Non-GMO Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4.375 oz tin

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4.375 oz tin

Why You’ll Love It

Every single sardine caught by Wild Planet has been immaculately cleaned and scaled before being canned in extra virgin olive oil for impeccable taste and a range of health benefits. In addition to being tasty, Wild Planet sardines are certified organic, verified as Non-GMO, packaged in BPA-free cans, and have no artificial ingredients. See More
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About This Brand

Wild Planet is committed to providing the finest tasting sustainably caught seafood while supporting the conservation of wild marine ecosystems. Wild Planet offers a full line of top quality seafood with fresh-from-the-sea flavor. In order to adhere to the highest standards of sustainability possible, each product in our line is carefully researched according to the reports generated by leading environmental organizations. From our great tasting Tuna, Salmon and Sardines to our brand new White Anchovies, we’re sure you’ll agree that nothing compares to the flavor, nutrition and value offered by Wild Planet!
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Sardines (Sardinops sagax or Sardinops melanostictus), extra virgin olive oil, water, sea salt, aqueous natural smoke.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 2 oz (56g) Servings Per Container 2.5

Amount Per Serving

Calories 110 Calories from Fat 70

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 8g 12%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 25mg 8%
Sodium 260mg 11%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Protein 10g 20%

Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 20%
Iron 10%

Why You’ll Love Non-GMO Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sardines might be one of the world’s most underrated fishes. Acclaimed rapper The Notorious B.I.G. once rhymed that he used to eat sardines for dinner, which in turn made him one of the greats. It sounds crazy, but he might have been on to something. For such a small fish, sardines have an extraordinarily large amount of health benefits. These delicious morsels from the sea are loaded with essential nutrients, ranging from blood pressure–reducing Omega-3 fatty acids to bone-strengthening calcium and many other critical vitamins needed to function at your very best.

Wild Planet sardines are among the best you could choose from: Their entire supply is sustainably sourced from the Pacific Ocean, either from the California coastline or Japan, and the company has been rated as the Best Choice for Sustainability by the esteemed Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. Every single sardine caught by Wild Planet has been immaculately cleaned and scaled before being bathed in extra virgin olive oil for impeccable taste and a range of health benefits.

In addition to being a tasty snack or accompaniment to a range of salads, Wild Planet sardines are kosher and gluten-free, and contain no added sugar or sweeteners, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no trans fats. They have also been certified organic by the USDA and verified as Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. Even better, Wild Planet sardines are shipped to you in a package that is BPA-free.

A brief history of sardines

Sardines are named after Sardinia, an island in Italy where they were first discovered.

It is believed that Napoleon, who rose to prominence during the French Revolution, is at least partially responsible for inventing and popularizing the canned fish during his military career. Napoleon needed a way to feed his massive army and keep food fresh for longer periods of time, so he reached out to his engineers and they came up with the canning process. The rest, as is said, is history.

Health benefits of sardines

Sardines contain large amounts of healthy nutrients that your body needs to function every day. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and Coenzyme Q10. But what are these things and what do they do? Let us break it down for you.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are a type of healthy fat that is often found in certain kinds of fish. Consuming omega-3’s can alleviate blood pressure, help with arthritis, stave off depression, promote healthy infant development during pregnancy, and reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Research has shown that they can even help to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Wild Planet sardines contain 313 mg of EPA and 668 mg of DHA Omega-3’s (the two most popular strains) per package.

  • Calcium. Calcium is a mineral that is probably best known for helping strengthen teeth, bones, and most of the body’s skeletal system. You can often find large amounts in milk, but Wild Planet sardines are said to contain even more calcium and phosphorus than milk.

  • Potassium. Potassium is a mineral that the kidneys, heart, and other organs use to function normally. Potassium is also used to control blood pressure and hypertension. Substantial amounts can be found in healthy foods such as bananas and coconut water. Wild Planet sardines have an even more plentiful supply—according to the USDA, sardines have 492 mg potassium compared to bananas that have 422 mg.

