Original Crackers

6.5 oz box

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6.5 oz box

Why You’ll Love It

Mary’s Gone crackers are organic and gluten-free, made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients including whole grain brown rice, quinoa, flaxseeds, and sesame seeds. With a great flavor profile and just the right amount of crunch, they are perfect for a snack or as part of an appetizer. Try them alone, crumbled on a dish, or with your favorite dip.
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About This Brand

Mary’s Gone Crackers is a bona fide sensation. They’ve sold over 8 million boxes of their iconic gluten-free crackers in over 10,000 stores across the nation, and the sales seem to only be growing. They’ve done exceedingly well for a small company from Northern California, and actually started out as a passion project. The company was born when the founder, Mary Waldner, was sick. Although, she didn't quite know what the problem was. From an early age, Waldner felt sharp and discomforting pains in her stomach after eating a meal, and it only grew worse over the years, leaving her tired, anxious, and depressed. Waldner went to doctors and medical specialists, but they couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong. They thought her immense stomach pains were psychosomatic, a false illness she invented in her head, making her feel even worse. The pain that Waldner felt was real, but medical experts didn’t believe her. Fast forward to the mid 90s and Waldner is at an...
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Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, Organic Whole Quinoa, Organic Brown Flax Seeds, Organic Brown Sesame Seeds, Filtered Water, Sea Salt, Organic Wheat-Free Tamari (Water, Whole Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Alcohol or Organic Vinegar).

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 13 crackers (30g) Servings Per Container About 6

Amount Per Serving

Calories 140 Calories from Fat 45

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 5g 8%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 3%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 190mg 8%
Total Carbohydrate 21g 7%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 0g
Protein 3g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 4%
Iron 6%

Contains soy. Manufactured in our own dedicated gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free facility.

Reviews For Original Crackers

Based on 147 Reviews


I buy these at my local supermarket. And at 43, I see my 8 pack coming back. Make room for me at the beach baby!

- Autumn Brown

Have Grown to Love

When we first starting eating gluten free, whole plant based, I tried these and didn't care for them. Our tastes have changed over the years. Now I love the crunch and the taste. I like to always keep a box on hand to satisfy my craving for a crunchy, savory side to soup or stew or to use for hummus or guacamole. Plus, they are onion free! Perfect for someone who has to avoid onions, like me.

- Christy

Soy Free Please

Can you please make a soy free version?!

- Audrey

So Good

If you enjoy the taste of crispy burnt bits from popcorn kernels, these crackers taste just like that flavor. So delicious, crunchy and satisfying. These are some earty crackers. If I had to take one type of cracker with me into the apocalypse, these would be it. They last forever and the fiber will keep you regular!

- JC


We love Mary's Gone Crackers and sometimes these are hard to come by, meaning that perhaps everyone who has bought them, loves the crackers so much that they buy more and more and more!! Wonderfully Delicious ~ ~ ~

- Marlene

Must like sesame

These had too strong of a sesame taste for anyone in my family, but I gave them to a friend who thought they were delicious.

- Rebecca

Terrific Organic Crackers

These crackers were a hit as an after dinner snack. Three of us tried them this evening and thought they were very tasty. I especially liked the flavor of the brown sesame seeds.



These crackers are very crunchy, and packed with seeds.

- Russell

Really good but expensive

Seedy, crunchy, and great tasting. The perfect partner for cheese. My husband even loved these and he never likes my attempts at buying healthier alternatives.

- Julia Street

Gone crackers for these crackers!

These are the best crackers I have ever tried! They are so crunchy and delicious! I will definitely be buying these in the future!

- Donna

Mary's got the best

Mary's gone crackers are the best! I preferred the original was happy I found them at Thrive market for such a great price. Very disappointed the Thrive Market price has gone up to match that of the local food stores.

- Joan


I didn't like them at first, but they grew on me!! I know they are better for me than most of the crackers I had eaten before. Think they are a little pricey though!

- Maxine

A Winner

Received a box of these delicious crackers in the Thrive Starter Kit. Had to order another box immediately because the first one didn't last long. Glad they were part of the starter kit assortment because I might not have discovered them so soon!

- Deborah Smith


Love, love, love these crackers!

- Patrice

Great Flavor and Texture!!

A yummy snack that includes fiber and healthy fat!

- Lisa

Love Love Love these!

