Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

twenty five 17.6 oz tablets

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twenty five 17.6 oz tablets

Why You’ll Love It

No need to spend hours slaving over a sink full of dirty dishes. Just load up the dishwasher and pop in one of Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets. Made from plant-based materials and natural minerals, these compact biodegradable tablets effectively clean the grit and grime off dirty dishes, glasses, and flatware—even the stuck-on residue.
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About This Brand

In 1980, a group of eco-pioneers sought to help people break free from all their bad cleaning habits.AT THE TIME, MANY CLEANERS CONTAINED TOXIC INGREDIENTS.These toxic ingredients could pollute waterways, could destroy wildlife and could even cause harm to the people cleaning with them. The scientific visionaries knew that if people continued to use toxic products, the world would soon become a very dirty place. So they founded Ecover in a small garden shed in a rural Belgian town and introduced the world’s first phosphate-free laundry detergent, proving that you can get a powerful clean and still make Mother Nature happy.Ecover has a come a long way since then. Now with a base in San Francisco, we continue to take inspiration from nature to pioneer green cleaning ingredients that work well and leave nothing dirty behind. We currently have 35 products distributed in more than 40 countries.OUR NEW FACTORY SETS THE STANDARDIn addition to our eco-factories in Belgium and France, we are...
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Sodium Citrate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Sodium Carbonate, Disodium Disilicate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium polyaspartate, Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine (TAED), Sorbitol, Sorbitan Sesquicaprylate, Caprylyl/capryl glucoside, Glycerin, Fragrance, Subtilisin, Amylase, Limonene (allergen), Sodium Gluconate

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Reviews For Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

Based on 66 Reviews


Wow! It does clean and my dishes are may be different if your water is super hard but so far this soap is working its formula. I love how I don't have to use extra stuff for my dishes to be clean.

- Grace

It Works

This is the first enviromentally friendly dishwasher detergent that I found that works. It cleans the dishes with out me having to scrub each one before hand or after. I recommend this one.

- Diane

Great product

This is the only detergent I will use from now on and what a great price!

- Mia


Sparkling clean dishes without spots, rinses well, and nice mild scent.

- Diana


These are fabulous! I have purposely not rinsed and scraped my dishes as much as I normally do before I put them in the dishwasher to 'test' them. I can't believe how clean stuck on peanut butter, guac, and other things come out! I will buy these forever!

- Tina

Love this product

For years I always used Cascade and when switching to a more green lifestyle I tried these. I honestly found no difference except being much healthier for our planet.

- Rosemary

Clean and safe!

My dishes get VERY clean, the tabs leave no residue, and they're safe for my septic system. It's a win all around!

- Lori

Fantastic! I buy them regularly!

I can't believe how well these work! Better than all chemical-ridden commercial brands I have used. No streaks, no residue, cleans grease... they're awesome! I use these tablets with a splash of vinegar and have clean, shiny dishes. Just a note for reference - I have municipal water that has some 'hardness' to it, leaves behind white buildup on everything.

- Catherine

So-so ease of use and power

I found this an okay product - pots and plates got clean, nice smell, but glasses often had a cloudy film. The tablets are plastic wrapped rather than dissolving in the dishwasher, which I found difficult to open with wet fingers after loading the dishwasher.

- Kevin

works well

Gentle ingredients to the earth, but gets my dishes clean! win, win!

- Jacquelyn

These Tablets are the best.

Have tried other environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets and liquids. This is the absolute best! Great cleaning power, though I do lightly rinse off food before placing in the dishwasher.

- Donna

They work!

They work just as well as Cascade or other "dirtier" dishwasher tablets.

- Becca


I didn't think anything could clean as well as my Cascade tablets but I have been proven wrong. Ecover dishwasher tablets are great and rates well with Thank you Thrive for keeping them in stock.