  • Iron. Iron is a mineral used to regulate your body’s red blood cells, and is most often found in red meat and green leafy vegetables like spinach. Lower iron counts may cause you to feel weak and irritable because of a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream, and significantly reduced amounts can lead to anemia. Wild Planet sardines are a great way to restore iron as they contain more of the mineral than even spinach (3.62 mg is present in one can compared to one cup of spinach that has less than 1 mg). They also have as much protein as steak.

  • Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, is a substance similar to a vitamin that is naturally found throughout the body and is used to grow, repair, and maintain cells. Research shows that CoQ10 may help boost the body’s immune system and act as an antioxidant to help protect against harmful molecules.

  • Other vitamins. Wild Planet sardines contain large amounts of vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium. Vitamin B12 helps make red blood cells and DNA while vitamin D helps to absorb nutrients such as calcium. Selenium, an essential mineral revered for its antioxidant properties, is also found in the sardine’s silvery skin.

Wild Planet sardines are also low in mercury and contain no pollutants or toxic contaminants, making them a great resource when you have cravings for fish.

The beauty of sardines

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is a dermatologist who has written extensively about the subjects of weight loss and maintaining youthful looks. To get glamorous, glowing skin, Dr. Perricone recommends his patients try an an anti-inflammatory diet built heavily around nuts and sardines. The various vitamins that are in sardines that can help achieve dewy skin, he says. Vitamin B-12 can also help with eczema while Omega-3’s are a great tool for clearing up acne.

Sardines aren’t just good for your skin though. The high iron counts can also help with hair loss and omega-3 fatty acids have been known to eliminate dandruff.

Sardine food recipes

With their rich taste and fruitful benefits, sardines have started to find their way into world-class restaurants. But if you’re looking to try them at home, here are a few recipes that will be real crowd pleasers:

Sardine arugula pizza

  • Grab some pizza dough, sauce, a handful of arugula, half of an onion (thinly sliced), two sliced sweet peppers, two cloves of chopped garlic, and a can of Wild Planet Non-GMO Wild Sardines.
  • Preheat your oven to 500°F. Roll out the pizza dough and evenly distribute sauce on top.
  • Arrange the arugula, onion, pepper slices, garlic, and sardines.
  • Cook for 10–12 minutes and enjoy.

Pan-Roasted Broccolini

This recipe calls for anchovies, but sardines are an easy and equally healthy substitute. Since this side dish comes together in just 15 minutes, it makes an easy and flavorful side for any dinner.

Gluten-Free Spaghetti with Sardines, Arugula, and Artichoke

This Mediterranean pasta starts with a bed of brown rice spaghetti, which is topped with the salty brightness of capers

Lemon-Fennel Sardine Salad

The lemon brings out the flavor of the fish while fennel, red onion, purple basil, and feta add nice contrast for a refreshing and crisp lunch or dinner salad.

Reviews For Non-GMO Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Based on 60 Reviews

healthy eater

These are delicious!! Perfect size for eating at home or on the go, and great on my AIP diet.

- valerie

Great for Fish Oils

I give this to my dogs so they get healthy Omega 3, EPA, DHA and they LOVE it!!

- Sue

Non-GMO Wild sardines in Olive Oil

Best sardines I have found yet---except maybe those packed in water by the same brand.

- Barbara

Who knew?

I always liked sardines, though usually winced just a little with the flavor. But these sardines in olive oil are decadent. I find myself craving them!

- Kalah

Healthy, tasty, safe, convenient

Great tasting sardines (and such a convenient source of healthy protein!) I appreciate all the care Thrive has taken to ensure the sustainability and quality of this product!

- Peggy La Cerra

Good Product

These sardines have a nice, clean taste. Not too fishy.
I'm not a sardine lover but these make a tasty, nutritious meal.

- Ann Franzino


These sardines are yummy. Totally loved them. Will order again!!!

- Nancy Klein

Trust me, the best (and tastiest) around!

I have always loved sardines then stopped eating them due to "source" concerns plus the strange low cost oils some were being packed in. These met all my expectations plus GMO is SCARY when attached to nourisment for MY body so was pleased to see it not a concern either!

