Instant Lion's Mane Superfood Mushroom Drink Mix with Sweet Herbs

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20 bags box

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Biohacking the brain! Lion’s Mane mushroom is an all-natural brain booster, a nootropic, with no side effects. It has been shown to improve memory, boost creativity and help with concentration by activating the nervous system and brain.
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About This Brand

Four Sigmatic was created by a group of friends with a passion for medicinal mushrooms. They left their well-paid jobs with companies like Google, Citibank, and Hewlett-Packard to work on their “mushroom mission.” In 2012 their journey began in the Nordic country, which they consider home. Since then, they have expanded to offer their goods to more than 25 countries in less than four years. In 2014, the co-owners relocated the Four Sigmatic headquarters to the U.S., where it was re-established in January 2015. Although it’s still a small employee-owned startup, Four Sigmatic truly believes that good things come in small packages, and that with passion and hard work, they can make a real difference in global health through the power of mushrooms. How Four Sigmatic makes their mushroom drink mixes Mushrooms in liquid form may sound like a weird concept, but indigenous people have been drinking mushrooms in the form of tea and soup for thousands of years. Although it’s not the...
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Dual extracted Lion’s Mane mushroom (1500 mg), Star anise, Field Mint extract, Stevia extract.

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Reviews For Instant Lion's Mane Superfood Mushroom Drink Mix with Sweet Herbs

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Love this stuff

this is my go-to morning drink, followed by Sportea and always helps wake me up


Noticeable Focus and Clarity

I drink Bulletproof Coffee every morning which is like a sledgehammer of liquid motivation. The Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane is a little more subtle than that. Like a delicate hammer. It does have a definite effect though. And I'm pleased with the balance when used with BPC. I actually start off the morning with the Lion's Mane and then save the BPC for later. The Lion's Mane is tasty. Just enough but not too much sweetness to make it savory and enjoyable to the palate, but not so much that it triggers any cravings. No side effects that I can sense. The powder is a little finicky. It does clump inside the foil packet when exposed to steam, so careful when you pour it in the cup. When I tried putting it in the cup first, though, it would clump together and then make a sticky blob which was hard to get dissolved. Now I pour a bit of hot water in the cup. Add the Lion's Mane. Then add more water and swirl it. Then give it a final spin with a spoon. If it's not dispersed some before stirring, I've gotten the same sticky blob stuck to the spoon.

- Dallas

Too much stevia

I am obsessed with Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Coffee, so I was really excited about this. Unfortunately, it's hard to get past strong stevia flavor & I wasn't able to drink it. I have a box so I'll figure out a way to shoot it & get it down, and I think I would love it, if only it weren't for the stevia. I use stevia myself, but it was far too overwhelming. It would be perfect if they left the sweetening up to each individual.

- Kimberly

Brain Booster - I drink it every night

No surprise this is sold out. One of the best purchases I made on Thrive. Relaxing and strengthening, I've been drinking this or this company's XOCO (hot chocolate and cordyceps) every morning. You can feel the effects, and it's very convenient, I carry a few in my backpack and make them at work or when I travel. Better than coffee, no crash. Plus if I drank a bit too much the night before, really helps clear my head. Some reviewers said it was a too sweet / stevia, some said it was perfect, some said it could've had even more (hello true Southerner!) so clearly it depends on your taste. Try it for yourself and decide. Also obvi you can add more or less water if you want to dilute or strengthen the taste, have it like an espresso shot or have it in a thermos like a tea.

- Yoni

Study buddy

I have been using this as a calming warm drink while studying. It not only calms me down when I start to get stressed out but it seems to give me a little extra edge to remember details I would have forgotten.

- Nik

Brain food!

Dual extracted lions mane is great brain food and four sigma does it the best. Great for grab and go individual servings. pop in your bag and mix into your smoothie, juice, coffee tea whatever as a mid day snack to help you focus all afternoon.

- Kim

These mushrooms could save mankind itself.

I won't explain why at the moment-Look it up! I have been putting a pack of Lion's Mane in my morning coffee for about two months now and really do notice a difference. I am not as jittery from the coffee, nor do I crash or need another cup in the afternoon. Something about the hormonal and adrenal adaptive effects of the mushrooms, which I've read about but now can actually attest to first-hand. I recommend a packet in your coffee and then another one straight when you get home. You will feel younger and more vibrant, guaranteed.

- Patrick McCarthy


I really like this tea. It is sweet and full of flavor. It is also packed with nutrients and helps build my immunity. I really like it!

- Phil C.


I love how sweet this tea is. I am a true southerner so the sweeter the better. I was afraid it would taste bitter or like mushrooms, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was sweet and savory. I will definitely get more in the future.

- Brian Smith

Love it

Tastes great and seems to give me almost instant clarity. I also use a lions mane powder in my smoothies for an added boost to my nerve cells which has greatly improved my memory after using them both for a couple of weeks, Love this product!

- daryl

Too much Stevia

I should admit that sometimes I do not like things with stevia, if it is really strong, but other times I don't mind stevia at all. I have tried this brand's XOCO mushroom cocoa, which has stevia, and I think it tastes delicious. However, this has so much stevia that I found it too gross to finish my first glass. And that says a lot because I frequently choke down less than pleasant things in the name of health, but I ended up pouring half of it down the drain because it was nauseating to me. Also I thought the "sweet herbs" sounded good but they clash with the cloyingly sweet stevia. Now I have a $20 box of tea that I don't know what to do with. Bummer!!

- Ebie


I love how clear and focused my mind is when I drink this! I was hesitant to try it, as I was afraid it would be mushroom-y but it is very pleasantly sweet. I usually have it mid-morning with a scoop of Sunpotion Tocos- so good!

- Michelle

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