- Valorie

Left a film

Was excited to use this product as many natural dishwasher soap don't do the job. This soap left a filmy residue on all our glasses. It was easily rinsed off, but who wants to rinse their dishes after taking them out of the dishwasher.

- Arianne

Does the Job

Dishes are getting clean and I love that it is natural...

- Jean

Clean Dishes

We have very hard water and our dishes never look clean. I use this in conjunction with lemonshine and my dishes are spotless. Works 10x better than previous soups I have tried. The environmental aspect of product is a plus. I do agree the fact that they are individually wrapped is kinda annoying, but it is a small disadvantage when considering the positives... like clean dishes!

- Kellie

Ecova Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

Excellent product! Cleans very well and has a pleasant fragrance unlike the harsh chemical smell of the popular brands. We're on a well and septic system so having a product that cleans well and is eco-friendly is wonderful.

- Charlene


The dishwasher tablets were great! I was really impress with how the dishes were so clean. I will use it again.

- Lou Ann

Gets the jobs done

When I am feeling lazy and do not want to wash my dishes by hand, I pop them in the dish washer and use these tablets. They work very good and leave my dishes feeling and smelling clean. No residue left or anything like that, squeaky clean.

- Amanda


I added a little white vinegar in the rinse aid compartment and tossed one of these little beauties in -- sparkling dishes! And this is saying a lot since our previous tenants that rented were very hard on the washer. We were worried we may have to buy a new one, but we've got it working great.
Would buy again!

- Shonna

No complaints!

I decided to give these a try and to my surprise, they work just as well as the previous brand I was using (Cascade) and are much less toxic! Will continue to purchase this product, thank you!

- Kristin

Individually wrapped in plastic?

I love that these don't leave residue on your dishes. They're pretty awesome...but I can't get past the fact that each one is wrapped in plastic. Cmon guys, something a little more environmentally appropriate? 5 stars when you fix the packaging.

- Shandy

Excellent Product!

We love these dish tabs in our house! I'm working to use more plant based cleaners, and my husband was very skeptical - they rarely live up to his expectations. These do the trick! A must have in my house!

- Meghan

Cleans well!

These little tablets work great! I tried another brand on thrive, and my dishes were still yucky. With these I have had no issues, although I do rinse my food dishes before hand. Still, I am happy with these, and there is no leftover residue from the cleaning agent like other brands left before.

- Jennifer

Great altnernative

I recently purchased this to replace the harsher dishwashing liquids and it works just as well, if not better! Great for the environment. Recommended.

- Dana

Sparkling clean dishes!

I love knowing my dishes are really clean without the harsh chemicals. I buy them for others to try. They are less expensive that comparable brands in my local stores healthy section.

- Carol

No complaints!

I rate this 5 stars because it works well thus far, on my second box worth of dishwashing loads and have no complaints! Happy to know I am using a more eco friendly option.

- Kristin

Happy Camper

So glad I read the reviews on this. Other nontoxic dishwasher tablets, liquid... were, well, quite disappointing.. Sooooooo happy to have found this. It cleans wonderfully ,and yes you can use just a 1/2 tablet. Thank you Thrive~~

- Shelley

dishwashing woes averted

I have just started using this product, but I can already see a difference in the dishes. They no longer have brown spots on them and a soapy film that was a daily nuisance with the brand name product I had been using. It is also nice to know that I am no longer using a product that has harsh chemicals in it.

- rosemarie

best i've used!

I have tried many natural detergent pods for automatic dishwashers and this is the best by far. Dishes come out super clean and glasses are sparkling. Highly recommend!

- susan

These are AWESOME!!!

These are definitely as good as all the reviews have said. They clean my dishes so well! Even my kids noticed how clear our drinking glasses and glass cereal bowls were coming out. We do scrub our dishes before we put them in the dishwasher, but our old detergent was not getting them spotless like this brand does even with cleaning beforehand. I'm a forever customer, unless something happens and these stop working so well.

