Eucalyptus Cleaning VinegarEucalyptus Cleaning Vinegar857261005141Unlike mint, pine, and citrus, vinegar isn’t something readily associated with cleanliness even though it has been in the business of heavy-duty cleaning for decades. Back before chemical cleaners became mainstream, people scrubbed with vinegar because it’s regarded as a potent disinfectant that can also neutralizes bad odors and easily cut through grease. Spray Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar directly on stoves, countertops, windows, and floors, and then wipe with a mop or cloth for clean surfaces that have lasting shine. This scent uses eucalyptus globus oil as the first ingredient followed by mint oil for a squeaky clean, invigorating aroma. All of Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars are made with food-based ingredients but boast commercial-grade cleaning power.16.9 oz bottle
Vinegar smell is very strong - by Not what I expected. Not worth the money!
Good Stuff - by Good Stuff
It works! - by Best non toxic natural cleaner - my tub is sparkling like it hasn’t in forever.
Perfect Cambria countertop cleaner - by Love it!
Fannys cleaning spray - by Not a huge fan of the smell so have not used it often.
Aunt Fannie's
Aunt Fannie's

Eucalyptus Cleaning Vinegar

16.9 oz bottle$0.37/fl oz
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