Aloe & Tea Flowers Natural DeodorantAloe & Tea Flowers Natural Deodorant852714007628Smell like a fresh bed of flowers all day with the long-lasting Thinksport Aloe & Tea Flowers Deodorant. As one of the leaders in nontoxic products, Thinksport follows suit with its body care line ensuring there are no phthalates, parabens, or aluminum. Applies and absorbs easily and is effective at keeping wetness and odor at bay.2.9 oz stick
Fav natural deodorant - by so far the best I've found for me! Nice smell and holds up against my B.O.
Love/Hate - by I LOVE that this is a very clean, highly rated, scent covering deodorant. But, I really don't like that the coconut oil in it seeps into my clothes and I have to use dawn dish soap to scrub it out of the armpit area.
Smells great, but not for me - by Only lasts about 10-12 hours. Will need to reapply if more active. I like how it glides on but it does form those balls and by the end of the day my pits were always irritated and gave me a rash. However the smell is HEAVENLY!! Wish there was a body mist for this exact scent!
Not for me. - by Irritates my skin, but smells fantastic!
Great smell! - by Still get sweaty because it's a deodorant not an antiperspirant, but smells great!

Aloe & Tea Flowers Natural Deodorant

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