I don't eat too much cooked food, but I do eat these because they are delicious and healthy with NO SUGAR! They go great with homemade hummus or bean dip.

- Alis


These crackers are awesome! Nutty, crunchy, alone or with other snacks. And addicting! They are so yummy you can just sit down and eat six or eight of them. If you put something tasty on them (Tapenade, smoked salmon, cheese, etc.) they can be part of a meal or hearty snack.
Love them, love them, love them.

- James

Fabulous cracker

These are so tasty and filling they're better than cookies, or greasy chips. I grab a few when I'm on the run and they're practically a meal. Add a few frozen grapes and it's just about the perfect snack.

- Audrey

Wonderful! Will order again soon.

The crackers I got were from a nearly-burned batch, but still so good I ate them though they upset my tummy. I'll reorder when I'm pretty sure Thrive is out of burnt ones.

- James

SO good!

I love these crackers and always have a box on hand. They are my "go to" snack at night with a healthy glass of red wine!

- Charlotte

Not that great

I didn't think these tasted good at all. My three year old wouldn't eat them either.

- Breanne

Mary's Gone Crackers Original

Unbelievably delicious ! Crunchy and nutritious.

- Nancy J.

mary's gone crackers

we liked them, will purchase again

- k furlong

the best

These are my favorite crackers in the history of forever. So. Good. So much crunch!

- Carina

Tastes like bacon bits

Have you ever ate those soy bacon bits out of a bottle, these crackers taste similar. My kids love them but I am not the greatest fan. One bonus, I have had a box open for almost a month and they still taste the same and haven't gone stale yet.

- Angela


Favorite G-free crackers.

- RA

Mary's Gone Crackers - original

We love these crackers: they give some crunchy chewing that one misses when gluten free. And so many flavors, too.

- Arleen

Best crackers ever

So happy to be able to find these crackers here cheaper than anywhere else I have found them!

- Melissa


These were great!

- Jan

Mary's Gone Crackers are excellant! Highest rating!

Need to order more of these nutritous Mary's Gone Crackers to snack on! Very good!

- Janice

mary gone crackers

Very good would order more but couldn't find them on site

- Deborah


Wish I had bought 10 boxes!!

- Melissa

Mary's crackers

Loved them every without anythg on them

- Linda

Mary's gone crackers

Tasty and good for you but expensive even at your

- Joyce Browne

My favorite!

These are, hands down, my favorite crackers. But they can get expensive in stores. So happy that Thrive carries them and for significantly cheaper. I stock up every few months. Love them!

- Claudia

Mary's Gone Crackers

Didn't like them at all. Very blan with no flavor.

- Marion

Mary's Gone Crackers, Orginal

These crackers are so delicious, crunchy, and satisfying.
I am going to order more and also the other varieties.

- Nancy J.

Mary's Gone Crackeers

Many times re-ordered! and I will continue to do so.

- Elizabeth

Mary Gone Crackers

I Love these crackers - only have tried the Original ones but they are awesome! I have to have these in house for my snacks!

- Lynda

My favorite cracker!

These are my absolute favorite cracker and was so happy to find them here at a ridiculously great price! I love that they do not have salted tops!

- Carolyn


Great cracker love with salsa

- d

Great for Dipping

Unlike many other gluten free crackers, these hold up under the weight of any dip. Awesome with salsa, hummus, guacamole, cheese... Hard crunchy, so not great for those with dental issues. I like it and think it makes it feel like I'm eating something more substantial. Which helps, as sometimes chips and dip are all a gluten free person can eat at a party.

A friend with celiac brought these to a pot luck years ago. I loved them and bought some more as soon as I found them in a store. My other friends, not so much. They were eating the leftover original, 'unflavored' ones plain, whereas I always intended to eat them with something. I think that's the key for those who thought they were bland. FYI, they do come in other flavors. I hope Thrive starts carrying some others!

- Evelyn

Marys Crackers

Love them! Thanks -

- Fanny


I love it !!

- Roxana



- Thrive User

Crunchy and Tasty!

I love these healthy crackers. Just a few satisfy my need for something to snack on. Great crackers!

- Susan



- Thrive User



- Thrive User

Not Great.

Very dry, grainy, bland taste. Will not get again.

- Amy

I love them!!!

