Smooth Almond Butter

16 oz jar

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16 oz jar

Why You’ll Love It

Made from a mix of pure blanched roasted almonds alongside organic cane sugar, palm fruit oil, and sea salt, this savory and sweet spread is an irresistible topping on toast, power-packed protein boost for smoothies, and even tasty in dinner entrees. Barney Butter Smooth Almond Butter is made in a certified peanut-free facility and gluten-free.
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About This Brand

Our California almonds are grown right in our own back yard in Central Valley , California and then processed in our own 100% peanut free and certified organic facility. We use only the finest quality ingredients, including organic and fair trade when possible. All of our Barney Butter products are peanut free and gluten free, and all but Honey + Flax are Non GMO Verified. We make all of our artisan, small batch almond butters in our state of the art facility and package them for you in #1 PET, recycled jars, which are BPA Free.
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Almonds, Organic Cane Sugar, Palm Fruit Oil, Sea Salt.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 2 Tbsp (32g) Servings Per Container about 14

Amount Per Serving

Calories 180 Calories from Fat 140

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 15g 24%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 7%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 100mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 8g 3%
Dietary Fiber 3g 14%
Sugars 3g
Protein 6g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 8%
Iron 8%

Reviews For Smooth Almond Butter

Based on 76 Reviews

Better then Justins and Trader Joe's

Blanched almonds make a huge difference, I will never go back to gritty almond butter ;-)

- Alex

Good for Low Blood Sugar

I tend to have low blood sugar and Barney's Almond Butter is what I turn to when I am having those feelings of needing something quickly. I like to take it on short trips and when I am out doing errands. It works every time.

- Kathryn

Best Almond Butter I've Ever Had

It doesn't separate or need refrigeration and has a wonderful taste! It's really thick and can even be kind of flakey, but it spreads nicely despite this and doesn't have a weird texture when you eat it.

- Caitlyn Knudsvig

Best Almond Butter EVER!

This is by far the best almond butter I've ever had. I've also tried my fair share of brands. This one is the creamiest most spreadable one I've come across. Just perfect and delicious.

- Delia

Barney Almond Butter is the Bomb

Excellent taste, we put it on green apple slices and it is great, I also just eat it by the spoonful, great source of protein. Love it.

- Pete

The BEST Almond Butter

I've tried them and nothing compares!! There's nothing better on toast or a muffin in the morning and nothing better for snacking later!!

- Frances

Best Almond Butter!

I've tried several organic Almond Butters, but this is the best yet. I like the fact that it is very creamy and stays mixed together unlike most that have the oil sitting on the top that you constantly have to stir. Barney's has an excellent taste and the price is reasonable. Very good.

- Linda


Smooth and creamy, and great nutty flavor. Better's good for you.

- Andrea

Love Barney Butter

Delicious and spreads well

- Nicole

Better than Justin's

The best! Super creamy and tasty

- Aimee

Great Almond Butter

Love the taste and texture, not oily at all

- Tami

Would love this even more with one change

This is sooooo good. I wish it was made with honey instead of sugar. But it is the best almond butter (and I have tried many) because they use blanched almonds

- Ursula


Great taste, great texture!

- billienye

My regular

I buy this one all the time. It is a smooth and not grainy almond butter. It is great to use in the no-bake protein bites. So delicious!!

- Diane

Barney butter

Best almond butter I've found and thrive has the best price

- Sylvia


I LOVE this stuff. I've tried other almond butters, but this is the best. So good on sliced apples!

- tresa

Best almond butter

Very smooth and sweet.

- Patricia

Good almond butter!

I wasn't a fan of almond butter until I tried Barney's smooth almond butter. Creamy texture and mild flavor is a great combination. My husband and I REALLY like it.

- Barbara


This is our favorite nut butter!

- Susan


This is so creamy and good. I love it with celery sticks

- Crystal

Best I've found

Best almond butter I've found. I prefer cashews but this almond butter isn't crunchy at all or oily. Just a lovely almond taste on everything.

- Cassie

Barney Smooth Almond Butter

Very delicious. Tempted to eat it with a spoon.

- Birgitte Pedersen

Almond Butter

I like the taste of the Butter, you can taste the almonds alot. My only problem is that it may be smooth,but it is thick. It is hard to spread.

- Sharon

Barney butter

This is our favorite almond butter!

- Michelle

Best AB!

There is no other like Barney Butter. The smooth and creamy taste can't be beat. The fact that they blanch and not roast the almonds makes all the difference. Not gritty; just amazing!

- Shannon


This is really good stuff! Very smooth consistency that doesn't require much stirring. A great substitute for peanut butter.

- Pam


Creamy but not thin. Great taste!

- Karol

firm & tasty

i like this brand, it isn't runny like some i've had.

