Keto Dinner Recipes for Two (or One)

January 17th, 2020

A keto dinner party, potluck, or game-day get together is always a fun affair, but these events call for recipes that satisfy a crowd. If your standard weeknight cooking involves only yourself or one other person, a slightly different mindset is in order. Forget tripling a dip recipe to have enough to fill everyone’s plate; instead, say hello to dishes you can keep all for yourself. Today we’re sharing easy keto dinners for two, healthy keto dinner recipes, and meal planning tips for a smaller household.

Keto Meal Planning Tips

Cooking for one or two? Here are some tips to get the most out of your meal plan.

  • Embrace the freezer. If you’re eyeing a recipe that serves a larger number, go ahead and make it—freeze half for later, or enjoy leftovers throughout the week.
  • Cook less. Instead of making something new every night, cooking a keto dinner for two means you can pick about three new delicious keto recipes to try each week. If you’re only serving one or two people, the dish will stretch to make at least one more meal, which saves on your grocery bill and time spent in the kitchen, too.
  • Experiment. Once you find some keto dinner recipes you love, make tweaks as needed. If the recipe is easily halved, you can create your own recipe that accommodates one or two servings. Or, double the recipe to have enough for the freezer—you’ll thank your future self after coming home from a long day or getting back into the swing of things post-vacation.

Keto Grocery List

This cheat sheet includes some of the best keto-friendly ingredients to keep in your pantry. So whether you wing it in the kitchen or follow a recipe, you’ll already have a head start with a lot of the basics you need.

Healthy Fats for a Keto Diet

Whenever possible, stick to saturated and monounsaturated fats or natural fats like:

Keto-friendly nuts and seeds

Ketogenic condiments

10 Best Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

Your keto dinner menu doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some simple ketogenic dinner ideas to add to your meal plan.

Instant Pot Keto Ribs

No sugary dry rub here. This Instant Pot recipe uses keto-friendly ingredients to amp up flavor, such as garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika. It’s an easy keto dinner you can set and forget.

Keto Pork Chops With Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Cooking for two? Here’s a date-night-worthy dish made with tender pork chops, earthy mushrooms, and a decadent butter and cream sauce. Wash it down with a glass of crisp clean wine.

Lamb Burgers With Pistachio Pesto

Primal Kitchen founder Mark Sisson shares his succulent lamb burger recipe, complete with a nutty pistachio pesto. It’s the perfect keto summer dinner recipe!

Coconut Creamed Spinach With Eggs

Eggs don’t have to be a breakfast-only ingredient. This is a quick and easy keto dinner recipe that nestles coconut creamed spinach around perfectly cooked eggs.

Grilled Romaine Salad With Avocado-Lime Dressing

If the grill’s on, throw a head of lettuce on the grates. The char adds smoky flavor to your salad, and a bright avocado-lime dressing perks up every bite.

Salmon Keto Recipe

Cauliflower is a must-have ingredient to make keto-friendly dinner recipes. In this dish, we use cauliflower rice as a base for roasted salmon and sautéed veggies seasoned with allspice, cinnamon, and cumin.

Keto Dinner Recipes With Ground Beef

Try this Korean dish with a ketogenic twist. Our balanced bibimbap bowl uses ground beef, veggies, and grated pear for sweetness. There’s also plenty of spice from gochujang.

Mustard Roast Beef

When you have the time to cook low and slow, put this mustard roast beef in the oven. It makes plenty of leftovers, so you can freeze individual portions for easy dinners in the weeks ahead.

Mustard Roast Beef

Keto-Friendly Carnitas

Keto carnitas are fit for a crowd, but this dish will send you to leftover heaven if you save it all for yourself. Just freeze what you don’t eat to build future meals in a flash.

Kale-Hemp Pesto

Craving a ketogenic sauce or dip? Kale-hemp pesto for the win! This pesto comes together in a food processor with hemp seeds, kale, salty parm, garlic, and lemon. After enjoying it with grilled fish or steak, use the leftovers to add flavor to scrambled eggs the next morning.

Kale-hemp pesto recipe

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Keto Cauliflower Two Ways

Minimize waste with this pair of keto cauliflower recipes: creamy mashed cauliflower that’s fit for a holiday spread and a hearty and flavorful curried cauliflower soup that uses the leftover cooking liquid. Freeze your leftovers for quick and easy keto meals.

mashed cauliflower

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