They are crunchy and tasty

- Roxana

Original crackers

Love them. Enough said

- Therese

Crunchie Crackers

It is crunchy but the taste to my buds is a little bland. I usually have it with a cup of Tea. My wife is not crazy over it.

- Raphael

Ok but healthy

I really haven't had much time to try these crackers. I opened them just to try them and had only one, so my opinion is they are ok. I've had another good healthy organic cracker from Costco and really loved them. They're just too plain tasting; no flavor whatsoever. These crackers do not compare to that one at Costco!


Outstanding Crackers!

These crackers are unusual but awesome! I love them with an olive tapenade. They are good with a cheese plate or just anything. I will definitely purchase these again.

- Wanda

mary cone crackers

excellent. hard to stop eating them.

- dominick



- Thrive User

Delicious crackers

So good!

- Thrive User



- Thrive User

Addicting crackers

These crackers have the most crunch of anything I have tried. The grains give them so much texture and flavor. Great with any kind of cheese or just by themselves. I love them.

- Sara

Not a big fan

These weren't tasty to me maybe if you deep it in something it might be ok.. It's a very unique flavor, not for everyone.

- Myrla

Great snack cracker

Love them.

- Joanne

Mary's gone crackers

Tasty, Fresh and affordable.

- Karla

Best crackers

They are so substantial.

- Nikki

Crunchy goodness

Love theses crackers! They hold up well to dips, cheese, salsa and on their own. Gluten free too!

- Susan


This cracker is the right amount of crunch and flavor. My new favorite cracker; plain or with cheese or dip.

- Catherine

Tastes burnt

Not clear whether baked or fried. Tastes burnt. Although crispy as promised.
Overall: I would NOT buy again.

- Jack

Best cracker on God's earth

Title says it all. Love 'em.

- Mike


This was the only cracker I could have while cleansing. I like these with hummus the most.

- Caitlin


These crackers are nice and crunchy with a great taste!

- Sherry

Mary's gone crackers

I have loved these from when they first made an appearance years ago. I love them. They're crunchy and filled with flavor. They're great plain or you can add spreads, etc. They're the best snacky type thing around in my view

- Judy


Were strange texture compared to wheat or flour based crackers. Once I adjusted to that, I will buy more.

- Ron

Awesome crackers!

These crackers are simply amazing! Order some now!!

- Pam


Definitely a healthy snack. Not really for kids, although my 13 year old liked it. Good if you want a crunchy snack.

- Irene

Original Crackers

These go great with almond butter or cheese.

- Lee

Good with hummus or quac

very flavorful with multiple seeds- plus it is better for you than other type crackers

- Judy

Ok taste

These have a lot of grains but don't Taye much like 'regular' crackers.

- Michelle McGrain

Love these!

These are thin, crispy and great with cheese or other toppings such as hummus.

- Cabe

Great snack!

I'm eating them right now with cottage cheese during first break at work. so good! Had them with cream cheese and salmon the other day too mmmm good

- Jennifer

Mary's gone crackers

Loved them.

- Elaine Levey

Flax seed-dominant

The original is not nearly as tastey as the "herb" variety- these taste seed-y (especially flax) and not quite salty enough for my taste.

- Madeleine

Mary's Gone Crackers

Very disappointed on the packaging. By buying online, I thought I was saving money. I have been buying these crackers, locally, and paying $7.99 for a 20 oz. Thrive Market sells it for $3.95 for a 6.5 oz. I suppose I can only blame myself for not paying attention to the size of the package.

- Reyna

Mary's Gone Crackers

So there I was in Northern California looking at the icy Pacific, it was mid-October after all. And my friend gave me my first bite of Humboldt Fog goat cheese on a Mary's Gone Crackers cracker and OMG!! The taste! I knew I was hooked...unfortunately on both.

- TOBI1kenobe

Mary's Gone Crackers Original Crackers

Very, very, very good, unique and tasty cracker. Good alone or with a cheese or other spread. I can taste the sesame seeds which makes them super good in my book!

- Billie Dewhirst

Mary's Gone Crackers

These are great crackers!

- Briana

Mary's Crackers

Love this product and the price through Thrive was so good that I bought several boxes

- Kelly

Crunchy snacks

These snacks were ok but I like a bit more flavor to them.

- Phyllis

luv them

crispy and super tasty

- Denise




Mary's Gone Crackers

tasty, nice crunch

- Anne


Love these crackers. They're a little hard for my teeth though. I'm afraid I'm going to break a filling. I still eat them , I'm just very careful.

