Classic Almond Butter

16 oz jar

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16 oz jar

Why You’ll Love It

Justin’s Almond Butter is made from only two ingredients: organic dry roasted almonds and sustainably sourced palm fruit oil. You won't find any artificial ingredients, added sugar, or trans fats. While almond butter is rich and creamy, it also packs in tons of essential vitamins, minerals, and an incredible amount of healthy fats.
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About This Brand

The Justin’s Nut Butter brand does everything they can to bring their customers the best-tasting nut butters around. Their products range from Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter to more adventurous (and insanely delicious) offerings like Justin’s Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, leaving out mystery additives and excess sugars. Whether used in favorite recipes, spread on a slice of freshly baked bread, or eaten straight from the jar, it’s easy to love the lineup that Justin’s Nut Butter has to offer. The story behind Justin’s Nut Butter Justin’s Nut Butter started with a man named Justin and one truly powerful idea. Combined with his immense ambition and a simple food processor, he took his affinity for local and natural ingredients to make something he could share with his community. Justin was inspired to make nut butters due to his vegetarian diet and active lifestyle. Nut butter was a staple in his diet (it’s an amazing source of protein), but the products he was able...
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Dry Roasted Almonds, Palm Fruit Oil*. *Sustainably sourced palm fruit oil.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 2 tbsp (32g) Servings Per Container 14

Amount Per Serving

Calories 190 Calories from Fat 150

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 16g 25%
Saturated Fat 2g 10%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 7g 2%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 2g
Protein 7g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 8%
Iron 6%

Contains almonds. Contains trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts and soy due to processing on shared equipment.

Reviews For Classic Almond Butter

Based on 121 Reviews


It is thick and hard to spread but oh so tasty and good! I add a bit of honey and spread it on apple slices, heaven!


Good flavor, poor consistency

I like the flavor of this almond butter but it is too stiff/not creamy like an almond butter should be.

- Elizabeth

Great Taste

I add this to my shake in the morning. Love the flavor it adds.

- Nancy

Favorite almond butter

This is my favorite almond butter as it does not separate and does not need to be refrigerated. It's expensive, but I find the ease of use and convenience worth it. Good flavor and easy to spread.

- Lori

Tasty and natural

Like most said already, yes, it does have a pretty thick consistency that doesn't spread well (it's a little dry) and it is not oily by any means. But the quality of the almonds is very good and it tastes sooo good. Only 2 ingredients which is nice. I've been eating it on my whole grain toast with a little bit of honey.

- Katie


This almond butter is very thick but tasty! A little too dry for my liking but it's tolerable.

- Mikaela

Never "oily"

Great taste and good consistency... never oily and easy to use in Paleo recipes

- Patrice

Just ok

This almon butter has more sugar than some of the almond butters I usually buy. The price here at Thrive is better than the stores.

- Katherine

Classic for sure

I first discovered Justin's Almond Butter in packet format and just loved it. It was my initial foray into a nut butter other than peanut. This is one of my favorite organic almond butters, especially since it doesn't need refrigeration. Other butters have a stronger almond taste (Once Again, for instance) but you have to stir and refrigerate. Justin's is my everyday nut butter.

- Barbara

Almond Butter

Fabulous taste. I love it with apples and carrots. Love it!

- Marianne

Love It

I love this stuff. It has fantastic flavor and I love that you don't have to keep it in the frig.

- Melissa

Tasty nut butter

A little thick..... maybe it could be made a little creamier? It can be hard to spread on some of the fine texture paleo breads I make, but it is very tasty.

- Ruth

A strange consistency

I like how this almond butter tastes less sweet and more natural than other brands. However, it has an extremely thick, pasty consistency that makes it very hard to spread. If you use it on bread, expect the bread to become mangled unless you use a very large amount or toast it first.

- Thrive User

Great Taste

This is my favorite nut butter. Just perfectly sweetened with honey.

