12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher671635741622Now you can easily make your own alkaline water at home! Our alkaline water pitcher holds 6 filtered cups of water, and comes with one filter cartridge that can alkalize up to 150 liters of water. Using exchange resin & activated carbon, it naturally alkalizes water to a pH of 8.5 to 9, and removes heavy metals and chlorine. Here’s how to use it: How to Assemble the Filter: 1. Take filter cartridge out of bag. 2. Rinse filter under the faucet for 2-3 seconds, and then soak for 12 minutes (water will initially turn a blackish color when being rinsed—don’t worry, this is a natural occurrence). 3. Place filter in the inner basin. 4. Set the timer for replacement reminder (see instructions below!). 5. Fill inner basin with water through the lid and enjoy! How to Set the LCD Replacement Timer: Press and hold the "start" button for about 3 seconds until you see the screen flash 3 times. You’re done! The LCD Replacement Timer will remind you when the filter needs to be replaced. The timer sets to 60 days, which is the average number of days it will take you to use 150 L of water (~57 full pitchers). When the timer begins to flash, it’s time to replace the filter. To reset timer, press and hold the "start" button for 8 seconds. The screen will flash and reset. Caution: Do not filter hot water exceeding 95 degrees. Keep out of direct sunlight. Dimensions: Height: 10.50” Spout to Handle Horizontally: 10” Width: 4.25”1 each
Super way to filter water! - by Easy and simple way to hydrate effectively!
Would like more info - by Seems to mostly do the job but would be nice if there were more info on the effectiveness of the filter and how it works to make the water alkaline. We had trouble seating the filter properly so a small amount of tap water seems to make it through, wouldn’t use as a primary filter but okay for short-term use (we bought it for travel). I don’t love the taste of the water — not sure if it’s the alkaline or the lack of filtration.
Difficult to clean - by I don’t test water so cannot review actual results but I can tell you, this pitcher just has areas that cannot be reached in any way with any size brush so after a cycle of 4 or so filters, I simply threw it away. If you NEED to filter your water, then logic tells you whatever needs to be filtered out will collect somewhere in crevices of the water entry side of anything so consider longevity in price because this one will need to be tossed every 6-12 months depending on water quality and rotation.
Pitcher - by I like the taste of the water from this product. Only three stars because I think it could be made a bit better. Unfiltered Water leaks from around the top of the filter into your filtered water. A little annoying
Perfect - by This is perfect for a big family. Fresh water and the size of the pitcher helps with the demands
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12-Cup Alkaline Pitcher

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