- Nikki

Looks are deceiving !!

These taste a whole lot better then you think they will, when you first look at one. My husband Loves them too !! Buy them, you won't be disappointed!

- Lynn

Love them!

These crackers are delicious!! My order arrived quickly and the crackers were gone just as quickly. I did not count on my grandkids liking them ... next time I'll buy several boxes!

- Sandra


If you haven't tried then, you must!

- Marilyn


I really loved these crackers and they are on my next order.

- Machelle

Mary's Crackers

I really like these crackers with all the seeds.
The Mary's Original and the Mary's Super Seeds are both delicious.

- Maureen

Great crackers

I love really crunchy food, so these crackers are perfect for me! They are sturdy enough for dips and light enough flavored to not interfere with other flavors. They are one of my favorite go-tos.

- Gina

good crackers!

I really like the nutty flavor of these satisfying crackers

- kim


Great cracker minus flour! Good on its own, great with cheese.

- Angela

Mary's Gone Crackers

They were satisfying as a snack watching TV. Flavor is mild and they are crunchy, which helps my snack addiction.

- Nancy

Mary's crackers price and delivery

Thrive market offered the best price and great delivery!

- Cindy

Favorite crackers

These are my all time favorite crackers. My entire family including the kids love them now also. Great flavor without white flour or white rice. Great to use with anything requiring a cracker.

- Thrive User

Mary's Crackers

They taste great! Even though the box is small, there is a lot packed in there! WAY better than other commercial brand crackers!

- Janet

Mary Gone Crackers

These crackers are so good you can't just stop at one. They are like potato chips, once you get started eating them it is hard to stop!

- Betty R


I've always loved seedy/nutty bread and crackers, so I think the texture and flavor in these is great. I am intolerant to gluten and am tickled to have such a tasty and nutritious cracker that I can eat.

- Laura

SO nutty & crunchy!

Love them! Perfect cracker that is good for you, fill you up with just a few & will go great with cheese and other toppings too. I can't wait to get creative with them!

- Gay

Best crackers ever!

These Mary's Gone crackers are the best crackers I've ever had! Crunchy, crisp, so tasty. I've eaten them with cheese, almond butter, and tonight with humus. Just ordered 2 more boxes, as I don't want to run out. Gluten free, vegan, best tasting gluten free hands down

- Mariana Luz

Marys Crackers

great taste, good crunch, love them !!!!

- JoAnn

Best snack cracker

I absolutely love these wholesome, crunchy little crackers. Great with Hummus or straight out of the box! When I'm craving crunch and carbs they are my go to, satisfying yet I know I just did something good for my body

- Karissa F

Mary's Gone Crackers Ori.

Awesome taste,loved the crispness and seeds-sooo good

- RetaAnn

just fine

love it

- geey


Hearty and tasty. Back for more.

- Sharon

Cannot get enough of these.

Out of all the crackers that have ever existed these crackers are my favorite. You can't go wrong with the original flavor especially if its your first time trying these out.

- Kate

Best crackers ever

I loved Mary's Gone Crackers before I went gluten-free and I love them even more now on a gluten-free diet. They are so flavorful and delicious. Wonderful with cheese, fruit, and tuna fish.

- Lauren

Great Crackers

I love the extreme crunch to these crackers. They are good with almost everything. They do have a very strong flavor but that seems to be a bonus for me as I don't feel the need to eat them just because they are there. They have a purpose in my kitchen and diet!

- CT

Scrumptious Cracker

I was introduced to this brand of healthy cracker in Vancouver B.C. I bought extras to take back home with me as I never have seen them where I shop. Best cracker ever, loads of flavor and good for you too! Now I can have them anytime thanks to Thrive Market!

- Jennifer

Burnt....awful tasting.

Really not eatable. And I am not that picky about GF crackers.

- Kathryn


Love these crackers! Healthy ingredients and taste sooo good! Thanks, Mary!

- Kari

Sturdy for Toppings

My husband isn't as thrilled about these crackers as I am. He thinks they taste burnt. I however find these to be very tasty and sturdy for toppings. What I dislike about most crackers is that they break when you put brie or dip them. These are so hearty and satisfying.

