The Latin word Salus means health; well-being; flourishing. And this was the abounding principle of Dr. Otto Greither, founder of Salus-Haus. Salus-Haus was established in Bavaria and would go on to manufacture some of the most well known herbal products in the world; including the award-winning Floradix liquid iron formula. In 1916 Dr. Otto Greither founded SALUS Haus and the ensuing success of that early enterprise, still carries on today reaching the far corners of the globe. In those early days, Dr. Otto Greither quickly developed a reputation for offering some of the finest natural health products on the market. The wisdom and love of being able to have a positive impact on people's health was later passed on to his son. In 1945, his son Otto Greither Jnr. took management of the company and still runs Salus Haus today. Through Otto Greither's hard work and dedication, Salus Haus now manufactures over 1,700 products and exports to 50 countries. More than 95 years after its founding, the Salus Group is one of the leading natural medicines manufacturers in the world. In the 21st Century, the Salus values and principles are still based on that of the founder. The basic quest was, and remains, to promote the health and welfare of the people in a holistic sense. After the Chernobyl disaster, more than 100 medicinal plants were no longer readily available in Europe. These plants were essential to the ongoing health and well being of people. Since 1991, Salus embarked on a project to cultivate and grow these plants on a separate organic farm in the south of Chile, in precise accordance with EU organic regulations. All Salus products meet the most stringent quality standards, as it is required by European law. The Salus organic label guarantees the origin of the herbal ingredients and their quality. In order to maximise the valuable raw materials and retain as much nature as possible, Salus dispensed with preservatives, artificial flavours and colours or nature identical additives that are all too common in medicines and foods today. This means that you can feel confident in the knowledge that our products are natural, free of any harmful chemical additives and good for you in every way.

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