- Charlotte

Kiddos dig it!

My daughter and I have developed sensitivities to many foods, including peanuts, but my grade-school-age daughter wasn't too crazy about almond butter I've bought in the past that was grainy. This, however, she LOVES, and so do I. Our favorite way to eat it as of late is to dip apple slices in. I also use it in my smoothies and GF oatmeal :)

- Eve

So good

This is a great tasting and incredibly smooth almond butter. Yes there is some added sugar so it's obviously something to use for a sweeter purpose or a treat. Nonetheless I find it to be the most enjoyable almond butter I've tasted.

- Jessica

almond butter

This is delicious. The best that I have had. Good consistency

- Margaret

Happy with Free Trial

Finally received this free trial offer and do like this instead of peanut butter. Thanks

- June

BEST of the bunch

Our whole family loves this almond butter. It is smooth and not gritty since the almonds are blanched and not roasted. Perfect for everyone, but especially kids that are used to the texture/taste of peanut butter. There is very little (almost no) separation or stirring.
I wish THRIVE would carry the "Bare" version without added sugar.

- Shannon

Love almond butter

I'm not big on peanut butter, but this almond butter is delish. It's not overly sweet nor oily. It's creamy and has that nutty taste that I like.

- Bao

kind of stiff and dry. Hard to spread.

I've gotten fresh ground almond butter that was much easier to spread. I didn't like that it had sugar and palm oil added to it.

- Ann

Actually is smooth

Most almond butters are gritty, with dry and oily parts. This one is actually smooth and blended well with no oil separation. It's the closest thing to peanut butter. It does contain cane sugar and palm oil.

- Sam B

Almond butter

So smooth, spreadable and delicious! We live it on apples!

- G. S. O.


Nice alternative to PB. Kids never noticed!

- Mom MS

excellant almond butter

the whole family loves this - it's smooth and tasty!

- Michelle


This is really yummy, but I wish there was a sugar free option for whole30.

- Mary

Mmm good!

Buy this! Skip all the others and buy Barney Butter! It is creamy and oh so good!

- Cecilia M

Love this product

I have tried other almond butters and they tasted okay. Then I tried Barney Butter, really loved the taste. It is so smooth and creamy, and this is the only one I will continue to buy.

- Lynda

Yummy! But. . .

This almond butter is very smooth and it does taste very good... my children say it is the best. But I don't like that it has sugar added to it. I didn't realize that until we received several bottles of it. We are using it. But I won't buy it again because of the sugar.

- Mandy

Raving Fan

I've eaten Barney's Almond Butter for years and love it in every way. It's smooth and delicious without a bunch of other ingredients. Thrive has the best price ever!

- L. Fowler

Love it

I used this to make carob bars and on a sandwich. Great stuff. Can't beat the flavor and the price. Will be buy again.

- Lily


I normally stick with sunflower butter but decided to try and I was not disappointed. It's nice and creamy and has a wonderful taste of almond. I think I like it even more than my normal Sunflower

- june

Great texture

This has the best smooth texture and is delicious.

- Diane


Good taste and texture. My mom loves it too!

- Jenna

The best!

Best AB on the planet! My kids love this. The blanched almonds make all the difference. I wish Thrive would carry the "Barney Butter Bare" which has no added sugar, though.

- Shannon

Very Good

This was really good. I ordered this for my 3 year old son who has a peanut allergy. He likes it, I like it, my wife and daughter like it. Will buy again.

- Doug

Tasty! But...

This butter is the SMOOTHEST almond butter I've ever encountered! Sadly, it's a little too close to peanut butter in taste--the added sugar and salt, maybe? I like almond butter as an escape from peanut butter.

- Leda

Barney Butter - Smooth Almond Butter

I love the flavor of the almond butter. Simply put, it's smooth and delicious! Very tasty!

- Beverly

Absolutely Amazing!!!

Wow!!! This is the smoothest Almond Butter. It has a fantastic taste and we made the most wonderful Zucchini bread with it. Apparently it doesn't have the skins in it like most other almond butters making it less of a potentially sensitive item for those of us with nut sensitivities.

- Amy

Barney Butter is the Best on the Market!

Barney Butter Almond Butter is fabulous! I have a sensitivity to almond skins and cannot eat regular almond butters but I can eat this. It is sublime! They made a vanilla espresso flavored one which is what I first tried but I cannot recall where I purchased it. I'd love to find some.

- Lisa

Love it

Tastes great, spreads easily- yummy

- Erica

A great transition from peanut butter

I switched to eating almond butter instead of peanut butter at one point for the health benefits, but missed the consistency and look of peanut butter. This is such a great substitute!