- Maria


I was excited to try these. But they taste burnt; they are so hard I was afraid I'd break a tooth and they are not at all uniform in size. Just a big disappointment.

- Linda

Awesome Crackers!

These are SO GOOD! Super crunchy with lots of nutty flavor. I have Celiac disease, so I can't have any kind of wheat or gluten. It's been very difficult to find replacement for my cheese board, and Mary's are IT! They go great with Gruyère, Iberico, Cheddar- in fact I have yet to find a cheese that these crackers didn't "go" with.

I was also happy to find that these are very high in Omega-3's, which my doctor has been suggesting I eat more of for my cholesterol. This means I can have as many as I want, and call it medicine! Now I eat them with almond butter, Hummus, even salsa!

- Stephanie Simmons

Great flavor, healthy ingredients

First off, these aren't like, chips; they're crackers. And they are on the crunchy side for a cracker, which I happen to enjoy. My nutritionist recommended these to me for getting more whole grains in their diet. I know the knee-jerk reaction to "whole grain" for most people is to read it as "less flavor" but I'm pleased to say that this is not the case with these crackers. The combination of the slightly savory taste with the sesame seeds and the subtly nutty flavor is absolutely delicious, and they're organic to boot. I like to eat them with my favorite cheeses and they're great for dipping and scooping for sweet or savory spreads. I snack on them a lot and on the rare occasion that I go through a whole bag, it doesn't leave me with the junk food hangover that would normally ensue it it had been a bag of potato chips or Cheez-its. I keep my pantry stocked with these and am glad to keep buying them here at such a great price.

- G. Keller

Sesame gives off burnt taste.

I wanted to love these crackers because of the excellent grain combination. The crunch was harder than expected, yet surprisingly pleasant.

Overall, I was satisfied with the flavor but at times would feel like the sesame provided more of a burnt flavor, rather than nutty. More suited for dipping in a hummus or pairing with other ingredients.

- Lucy

Gluten free and good!

I personally think these are the best tasting crackers I've had in a while. i wouldn't suggest buying them at the store but this price is very fair. If you've been contemplating buying them, definitely give them a try! They're gluten free, organic, AND taste good, what more could you ask for in a cracker?

- S. Barton

Very Crunchy and Lacking Flavor

Overall, these are a healthy snack that I will eat often.

The problem was that they where very crunchy and I spent more time thinking about the flavor and the texture than I did enjoying it. I am very happy that they are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and all those great things. I just think that the original flavor should have some flavor.

Again, I'd eat these all day long I just expected more.

- Dale Austin


My 4 yr old son and I sat down with a bag of these and wedge of cheese. So tasty!

- Adam

One of my favorites!

These crackers are really tasty and a great snack. They have a hard crunch to them which may turn some off, but the flavor is great and the ingredients are healthy. Worth a try!

- Abigail

My new FAVORITE crackers...

I am pretty fussy and since I have had to come off all gluten because of my Thyroid... these really fit for me. AMAZING crunch... great flavor... fabulous with dips, they don't crumble as you are dipping... THRIVE needs to get more flavors!!!

- Cynthia


I like the ingredients but they are way overcooked, even burned. Have tried several times, still burned.

- Jean

I eat these almost every day

I am very particular about what I eat and I pay attention to all the ingredients in products. These are great and I eat these almost day. They are tasty, and provide the fiber I need and aren't too salty. I eat them with guacamole or hummus along with my salads. Love them!!!

- Melanie

Not what i was hoping for.

They taste like they are burnt. They are very thin and taste as if they were very overbaked.

- Jennifer

Mary's Gone Crackers

I love these, especially the Super Seed type. I dip in hummus, or cover with pb &J, or pb & honey, or with cheese. Yum!

- Susan G

Not for me

Unfortunately, I wasn't a fan. The flavor was good, but they were so hard and crunchy that they hurt my teeth. My chickens loved them though. :)

- Audra

amazing snack

I love to eat these with a little almond butter. Delicious and filling, also, not easy to find...

- Thrive User


I really wanted to like these crackers but they taste like I'm eating heavily burnt popcorn kernels. I don't know if it is the sesame seed overtaking (as mentioned in some other reviews ) or what but it is just not good at all. I really like the crunch but the flavor is just too overwhelming. I've tried masking the flavor with all sorts of yummies like tuna, almond butter, hummus,etc. My husband & daughter will not touch them so it looks like I'm looking forward to some unpleasant snack times until they're all gone because I don't want to be wasteful. I really do like the texture and crunch so I may try the herb flavor to give these crackers another chance.