- Patrice


Best sardines ever!!

- Kris


These are good and healthy. The Non-GMO wild factor is my go to product whenever possible.

- Lin

Wild Planest sardines

These sardines are fantastic. The only ones I like to have - delicious.

- Debbie

healthy and yummy

These sardines are really tasty and they are
also extremely healthy.

- Jeanne

Protein and Omega-3s for Pregnant Ladies

This is one of my favorite foods for pregnancy. So much protein and omega-3s packed into these little fish. One box of Wild Planet's sardines makes a great on-the-go meal for me and my growing baby.

- Stephanie

A company you can trust

Healthy and delicious from a company you can trust.

- Mindy


Absolutely wonderful. ... such a better flavor than other canned sardines

- Tammy

excellent pantry item

I mash with avocado and chili pepper or capers and use as a spread for a fast snack.

- marie


A GREAT deal packed with nutrition. Love these.

- Mo

very good test

I like the test and yes it is in oil.

- Valeriya

Sardines - GMO Wild in Olive Oil

Good taste. The texture was not as firm as i am used to, but it was okay. I like to mash them up and spread them on crackers. I haven't yet tried the other can I ordered which is packed in water. I'll probably order these again.

- Melanie

Skin food!

Love these! Sardines are such a great skin food. These are the best tasting, and are in olive oil rather than a highly processed vegetable oil.

- Elizabeth D

Good but....

A little different tasting. Almost bitter maybe. Otherwise tasted fresh and quantity was excellent.

- Ron

Non GMO Wild Sardines in E.V. Olive oil

Love these.

- Nancy Brooks

Best Sardines Ever!!

I am 54 years old and have been eating sardines since I was a teen with my dad. Up until now I didn't know what GOOD sardines were. These not only LOOK fresh right out of the can but they don't smell as fishy as other brands and they taste GREAT!!! They have a slight smoky flavor and a clean mouth feel to them.

If you always just "liked" sardines you will really enjoy these. I highly suggest you start off with 2-3 cans because you will run out like I did before you can get

I gave a can to a co-worker the other day and he came back in the next day just bragging on them and repeating everything I just told you guys.

So you better get some before I buy out the whole company....

- Stan

I love sardines

I would honestly eat a can every day

- Walter

Sardines that taste Great!

These can sardines are so good! They taste like fresh and don't have that smell. Ordered more. Us them for packing in the back country.

- Ava


My son loved them!

- Carlee

Delicious, though unexpected

I'm used to other canned sardines where they're deskinned and deboned. Luckily it's quite easy to remove the bones from these. They were quite delicious as well; the taste was a bit different from other canned sardines; less fishy but a bit more salty.

- Lauren

Wild sardines

Ordered only one because I wasn't sure if I was gonna like, so just placed an order for 10 more.

- Rosa

These were perfect

These are the best canned sardines I've ever had. Nice firm texture and very good flavor.

- Constance

Good Sardines

These sardines appear to retain their bodily integrity more than other commercially canned ones I've had; they don't splinter into little pieces as easily.

- Robert Walker

Loved it.

Was so excited, I was very impressed on how good they were.

- Rosa

Wild Planet Sardines

The only sardines I will eat. The flavor is wonderful.

- Nancy


Best canned sardines I have ever tasted. Rich in flavor and easy to digest. These are a winner!!

- Thrive User

Awesome value and healthy!

These are a great high-protein snack with good Omega-3 fatty acids, lower sodium than other brands, and at a great price! I've found that anything at a comparable price does not come in extra virgin olive oil. Just a warning, these are filled to the top with olive oil so be prepared for that when opening on the go!

I definitely recommend these, I've had countless cans and have yet to be disappointed!

- Katrina W

Saltier than expected.

I was not expecting the larger size of these sardines, but I am not complaining one bit...totally compensated for the price!

I am a huge fan of olive oil and thought the combination of the two would be great, offsetting the saltiness of the usual sardines. However, that was not the case. They were still saltier than I imagined, but a little extra olive oil certainly did the trick. Plus, they are non-GMO and Paleo friendly!