- Monique


Since eliminating peanut butter I've searched to find the tastiest almond butter. I tried many brands and can say that this is the best almond butter around! It's creamy, very tasty, and only 3 grams of sugar. It's well worth every penny :)

- Gisele

Barney Butter

Delicious! The best tasting almond butter out there! Great for people with peanut or other nut allergies because its made in a dedicated facility.

- Michelle

Almond Butter

Very Good. Enjoying it.

- Gloria Stephens

More research before buying

When I received the product I read the ingredients and realized that I could not eat this product. I gave it to a friend and he loves it.
Everything else I have ordered has been wonderful. I'm very happy with this company.

- Eileen

Creamy goodness

This is the creamiest almond butter I've tasted so far!

- Dee


Creamy, doesn't separate, absolutely love it!!

- Elyse

Barney's Almond Butter

We tried a few, this is the best tasting.

- Barbara

Contains sugar

Not a healthy food. They add sugar to this one. I'll stick with Artisana or Jason's, thanks.

- Jeni

Looking for this one!

My local grocer stopped carrying this brand or they moved it somewhere strange, so I was glad to see it at Thrive. Also happy it is sold in a larger 16oz container vs. the 10oz my store sold it. Price is great! Yes, it contains sugar, but 3 grams is not that terrible and at least it is from an organic source. Not a real problem if you only consume a reasonable amount just a few times a week.

- Denise

So glad I tried this.

This is the best almond butter I've ever had! It's smooth instead of gritty!!! Yum!!

- Maranda


Finally a creamy peanut butter that tastes great! My husband will finally eat an organic peanut butter! Thanks!!

- Myra

Disappointed #2

Sorry can't give zero stars. I normally check ingredients, but missed the palm oil and sugar. You are not the healthy food vendor you pretend to be.



I love Barney Almond Butter, but I was really disappointed to discover upon delivery that this version has sugar in it. I should have read the ingredient list. That is what I get for ordering late at night and trusting that a site that advertises as healthy would have the healthy version. I didn''t even realize that Barney Butter had a variety with sugar. Too expensive to return so throwing the opened container away and looking for someone who doesn't mind sugar in their almond butter to give the second jar to.

- Jill

Close to Peanut Butter

I picked this up on a whim at my local health food store based on the packaging and the fact that I wanted to try a different type of nut butter. I'd recommend this as a good nut butter to try out if you haven't been eating anything aside from peanut butter. This has a nice, smooth taste, and it has a slight sweetness that will remind you of your non-organic peanut butter while not having too much sugar or sweetness. Unlike other nut butters, it doesn't seem to require a whole lot of stirring either - I love that it looks appetizing as soon as I open the jar!

- Jessica D.

Not smooth enough

Maybe I'm used to peanut butter, but the texture of this almond butter was quite rough and chunky.

I like my spread to be smooth and creamy, and this wasn't either. It tasted good, no question, but it was much harder to put on crackers and to dip my carrot sticks inside the jar. It's not bad, but I alternate between this and my organic peanut butter.

- F. Ladera

Move over peanut butter

I've been a peanut butter fanatic since I was a kid, but a friend kept telling me to go natural and give almond butter a shot.

I was already a Thrive member because I love the EPIC meat bars, so I decided to try this almond butter out. It was a little pricey, but I have to say, this is way better than peanut butter.

It's creamy, but it's also got a rich flavor that just trumps peanut butter, or maybe I'm just tired of the old stuff. Another thing is that you taste the almonds without any chemicals as everything in the almond butter is pure and natural. I'm kind of riding the almond butter wave now.

- Francisco Lowe

Truly Peanut Free!

My nine year old is allergic to peanuts. She carries an Epi Pen, always. It's hard to find food products that has NO contact with peanuts. Many products are created in a facility where peanuts are processed. How is that peanut free and safe?

She loves the flavor and I love the fact it's organic. It's also reasonably priced. I order several jars at a time. She keeps one at school for when the other kids have homemade treats.

- Freddie King

you will definitely fall in love with it

Even when it just looks like peanut butter, it is something amazingly different and so yummy that you would never want to go for anything else. I brought Barney Butter just on a whim to check out what is different about it and oh my god, its sheer delight. The flavor, the texture and the taste of almonds is something you would want to try again and again. If you like almonds, it would strongly recommend that you check it out at least once – you will definitely fall in love with it.

- Irving Kelly

Great source of protein!

Always a favorite. We put a couple of teaspoons into our morning smoothie for the protein value. Tastes great!

- Rena

Great stuff!

I've always had a peanut butter problem - if it's around and I'm having a bad day, I can go through half a jar in a day. Terrible for the waistline, I know. This almond butter is an excellent compromise. It's slightly sweet, has a nice consistency and tastes almost like peanut butter - but not to the point where I'll enhale it. It's much healthier than most peanut butters too. Love this stuff!

- Bertha

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