- Cara

working better than others

We have hard water that leaves a coating on everything. It's been trial & more trial to find a product that's not poisoning the planet AND cleans. This is the best I've found so far. (color me... relieved.)

- Tambra

Works great

Cleans really well!

- Kelly


The best detergent! Leaves dishes clean, spotless and does not leave any film!

- Keri


I love these. If been looking for a natural product for a while, but I was afraid they wouldn't work. This one got pretty good reviews, so I tried one box. We love them! They work great, and I feel better knowing my dishes aren't being washed with chemicals and irritants! At only $5/box, they're definitely worth trying out!

- Sarah K


Confused as to why this gets perfect stars and great reviews. Left white grainy stuff all over my dishes like the last natural dishwasher product I tried to use. My dishwasher is less than a year old, I don't think it's the machine. Maybe it is since I seem to be the odd one out, but purchase with caution. :/

- Lacy

Very good

Cleans very well.

- Anna

The best dishwashing product

Cleans great and doesnt contain any chemicals. Love it.

- veronika

Work Well

I have run two dishwasher loads using the tablets, and so far, so good! No cloudy glassware like I have found with other natural brands and has a pleasant scent.

- Regan

Works great!

I have used cascade liquid detergent for years, but decided to switch to something more natural. This works great! My dishes are just as clean as using the harsh chemical stuff.

- Thrive User

Just as good as Conventional

I have bought and tried several natural and non toxic dishwasher detergents but they all left film on my dishes but Ecover made my dishes sparkle and cleaned them just as well as conventional detergents except without all the chemicals. This is my dishwasher detergent now!

- Joy

Works well

So far the best one I've tried. I am on my second box and I'll keep on buying it.

- Mila

Best dishwasher soap

I love recover because it doesn't leave spots on my dishes or glasses, no wired smell and these little tablets are so easy to use.

- Barbara

Very pleased

I'm not very experienced with dishwashers and when we first moved into our apartment that had one I ran out and bought some cascade tablets out of desperation. I was looking for something more natural so I gave these a try. They actually leave my dishes more sparkly and leave less residue (almost none) than cascade. Im converted! I will be buying these again!

- Alison

Great Product

These tablets are easy to use and work just as good, if not better, than the other commercially available detergents you see in your local stores.

They get the dishes & glasses clean with no residue or film. We always rinse everything before putting it into the dishwasher so I cannot attest for it's effectiveness without pre rinsing.

I will definitely continue to buy these dishwasher tablets.

- Lily

Worked great

Was wondering whether something all natural would still clean and it did - I'm a satisfied customer

- Jack

AZ No Fog on glasses

Omg I live in AZ where the water is very hard, even have a water system for the house. My glasses are finally clear and bright, No Fog anymore! This will be in my basket every time I shop on Thrive!! Thank you

- mel

Great Product

I agree with another reviewer who didn't like the plastic wrapping. I've used other tablets that had a dissolvable biodegradable wrap that worked well. But these clean much better. I have even used them to wash my expensive wine glasses with great results. They clean what others leave behind. This is a product I can reccomend.

- Jim


It works very well. My dishes are clean and not as cloudy as they used to be. Great alternative and good value. I'll buy it again.

- Mila

Love it!!

I tried making my own dishwasher detg and I have tried other natural brands none worked as nicely as this does. No film left on plastics or glasses, yeah!! Will continue to buy.

- Wendy

Good stuff

I keep coming back to Ecover products because they WORK and they work for the environment. Top rated on Environmental Working Group household database, which is a huge plus for me! Happy customer here.

- Segwses


I've lived in Arizona (with extremely hard water) for 4 years, had trouble with residue or spots on my dishes the entire time, and have tried a number of tablets and gels. Finally I have found something worth buying again. There aren't any soap granules left on my dishes after a wash cycle and everything is sparkly clean.

- Amy

Love these

These work great, our dishes sparkle and it cleans better than the Cascade that we used for years. We're hooked!

