

- Phyllis

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