- Rita Berk c/o Coldwell

Great Taste

My husband and I eat a couple of jars of almond butter a month so it is great to find such an affordable price. This brand is consistently delicious. Great as a dip for apples or carrots. Spoon into hot oatmeal or blend in a smoothie for some added protein and flavor. In a hurry? A tablespoon by itself is a great energy boost.

- Deborah Smith


For some reason I thought that almond butter would taste like almonds. Mine tastes like super dry peanut butter.

- Martha

Favourite almond butter brand

Best price I've found online so far

- Lesley

Best price around

Yummy almond buttter . I love that it is not sweetened, and it's the best price I've found anywhere!

- Grace

Fresh and filling

Justin's Classic Almond Butter is always fresh, and always filling. I like it with crisp apple slices, or with celery sticks, but it makes nice Asian-style sauces, too.

- Janet

Trust me, the best (and tastiest) around!

A couple tablespoons of this is my bedtime "sweet tooth" treat and it is not "oily" so I sometime form it into balls and roll them in coconut flakes or cacao powder... walla... bedtime truffles with no guilt! Justin's consistency is just right in my book.

- Patrice

I'm addicted

My all time favorite snack, I spend it on toast and it's keeps you full for awhile. Fresh taste. I highly recommend it.

- Jordan

Love It!

My favorite thing is no frig needed. Makes it much easier to spread the product.

- Teresa


I LOVE Justin's Almond Butter. It doesn't separate a lot like most almond butters and it doesn't have any added sugar. It takes everything in me not to sit and eat the whole jar...

- Ashley

bad taste and texture

This does not taste like almonds. The texture is chewy-gummy. I won't be buying this again.

- Heather

Tasty and Nourishing!

LOVE this. It's only second to the sugar free smooth Barney butter.

- Rose


I have been eating almond butter for about 20 years and have tried every brand out there. In my opinion Justin's has the worst flavor of any I have tried! and I really have tried them all. I love almond butter. I eat it almost every day but I will not buy Justin's again.


Favorite "Butter"

I love Jason's Almond Butter and the price is right on. To me, Jason's is the best when it comes to flavor and consistency. I also use this to cook with and am glad that it is the 16 oz jar. Will be a "repeat purchase"

- Amie


AMAZING!!! Love it

- lindsey Allard

Hard as a rock

The taste is okay but the product is hard as a rock. Impossible to spread this stuff on a piece of bread or a cracker. Excellent ingredients though. The only practical way to east this is with a spoon, and that's not that easy to do.

- Martin

Gerald michael

Good food

- Gerald michael

Best almond butter I've tried

First I've seen that doesn't require stirring.

- Lynn Arthur

More than almonds

It contained palm oil. I prefer just almonds in my almond butter.

- Sarah

Great product

Love this product! I've used several brands and I love the taste and consistency of this almond butter the best. Thrive was great to order from as well.

- Shane


Good stuff!

- Wendy

my first purchase of almond butter

I couldn't find any almond butter anywhere till I found this website on instagram. in which I purchased and the shipping was fast. first time trying it almond butter I love it I will purchase more in the future.

- christina

Tried as a promotion

Paid only shipping ($2) for a promotion. This stuff is gross, would never purchase or recommend.

- Eric

Justin's Almond Butter - the best!

The jar of Justin's that you sent me and that I am currently using is the one and only really fresh jar I've ever had, either from the grocery store or by post. I had thought it was always dry. I'll order again very soon. Thank you!

- Frances


It's different but it being so makes an entirely delicious sandwich, or snack

- Morris

Best almond butter

I love this clean butter, it's a bit on the drier side but I prefer that to the oily runny kind.

- Marnie

The best

This is my favorite nut butter. If I don't eat it quick enough it tends to get a little hard towards the bottom but that doesn't bother me. I'd rather have that than terrible ingredients!

