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Body care products containing abundant whole natural ingredients. Mountain Ocean Ltd., established in 1971, is a family owned company. Over 40 years of expertise, along with modern production facilities, have made us one of the most respected, reliable manufacturersin the natural health product industry. Our superior and consistent quality products have made us a leader in the natural cosmetics industry.Mountain Ocean products are sold throughout the United States in natural food stores, sports outlets, and selected supermarkets and pharmacies. Our products are also offered by many retailers on the internet.Mountain Ocean products are among the pioneers of body care products containing abundant whole natural ingredients. They have proven to be safe and unique with effective results for over 35 years. We have helped thousands of customers soothe and soften their skin with our famous Skin Trip Moisturizer. We also pioneered the use of apple cider vinegar in our shampoo. Our Mothers Special Blend is a safe all natural product that helps prevent stretch marks and is a secret passed down from generation to generation because of the benefits and positive results it brings to so many pregnant women. Our soaps are vegetable glycerin based, are mild and gentle, and are not drying to the skin. The preservative systems we use are proven to be safe and we use the smallest amounts possible.All of our products are biodegradable and we have never tested on animals. Our original vision of providing high performance formulas and our unique signature coconut fragrance has brought much enjoyment to our customers.We want to take this opportunity to thank our many many customers who have enjoyed our products and supported us over the years. We will continue to provide superior customer service. See More

  1. Beauty, Bath & Body (1)
Environmental and Social
  1. Biodegradable (1)
  2. Cruelty Free (1)
Health & Ingredients
  1. Cholesterol Free (1)
  2. Dye and Color Additive Free (1)
  3. Essential Oils (1)
  4. No Antibiotics / Synthetic Hormones (1)
  5. Paraben Free (1)
  6. Salt Free (1)
  7. Soy Free (1)
  1. & Up (1)
  2. & Up (1)
  3. & Up (1)
  4. & Up (1)
  5. & Up (1)
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