- Chanell

Serious crunch!

These crackers are awesome. Just the thing when a craving for potato chips comes by- with a bowl of hummus!

- Charity

Wonderful Chips & Price!

Love the name! The crackers are really good, too. Our local health food store had these a while back, but then they disappeared. The clerk said his boss thought no one would buy them again. Why didn't he ask me?!

I found these crispy, great tasting crackers on Thrive Market. Not only are they delicious, but you can't beat the price. This item is 32% less than retail, which I think I paid more for at the store. Thrive is a godsend when it comes to purchasing all my organic, natural, tasty stuffs I need and want. Thank you, Thrive Market!

- Franklin N

Great crunch

I love these. When I went gluten free it was hard to find a good cracker and Mary definitely knows what she is doing with these.

The flavor is so good. They taste wonderful alone or they enhance the flavor of the cheese of your choice.

I also love to use these with dips like salsa and hummus.

- Harry Seltzer

Sesame flavor is strong

I like these crackers because they're low in sodium, sugar and cholesterol, unlike most crackers on the shelf.

But another reviewer commented about the sesame seeds, and it's true. There is a strong sesame flavor that you have to endure and get used to for total enjoyment of these crackers. I find that putting cheese or almond butter on the crackers really takes away the strong sesame flavor.

- Aldon Norton

Crackers for gluten free dieters

Going gluten free is good for your health, but it does make finding tasty food difficult.

That's why I really like these crackers. They do take some adjustment taste wise, because they're so natural and pure tasting, and you do get a full mouth of sesame seeds, nuts and brown rice. But it's great with cheese, nut spread or as a side with a salad.

- Allegra

So much better than a Ritz

I'll admit, I was a cracker fanatic. Ritz were my favorite, but I also liked wheat thins and nut thins.

Then you read the ingredients, and you see sugar, salt and added oils. When I went vegan, I left all that stuff behind. These crackers are so good. They're crunchy and have a dense texture, which makes you have to chew it well. It also takes longer to digest, and makes you feel fuller quicker.

- Andres Newman

Intense and Delicious Crackers

As someone who hangs out with a lot of health-nut people, I think all of my friends have a box or two in their houses at all times. I decided to switch from my regular cracker brand to see what everybody was talking about. They take a bit of getting used to from my regular crackers, but these are pretty good! They're tougher, bite-wise, to eat than a standard cracker, but it makes them harder to mindlessly munch on. They have an earthy and delicious flavor that's hard to describe. I've found sliced cheese (cheddar is my fave!) to be a perfect compliment to these. They just have so much flavor!

- Eliza D.

My favorite chips

I love these and I think they taste great. I recently went gluten-free and I try to find the most flavorful foods to keep my palate wide.... These have it.

I love them most with hummus. But they taste great alone to. I also love them so much that when I need to bring a dish to pass they come with whatever I made, whether it's a cheese ball or a plate of meat and cheeses.

- Genia Soder

Too many sesame seeds

I love that these crackers are gluten-free but get sad when sesame seeds are added to anything because they take over the flavor of the whole item. I don't even taste any of the other amazing ingredients.

These are great alone or in dips, but again, the sesame seeds are overpowering.

- Sima T.

I absolutely love them!

I've been trying to include more organic food to my diet and whole wheat. Found these crackers and they were just what I was looking for. They are so crunchy and natural tasting. I absolutely love them. Super healthy and I love the seeds in them.

- Geneva Morgan

Guilt-free and gluten-free!

I love these crackers. They are really healthy and gluten free. They're fantastic with black bean hummus. I'm definitely adding these to my "must-haves" list!

- Nathaniel Willis

Earthy, crispy healthy cracker

These crackers have an awesomely earthy and complex texture. I'm very big on texture in food, and these have a nice crispy crunch. They hold up well to dips - they won't break off in there. I eat with them hummus for a gluten-free, delicious vegan snack!

- A. Hansen

The best Gf crackers

These crackers have a very nutty and rich flavor and a perfect crunch. I love them dipped in almond butter!

I'm on a gluten-free diet and other gf crackers I've tried simply don't compare. I also really like that they're low cal and organic.

- A. Hansen

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