- Ashlie

Good nutty flavor

This almond butter is "grainier" than the other smooth brands and gives you more of a real nutty almond butter taste. I eat it on a spoon right out of the jar but is also delicious on almond bread, or basically anything.

- Suzanne

Quick & yummy

Ordered this and within 2 days it arrived!!! :O this was my first time trying almond butter it is super creamy and smooth delishous with toast and honey & some Nutella for those people who have a sweet tooth like me . ;)

- Sarah

It's OK!

Lacks true almond flavor. It's suitable for smoothies.

- Daniel


Luv the taste and great price compared to market here.

- michelle


First time trying almond butter, I'm hooked. So many baking ideas.

- Casey

Palm Oil Harms Endgangered Orangutan

This stuff is made with Palm Oil, which the use of promotes destruction of rain forest and the wildlife that live there. Find an alternative ingredient, we beg.

- Della

Not happy

This almond butter is not creamy and contains palm oil- for the price, you can surely find one made from just almonds without the added oil. Also, even when it is not put in the pantry (as recommended) its consistency is not creamy at all, even after using a knife and stirring the entire jar. Would not recommend unless it is your only option for a nut butter.

- Rachel

Almond butter

Very good you all need to try it

- Rodney

Classic almond butter/Justin

Very very dry. Is not spreadable.

- Helen

The Best

Best almond butter out there

- Gary


It's yummy

- Tammera

Almond Butter

My daughter loved it!

- Francine

5 star


- Raven

Love this stuff TOO MUCH

Will buy again......and again.......and again. So good on veggies and straight out of the jar!

- JoDelle

Terrific product

A great tasting almond butter that is creamy and smooth

- Tyrone

almond butter

Tastes great and good for morning or afternoon snack!

- Marcella

If I could marry Justin...

I would. I spend time with Justin almost every day. I look forward to spending time with him. When he's gone, I get sad.

No, but seriously, I love Justin's Almond Butter, specifically because I don't have to mix it around!! I keep it in my pantry and eat it by the spoonful with a banana or apple!! It fills you up and is a great way to satisfy any cravings. It's Whole30 approved with no added sugars, too, so that's always a great benefit.

- Joan

Almond Butter

Good stuff.

- Jacqueline

Not that great....

it's grainy and not smooth and very dry with no flavor.... it tastes just like if I put almonds into a blender... it needs some coconut oil with a bit of honey to make it taste more like other almond butters... also doesn't spread easily.... it would be fine for smoothies and such...

- Kristina


This is really good almond butter. I sometimes like to add some honey to sweeten it up, but I like that it doesn't have any sugar in it.

- Christine

Great taste, hard consistency

I really love eating this almond butter but compared to freshly prepared versions its consistency is not easy to spread on bread, pancakes or toast.

- Samira


Loved this! Tasted great!

- Susan

so good

it's too easy to over indulge in this treat. I really love this stuff but i'm trying to keep my fat-intake lower.

- Melody


love that this doesn't contain added sugar, which is so hard to find. Delicious

- June

Bland and Dry

I've tried other Almond Butters in the past and this version is the driest and most bland of them all. Not only did I need to add some coconut oil to it (also, why on earth was palm oil added to begin with?), I also needed to add a tiny bit of salt as well as some honey. After it's all said and done, I could have just bought a different brand that tasted great to begin with and didn't need so many alterations.

- Sheena

Justin's Almond Butter

I wasn't sure if i was going to like it but I do, it works well in my smoothies.

- Mitzi

Almond oil?

I like the taste but the consistency and oiliness is a small issue.

- Julia

Almond Butter

Everyone in my household likes this, but for me I have to add some honey to sweeten it up.

- Lydia

justins almond butter

great price great product

- kat swartz

Great snack or dessert

I eat this with fresh fruit, or mix into greek yogurt.

If I want a dessert I'll put it on a piece of dark chocolate.

- Nicole


It is different taste than Peanut Butter but good, I like it.

- Susan


Great almond taste without added sugar! Will be ordering more.

