Queen of Cups Kombucha Tab, Guava RoseQueen of Cups Kombucha Tab, Guava Rose850004920060Enjoying the daily benefits of kombucha has never been easier. Just drop a tablet or two of QULA's Queen of Cups in water and enjoy the mellow guava rose flavor, plus probiotics and L-Theanine from green tea for added energy.6 tablets (0.14 oz each)
Favorite go to on the go drink! - by I love all of the products by qula! This is my favorite flavor for anytime! Easy to make and not too sweet! I love to mix with seltzer for a bit of a fizz!
Great choice for on the go - by Wonderful flavor and shelf stable.
Not your standard kombucha. - by I like these to get some “flavor” in my water but it does not scratch the kombucha itch. Tastes more like juice. Not sure if they are worth the money. There is not “bite” or carbonation (I even tried it in seltzer to get the bubbly effect and it didn’t work). They remind me of NUUN tablets, I’d recommend getting them instead if your looking to jazz up your water throughout the day. I wanted to love these! But they just didn’t work out for me.
No sugar all the probiotics - by These are the BEST! Have them on autoship, most bottled brands are loaded with cane sugar, but not these magical drops! This is my favourite flavor I’ve tried them all.
Fun way to kombucha - by Really interesting way to kombucha. Flavor was good. Gifted to some friends who enjoyed it.

Queen of Cups Kombucha Tab, Guava Rose

6 tablets (0.14 oz each)$2.17/tablet
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