Chips and Hot Salsa BundleChips and Hot Salsa BundleChips_Hot_Salsa_BundleGrab this snack bundle for the perfect pairing. Zack's Mighty tortilla chips are made from heirloom corn varieties—dunk them into our organic spicy salsa made with fiery jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, and onions.2 count
Love the salsa! - by The salsa has a fresh taste to it often missing from bottled salsa. Together with the chips, it was quite delightful.
great pairing - by Zachs Are the best corn chips. They're super crunchy and thick like homemade tortilla chips. But the best attribute is their flavor. These chips have an excellent "corny" flavor.
Yummy combo - by Very pleased with this purchase. I had previously bought just the chips and found them delicious. They are very crisp and strong and have a great flavor. They are great for guacamole because they don’t break easily. I decided to try the salsa this time and was pleasantly surprised. I usually don’t really like pre made salsa, but I thought the thrive brand was excellent.
Zack's Mighty Chips and Hot Salsa - by These are the BEST corn tortilla chips in a bag! Crunchy great flavor and they don't arrive as dust! The salsa is excellent for canned and both are organic. Great choice!
Excellent - by Excellent
Zack's Mighty
Zack's Mighty

Chips and Hot Salsa Bundle

2 count$4.15/each