Calling All Vegetables! This Roasted Red Pepper Dip Will Amp Up Your Party

August 12th, 2015

The tangy flavors of muhammara, a traditional Syrian dip of vibrant red bell peppers and hearty walnuts, come together to create a versatile spread that goes as well with roasted meats as it does with simple crudité for a flavorful aperitif. 

Red Pepper Walnut Dip

Yield: 6 to 8 servings
Active Time: 5 minutes

2 jars roasted red bell peppers, drained
1 1/2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 clove garlic, roughly chopped
1/2 cup walnuts, toasted
Juice of 1 lemon
1/3 cup breadcrumbs
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon raw honey
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/4 cup olive oil

Roasted red pepper dip

Place red bell peppers, tomato paste, garlic, and walnuts in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until combined. Add in lemon juice, breadcrumbs, balsamic vinegar, honey, cumin, salt, and red pepper flakes. Pulse until well combined. With the machine running, drizzle in olive oil until the dip comes together. Serve with crudité or crackers.

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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