- Allan Weilert

Great product

My whole family loves this almond butter.

- Gena

Good but...

I like this, but I bought it because my son has a peanut allergy and this contains trace amounts of peanuts. Most of the other Almond Butters I have bought do not.

- Doug

Justin's Almond Peanut Butter

Best peanut butter I have ever tasted!

- Mariann

Favorite Almond Butter

So happy Thrive carries this almond butter-- it's the best! I get it here much cheaper than my local grocery stores. I love that they don't put additives or sugars in this. Yum!

- Leah

Hands Down

Best almond better ever. Justin's has the best almond flavor, and just tastes so much more real than all the other brands.

- Kayla

Disappointing to say the least...

This was the worst almond butter I have ever bought! I always buy unsalted and add the salt I prefer (Celtic sea salt or Murray River salt), but even these fancy salts did not significantly improve the bland flavor. And why is the almond oil replaced (?)
or supplemented with palm oil? Other saltless brands that are 100% almond taste much better. Hence, it annoys me to read the silly hype by Justin on the jar. Won't buy this again, and will probably be throwing away what's left.

- Ellen

Great product

It's a bit pasty and doesn't blend really well but that's not a huge issue for the ways I use it. Taste great and is exactly what it says it is on the label.

- Kurt

Amond Butter

Very good love it and will order it again

- Larry

Amazing Almond Butter

This is delicious, especially as a snack with sliced apples.

- Brandon


These items ..although healthy choices are NOT MONEY SAVERS!
Cheaper at my local Sprouts or Trader Joes. So no brainer

- Trish

SO delicious.

I am allergic to most nuts so this is such a great product for me to use. I love adding a little almond butter to many meals or snacks. I like the texture and taste, and the fact that there are only two ingredients.

- Lisa

Love almond butter!

Happy to get a bargain price for a quality product. Thanks Thrive.

- Alma


I love this almond butter! I use it in my smoothies and overnight oatmeal.

- Nastacia

Justin's Almond Butter

My family really likes this product. We use it in several ways. The most recent is making a caramel and putting it on our apples as a wonderful healthy treat.

- Renee

Justins classic almond butter

Wonderful taste

- Melody McQuillan

Fairly good PB alternative

Not as good as I wanted it to be, but still solid. A little on the pricey side too. For a PB alternative I still prefer the sunflower seed butter I found at Trader Joe's for $5-6.

- Becky

Almond butter

Great. I add my own salt cause I like it with a little more salt. & it's a little dry, flavor is good.

- Genia

Justin's Almond Butter

I have been ordering this Almond Butter for years now and This brand is absolutely my favorite. Whether I'm in the need for a quick fix of just a spoonful of it on a toasted bagel it always serves to do the trick. This brand has a little bit of a different kick to it in its more grainy texture and I would say the grains are a little sweet. My taste buds get excited whenever we just have this in the house.
Great product. Highly recommend. And These bigger sizes are more difficult to find in stores. Snatch them up while you can!

- Marisa


Smooth and tasty! A great ingredient in my morning protein smoothie!

- Monica

Great texture, but too bland.

After all of the riveting reviews, I was a little underwhelmed about this almond butter. Unlike the other almond butters I've had, this certainly wins the award for best consistency. It is super smooth and creamy with the perfect combination of oil. However, the flavor fell very short from the competition. It is very bland so if it's not paired with something sweet, it can leave a dry, grainy feel in your mouth.

- Anthony R.

Fantastic on Rice Cakes

I bought a jar of this for my sister to put on her rice cakes. She is staying in a dorm in an unfamiliar state with a need for some home comfort. She loves almond butter so I suggested you start putting it on her rice cakes. Neither need to be refrigerated which means she can keep them in her dorm! Sometimes when she really is feeling home sick, she microwaves the almond butter and adds a little jam. YUM!

