Daily Swish Pulling Oil, MintDaily Swish Pulling Oil, Mint618192034538Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that's believed to bolster oral health. To use this minty Daily Swish oil from Banyan Botanicals, hold the oil in your mouth, then gently swish it back and forth through your teeth to help remove plaque and support healthy gums.8 fl oz bottle
Loved using this - by Ordered it on sale. Wish it was lower price but glad I got to try it
A natural way to whiten your teeth! - by I have been swishing coconut oil for a long time but this stuff is seriously the best and makes it so much easier! It tastes good, freshens your breath, makes your gums less sensitive and naturally whitens your teeth.
Effective - by I have noticed a big improvement since oil pulling every day
Odd flavor - by Odd flavor
3/10 - by Let me start by saying I really wanted to like this. I appreciate the taste, but the other oils in addition to the coconut oil almost made this too liquidy to swish around without gagging. Coconut oil I feel like has a different texture and kind of keeps to itself while doing the work, but this was so slick and oily that it stuck every tiny inch of my entire mouth and felt like it was going to find its way down my throat involuntarily. There is no way I could have swished this for 20 minutes, I barely lasted 3. I had to brush my entire mouth twice afterwards to get the excess oil off the back of my throat because rinsing with water was like trying to dry up the entire ocean with a single ply paper towel.
Banyan Botanicals
Banyan Botanicals

Daily Swish Pulling Oil, Mint

8 fl oz bottle$1.87/fl oz