12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher671635741622Now you can easily make your own alkaline water at home! Our alkaline water pitcher holds 6 filtered cups of water, and comes with one filter cartridge that can alkalize up to 150 liters of water. Using exchange resin & activated carbon, it naturally alkalizes water to a pH of 8.5 to 9, and removes heavy metals and chlorine. Here’s how to use it: How to Assemble the Filter: 1. Take filter cartridge out of bag. 2. Rinse filter under the faucet for 2-3 seconds, and then soak for 12 minutes (water will initially turn a blackish color when being rinsed—don’t worry, this is a natural occurrence). 3. Place filter in the inner basin. 4. Set the timer for replacement reminder (see instructions below!). 5. Fill inner basin with water through the lid and enjoy! How to Set the LCD Replacement Timer: Press and hold the "start" button for about 3 seconds until you see the screen flash 3 times. You’re done! The LCD Replacement Timer will remind you when the filter needs to be replaced. The timer sets to 60 days, which is the average number of days it will take you to use 150 L of water (~57 full pitchers). When the timer begins to flash, it’s time to replace the filter. To reset timer, press and hold the "start" button for 8 seconds. The screen will flash and reset. Caution: Do not filter hot water exceeding 95 degrees. Keep out of direct sunlight. Dimensions: Height: 10.50” Spout to Handle Horizontally: 10” Width: 4.25”1 each
Terrible - by The filtered water has a fishy smell which is disgusting. It’s also poorly designed, the filter doesn’t become sealed and water just runs down into it without being filtered.
Good water filter - by Filtered water tastes great, completely gets rid of the chlorine taste in my tap water.
Love it - by Easy to use, the water tastes considerably better after filtering it through this
Filter Won’t stay in place - by I was so excited to get this pitcher. Now I’m just disappointed. The filter will not stay in place no matter what I do, so the water doesn’t get filtered. I bought extra filters for it too. Not happy at all.
Filter falls out - by I'm sure it filters water just fine (no complaints with taste) but I can't for the life of me get the filters to stay in. The best I can do is just hold the top as I pour and try not to tilt it very quickly, or at too intense of an angle. Unfortunately, I pushed so hard on the filter trying to get it to stay that I ended up snapping the entire upper-half and cutting myself on the plastic. Now have to order a new one because I bought a bunch of replacement filters for it that would otherwise go to waste. Once I'm out of filters I'm switching to another pitcher.
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12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher

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