What I didn't like was the cost. $11 for a jar of nut butter is a little high but, then I remembered that Justin's is the best! I would buy this for myself but would buy it sparingly because of price.

- Toby Brown

Good Peanut Butter Alternative

My wife and I started following the paleo diet quite a while ago and peanut butter was one thing that was really hard to give up. We tried multiple substitutes and nothing did it for me until Justin's Almond Butter. It follows the paleo diet and tastes awesome. We use it on just about everything and it really fills me up. Highly recommend.

- Carl Simmons

Vote for more flavors of Justin's Almond Butter

Love Justins Almond Butter, best brand I have tried! My favorite is Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter, I have my own personal jar so I can eat with a spoon. Maybe they will expand and carry some of their flavors!

- Dawn

My favorite!

Great to spread on toast with jam, or on a chunk of dark chocolate.

- Anne

Love it

Love this stuff! Worth the price.

- Kathleen

Justins Almond Butter

OMG you will only regret it because you want to have a spare on hand. Very delicious -sweet but classic butter taste. So delightful.

- Nancy N


Love this almond butter and practically anything from this brand, it's delicious!

- Sarah

just ok

I have tried several brands of almond butter and this one is my least favorite. It is very thick compared to others and I don't really think has that much of a real flavor to it, pretty bland.

- Monica


I think the high reviews on this are mostly folks who have not had almond butter before ~ it is very mild. For someone raised on almond butter, this just does not pass the deliciousness test. Too dry, too bland, doesn't taste very rich or alive. Luckily, there are many brands that do, and Thrive carries some of them.

- Bonny

My favorite!

This i s the most flavorful with a crunch Almond Butter! LOVE!

- Tonja

Delicious, Healthy and Sustainable.

This is one of the better tasting almond butters I've tried.

Someone posted their concerns about rainforest destruction, Justin's website states: "We source our palm fruit oil from a sustainably harvested farm in Brazil and are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil for our supply chain."

- Josh Drexler

bland, has palm oil

Very bland, little almond flavor, and has palm oil added for no obvious reason--despite the premium price. I won't buy it again.

- Philip

Classic taste

Almond butter has an interesting taste and texture. I like it but I am still getting used to the difference between it and peanut butter.

It tastes good with many things and even alone. It also tastes good on toast topped with honey.

- Stacy L.


Nut butter is a great creation. Movie over peanut butter, you've been replaced. Almonds are a great source of energy. They are also packed full of healthy oils and good for the body.

I like to dip fresh fruits and veggies in my Justin's classic. It tastes better with celery than PB!

- L. Kincaid

Almond Lover

Almonds are my absolute favorite nut and I love eating them in any kind of way. I use Justin's because they taste so good. Breakfast is my favorite time for this great stuff. I use it on toast, pancakes, waffles, french toast and even piled thick on bagels.

Just... yum.

- Cristof Bollen

Great for breakfast

This is one of my favorite breakfast foods. I have it on toast, bagels and even English muffins. With it I can cut the meat out of my breakfast once in a while. Lots of nutty protein without the fat and grease of bacon and sausage.

Justin's makes great nut butters. Classic almond is great, but I like some of the other flavors better.

- Shane Hauge

Palm Fruit Oil means cutting rainforests and often killing orangutans

I think this goes against Thrive's values. Please offer an unsweetened almond butter.

- Thrive User

Dream Breakfast

You might find this a bit gross, but this is absolutely one of my favorite things to put onto a bowl of really warm oatmeal. The almond butter softens into the oatmeal and turns into this warm, delicious addition to my oatmeal that adds even more protein. Adding in some sliced bananas and other fruit, I've found the perfect way to start my day with a high-protein and high-fiber breakfast. Seriously - try it!

- JessyE

Best nut butters ever

Thrive Market offers the best price on my favorite nut butters! Justin's Nut Butter makes some great nut butters, of every kind and flavor. They are my favorite.