- Alicyn

happy dishwashing

these work better in our Miele dishwasher compared to Seventh Generation. squeaky clean dishes, fewer spots

- Gloria

Gets the dishes clean.

After using another brand of eco-friendly detergent, our dishes were covered in a film. This product makes all of our dishes shine!

- Curtis

Great option!

My favorite "safe" dishwasher tablet. Highly recommend.

- Kelly

Good product, bad packaging

These were great for washing my dishes in my dishwasher, but I was so disappointed that each tablet is individually wrapped in plastic. So wasteful, considering that their customers choose their brand because they have a lower impact on the environment. Other brands do not wrap the tablets individually.

- DL

Love These

These little tabs are the only natural dishwasher product that gets my dishes clean. I've tried about five other brands until I found these. Nice scent, handy tab shape.
Last time I ordered these they were packed right next to my food products. Even though the scent is lovely and mild, it made my food taste a little funny. Make sure you specify for these to be packed separate from any food you may be ordering.

- Jennifer

Clean dishes

This stuff is amazing. No water spots. No stains. No chunks left stuck on my dishes.

I love that it's recyclable and that the packaging is made from recycled materials.

This is definitely one of my top five choices.

- Margie Tarp

Best tablets

These are great tablets. You can really feel good about using them. No matter where that dirty water goes from the dishwasher it won't harm any fish or other animals.

This stuff gets my dishes clean and doesn't even leave any spots.

- Timothy V

Need more Shine

I like this brand of dishwasher tablets. I only wish they made my glass wear shine more. While they don't do that, they do wash away dirt and grime that other dishwasher tabs have left behind, so they are not a total loss. I also like that the scent is light and natural. No artificial scents or chemicals to smell. A good product. If it could add more shine to my dishes I would give it five stars!

- Sasha Drew

Thrive Happy

I am extremely glad I became a member of Thrive Market. I have saved so much money and found some great brands over the last few months. It is so worth having a membership here! I found these dishwasher tablets on Thrive and so much cheaper than in store and way more effective while being natural and biodegradable so they are safe for the environment.
These tablets really do power away dirt and grime. I am finding myself pre-washing my dishes less than ever before. I am also not picking food off plates once washed by the dishwasher anymore and it is awesome. I am saving so much time, money, effort, and protecting our environment and my dishes from harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients.

- Sunshine T.

Cleans Well

I honestly have no idea how people got along so well without having dishwasher detergent in tablet form. This has changed my kitchen so much, and I'm glad that there are now more environmentally-friendly versions of the tablets as well. For awhile, I was having a problem finding any. This has been great. Each individual tablet can go into the dishwasher, and I'm finding that it cleans the dishes pretty well. I don't have any spot residue on my clear glasses either - which is something that kept happening with my non-natural detergents.

I love Thrive's price too. For $1 more than what I pay for "generic" and non-environmentally friendly detergents, I could go with this AND have it delivered to my door. Thrive prices are amazing!

- E. Elderstein

Not as good as expected

If I'm going to use something natural like these tabs, I want them to work as good if not better than the chemical sludge I usually use.

These tabs worked ok, but my glasses weren't sparkling clean as I thought they would be. It did get rid of some caked on dirt on my pans, so that was great, but I guess I was waiting to be wowed, and I was just kind of pleased instead.

- Celia

Surprised powder is this good

As another reviewer mentioned, powder washing tabs aren't always the best at removing tough stains and grimy dishes.

But this was different. I'm not sure how they do it, as this is a natural product, but there wasn't any residue or grittiness, and my dishes and glasses were polished and gleaming. No strong odor or anything either. Good product.

- Conrad Daniel

Surprisingly good product

I've never used a powder before - I remember all the gritty residue from my mother's dishwasher - but when I received free samples, I tried them out rather than wasting them. To my surprise, they worked beautifully, and no residue! Plus, they're cruelty free and non-toxic. A great product.

- C. Paredes

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