- Rodney

Sustainably Caught, Yes!

When I studied Marine Biology, I was shocked to learn about the horrible lack of sustainablity in the seafood industry. I love fish, and I want future generations to be able to love fish! So I started getting VERY particular about my purchases and eating habits. I check to find brands that fish with sustainable methods, and Wild Planet is their "Best Pick" for Sardines.

As for taste, they are meatier than some others I've tried, and they have a nice slightly smoked flavor. I like to put them on my salad, and use the leftover olive oil in my vinaigrette! Just mix it with some rice wine vinegar and lemon, it's delish!

- Julie Brown

Delicious, nutritious all-star sardines from an A+ company

First off, this company is truly environmentally conscious. Not only are these wild-caught, but Wild Planet factors in things like catching method and impact on the surrounding ecosystems when choosing how and where to catch their sardines.
Second, sardines are incredibly nutrient dense with tons of iron, immune boosters, calcium, proteins, omega 3s and more.
I consider myself something of a sardine connoisseur and Wild Planet's sardines are absolutely delicious. The scales are always fully removed and they are very clean. They're lean, moist, and have a subtle but yummy smoke flavor to them. You can't go wrong with these and Thrive Market offers the most competitive prices I've seen so far.

- Marlene R.

Unique Flavor for a Great Product

First off, I love sardines! These particular sardines are Pacific sources which gives them a unique flavor that you can't find in the Atlantic variety. If you are used to, or enjoy, this smokey flavor- buy these regularly. These sardines get 4 stars because of the uniqueness.

Sardines are great for your body and are a very healthy protein. Adding Non-GMO and Non-Farm Raised to the product made these even better. Great for salad dressings, Italian food and alone!

- Leona Ellis

One minute they were there, then they were gone

I must confess that no one else in this household will have an opportunity to sample these. Even if I buy more.

- David

Pretty good

These sardines taste pretty good when they're warmed up and mixed with rice. Its a little slimy and pungent when it's not warmed up though.

- Judy


These are great mixed into salads or on their own as an emergency snack.

- Erin


This is very tasty - I eat straight from the can!

- Mathew

The only sardines I'll eat

I friggen love these little fishies. They used to sell them at Costco, but stopped, and I cried as I searched for an alternative to no avail. Thank you Thrive Market for bringing my fishies back to me.

- Jessica

Meh, just ok

I don't know what I expected, but reading a lot of Wild Planet reviews, I think I wanted these sardines to be outstanding, and they were just ok. I thought they had too much salt, which I know is a quality of the sardines themselves, but this had a lot of salt in my opinion. I also thought the oil didn't add as much flavor as I wanted, and make the sardines taste heavier than normal. I prefer Wild Planet's non GMO tuna to the sardines.

- Bronwyn

Contributes to a responsible food processing

I like Wild Planet's commitment to the environment and to sustainable methods of obtaining food. On top of that, their food is very good and healthy, especially their tuna.

I like these sardines for a change of pace. They're big and chunky and have a nice moist texture that is perfect eaten by itself or in a salad. Thrive beats Amazon on price per tin, saving me about a dollar fifty. I'm hoping Thrive sticks around as it's becoming one of my favorite online sites to get healthy food at a decent price.

- B. Santino

Can't get enough

Sardines are a great source of protein and Omega 3, and most people don't get enough Omega 3 as it is. I like these Wild Planet sardines a lot. They are very flavorful, and though you'd think the olive oil would be greasy, it's not. It's actually quite smooth and adds a nice Mediterranean zest to the sardines. These are great right out of the can or in a stew with a side of rice.

- Brenna

Big and tasty sardines

If you like sardines, then Wild Planet's version in virgin olive oil is a great buy. These are big sardines that are steeped in healthy virgin olive oil. I usually drain them, but leave the excess oil on the sardines, so I have additional moisture when I'm making my fish cakes. These have a great pure fish taste that doesn't taste fishy if that makes sense. They are pure sardines with nothing else added.

- Brian S.

Great sardines

I like sardines a lot and Wild Planet apparently does too. These are delectable, thick sardine pieces that are all natural, scale free and juicy.