I can often be seen eating this stuff right off the spoon. It's great with ice cream, on muffins and even in smoothies. What a delicious, healthy snack!

- Shani Kaler

Kids love it! So do I!

One of my children is allergic to peanuts, but can have other types of nuts in moderation. He, and his sisters, love this this type of "no-peanut-butter-butter" as we call it!
This is so delicious, I indulge sometimes as well. It's nice to serve all my children the same thing at lunch or snack time. It helps my son not to feel left out or like he's somehow different than his older sisters.

- Julian Clarke

Ok, but other flavors are better

I like Justin's almond butter, but I don't love it as much as some of the other flavors, especially chocolate hazelnut, which is out of this world good. The almond butter is a little bland for me, especially with there being almost no salt.

The price here is better than on Amazon or at the grocery store, so I'm not complaining on that end, but while it's good, the almond butter just doesn't blow me away. It's better if you combine it with something else, like a muffin or on a pancake to kind of offset the bland taste.

- Irene Sotheby

Good but depends on jar

I've tried several almond butters, and Justin's is at or near the top of the list. It's got a full nutty flavor that isn't overwhelming and goes well straight out of the jar, or on bread and muffins.

But the one problem is that the taste isn't always consistent, meaning that some jars are really thick and solid and others are more soupy. I'm not sure if it's the settling process during manufacturing, but it's still a good almond butter, just not always at the same level of tastiness.

- Isaac Smith

What Peanut Butter used to be

I'm old enough to remember what was organic peanut butter in my day, which was just homemade peanut butter without all the chemicals and sugar they add today.

Justin's almond butter's pretty close to the peanut butter I loved as a kid, except it's chock full of almonds. I like that it's free of all hydrogenated oils and sugar. It's got palm oil, which is really good for your heart, and when you get to my age, you need every bit of help! I'm a big fan of almonds anyway, so this is perfect for me. I eat it mostly with toast or on crackers. I also like the little squeeze packs for when I'm on the road and I want to just eat it straight out of the packet.

- Izzie Santos

Use intead of peanut butter

I dig peanut butter a lot, but as much good stuff as there is in it, there's also tons of sodium, fats and calories. Which is why I made the switch to Justin's almond butter and have never gone back.

So it's more expensive, but I end up using less because it's so much richer and denser than peanut butter. It has no added sugar and the sodium is really low, slow inf act that your taste buds will take some time to adjust. Don't worry, though, that's just your body telling you how much extra salt you've been eating.

- Ira S.

Good fats make for great butter

Before I found Justin's almond butter, I was a butter fiend. I spread butter on everything, toast, crackers, even celery sticks! Then I saw this on sale at my grocery store, and bought a jar.

It's low in sugar, but you can't really tell because it's got a really resonant flavor that doesn't scrimp on taste. And it's fantastic on everything I used to love with butter. I've spread this on what muffins, toast, crackers and even on pancakes! There's no artificial oils and added fat, other than what comes from the almonds, which are one of nature's awesome wonder foods.

- Iris Stokes

Great quality

Perfect healthy almond butter snack for me because it helps me stay on my diet! The squeeze packs are perfect for keeping in my purse during travel and it maintains the freshness of the product. Great quality.

- George Richardson

Addicted to this Almond Butter!

I may have a problem... because I put this Almond Butter on everything! Mildly addicted. I try to limit myself, but it's so hard. Try it on an apple... you won't be able to stop!

- Jessic K.

Best almond butter I've had!

Justin's classic almond butter has a nuttier and less refined taste than heavily processed nut butters you find at your local grocery store. It's one of the best almond butters I've had, and I've been eating the stuff for years. I also like that it's organic. This is the only almond butter I'll buy from now on.

- N. Lafreniere

A tasty natural nut butter

Delicious! It has a more natural, earthy and nuttier taste than a lot of other nut butters. Its great with apples and celery, which makes me feel better about the calories than eating bread. Will try it in a smoothie next.

- Alejandro Savoy

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