Walnut Scour PadsWalnut Scour Pads810119020000Ever notice that walnuts* look like little brains? Pretty cool. What’s more impressive is that their shells work as a natural abrasive to scrub surfaces without scratching**. Now that’s smart. Set of three 5.5" x 3.25" x .25" pads.Set of 3 scour pads
Will buy again - by Will buy again
These are a must now! - by I wanted to try these because I hate when the dish sponge smells after a couple days. These are fantastic!
Just Okay - by I really wanted to like these more. It's great that they use walnut shells, but they could have better scrubbing power.
love these - by They really last, easy to clean, work great. And sustainble.
Disappointed to read packaging and product Contains plastic - by The label on this and their other sponges is very deceiving. There is plastic in the scouring pads.
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Full Circle

Walnut Scour Pads

Set of 3 scour pads
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