I like the virgin oil better than water because it adds a flavor that makes the fish taste rich and moist. I make sardine sandwiches with these, and I also put them on a cold salad. They are fantastic and packed with Omega 3 and protein.

- Bob Schmidts

Healthy and Delicious

I really love these sardines! They are healthy to begin with then add the extra virgin olive oil and they are even more healthy. I absolutely love them on crackers and sandwiches. They are affordable and delicious and the health benefits are great as well.

- Steven

Snack Ready

These sardines are definitely snack ready. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes them even better. I love that I can get them cheaper on Thrive than anywhere else and they are much bigger than typical sardines. They are really a great catch! I love to eat them as a snack and they are always great on crackers!

- S. Holiday

Paleo Heaven

I am trying to go Paleo, so when I found these sardines I was excited to find them. They taste pretty good! I like the olive oil and that they are larger than other brands' sardines.
My favorite part is that I can get them here on Thrive! I have never seen this brand anywhere else, and it is so affordable. I have never seen a more affordable sardine than these here on Thrive market!

- S. Darling

Great Flavor!

These Sardines taste amazing! I really enjoy the EVOO flavor added by being canned in it and they are even more healthy because of it. These sardines are larger than other brands and are amazing on sandwiches. I really enjoy them !

- Stephen P.

Prefer Mine in Water

I like sardines and I like olive oil, so the assumption was made I would like them together. Sadly, I did not..I love them in water however. I will continue to by the Wild sardines in water and know now that all things I love apart taste great together. (to me-give them a try, this is just my opinion)

- Sarina D.

Another great product

Thrive Market strives to carry some of the healthiest products on the planet. They do it well. Sardines are full of healthy fats that works towards heart health and more. I love these, and they are one of the better brands I have tried.

I am sad that they are currently out of stock and will be ordering some again as soon as they are back.

- Rolf R.

Pretty good sardines

These aren't number one on my shopping list, but they are a close second. I like that they always come with nice big sardines. The olive oil adds to their health benefits.

I still haven't been able to convince my husband to try them though. Hopefully I can find a recipe to sneak them in sometime! These would be great with his Paleo diet!

- Alvera

EXTRA virgin olive oil

Every other brand I have looked into for sardines just use virgin olive oil. I was so happy when I found Wild Planet and learned that they use extra virgin olive oil.

I think that the olive oil just adds to the wonderful flavor of these sardines. They are great on picnics, for quick snacks, and I often take them to work with me when I want a light lunch. They go great with bread, crackers and even salads.

- Bella P.

Super Flavorful

Really, really good sardines. While I'd probably eat them just because they're non-GMO, I really really have taken a liking to them for their taste. They have a very distinct and enjoyable flavor that lots of other sardines don't. They taste really meaty, and I love snacking on them by the can.

This is a really good price on these too. I normally have to buy them for over $5 at my local health food store. I'm glad I found Thrive.

- Brian B

Not my first choice

I purchased these when the sardines in water were out of stock. Although I was happy that they were in healthy extra virgin olive oil, I prefer the sardines in water. Not a fan of the greasy texture added from the oil.

They tasted just as good as all of the rest of Wild Planet's products: great quality, great taste. If you like your sardines in oil you will love these.

- Alessandra

Great for sardines

I don't eat sardines very often, but when I do it's usually these, 9 out of 10 times. I like them because they use extra virgin olive oil, which is a healthier choice. They seem to be one of the only companies doing this.

These sardines have a great flavor, they are always nice and juicy and they are a great choice when it comes to healthy alternatives. They do pack a good amount of salt, but that's just a sardine thing.

- C.Aliff

Best Sardines for any Meal!

This wonderful alternative to tuna is packet with protein and flavor. Some of the can sardines I've purchased in my grocers either taste like metal from the can. They also have too much salt to be healthy. This brand is low in sodium.

Another reason I will continue to purchase this brand is because they are caught wild and fresh. This method not only preserves the goodness, like omega fatty acids, it is better for the environment.

- Keith Collins

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