Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

8 oz bag

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8 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Hemp is a natural plant that has been used for many purposes over thousands of years. Recently, it’s been gaining the attention it deserves in products like Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds. These mighty little seeds offer plenty of nutrients and are great way to consume protein without eating any meat. See More
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About This Brand

Navitas Naturals is a family-owned green business headquartered in Marin County, California. We specialize in organic superfoods from around the world, and we strive to be the industry leader in this fast-growing category. Our mission is to provide premium functional foods that increase energy and promote health. We make it easy for people to experience optimal whole food nutrition.
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Certified Organic Hemp Seeds (c. sativa)

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 15g (1.5 tbsp) Servings Per Container 15

Amount Per Serving

Calories 80 Calories from Fat 45

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 7g 11%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 3%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 3g 1%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 1g
Protein 5g

Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 10%

Why You’ll Love Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

Hemp is finally getting the attention it deserves and many agree that it’s quite versatile due to all the ways the plant can be used. Hemp fibers can make clothing, paper, body lotion, oil, and so many more items used by humans on a daily basis.

But aside from those tiny fibers, hemp also produces mighty little seeds, like Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds, that have a good amount of nutrition and health-boosting agents that can be a great part of your diet.

Hemp versus cannabis

Hemp is a natural, plant-based product that has been used for thousands of years, but in recent times it has come under scrutiny for its misunderstood relationship to marijuana. While both have like origins, coming from the same cannabis crop, the large differentiator is that hemp doesn’t contain the compound known as tetrahhydrocannabinol (aka THC) and won’t produce any kind of physiological reaction. In fact, hemp actually has a ton of good-for-you qualities.

Health benefits of hemp seeds

Not only do Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds provide a deliciously nutty taste when added to recipes and snacks, but they also deliver some vitamins and minerals, too. Whether these seeds are added to salads, blended in smoothies, or tossed into trail mix, the nutrients they offer is valuable.

  • Nutrition content: Hemp seeds contain a decent amount of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to iron, zinc, vitamin A, calcium, and dietary fiber.

  • May have a link to blood pressure: Studies have shown that the amino acids in hemp seeds can help stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body. This has the possibility to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure, which in turn may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Encourages digestion: Hemp seeds also contain soluble and insoluble fiber, which help improves the digestive process by breaking foods down and cleaning out the gut, making it easier for food to pass through the intestine.

  • A source of protein: The body uses protein to maintain energy and healthy muscles, and hemp seeds provide a good amount of it. That makes these seeds a great option for vegans and vegetarians who need plant-based sources of protein.

While it’s important to remember that Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds aren’t a replacement for medical treatment from a doctor, adding them to a nutrition plan could offer several benefits including those mentioned above.

The Navitas Naturals difference

Navitas Naturals is based in Marin County, California. For years, the family-owned business has focused on creating organic superfoods that are sourced from sustainable farms around the globe. Their belief is simple: Provide consumers with premium, organic, energizing superfoods to invigorate the modern diet.

Like all their products, Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds don’t contain any added ingredients. That means that no chemicals, preservatives, or flavorings are present, ensuring you get a pure, natural product.

Great ways to use Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

There are numerous ways to cook with Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds, as their nutty taste blends perfectly with a wide range of different foods. Here are some of our favorite ways:

  • By themselves: Eat these shelled hemp seeds right out of the bag as a nutritious, uniquely delicious snack.

  • In a smoothie:Mix them into any smoothie recipe and blend. This Neapolitan Smoothie is a perfect example, but any of your favorites can benefit from this protein boost.

  • In trail mix or baked treats: Toss these hemp seeds in a tasty trail mix or add to a baked snack recipe, such as this Olive Oil Granola Bark.

  • As a topping: Take a handful of these morsels and mix them into a salad, top on grilled veggies, or sprinkle them on a dip for some extra crunch.

While the right recipe can make a great meal-time experience, adding Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds is an easy way to give your favorite dishes a little something extra.

Reviews For Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

Based on 16 Reviews


I was pleased with my order and am enjoying the product. Well done. Thank you.

- Tami

Tried different brands

My family loves hemp crusted chicken. I have tried different brands. It was recently brought to my attention by my four year old and his dad that this one " is just better"

- Mandy


Help my well being.

- Thrive User


Always quality!

- Hava

Navitas Naturals Rules

I love this brand, it has absolutely gorgeous products and this is no exception. Great taste!

- Rossana

Hemp Seed

I was amazed at how tasty this product is!! It adds crunch and wonderful healthy fiber to any salad! Highly recommended!!

- Catherine

Navitas Naturals Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

Love these-use a bit in my daily smoothie,Great and sooo healthy!

- RetaAnn Reames


I love the taste of these little seeds. I ordered 2 bags and have somehow lost one of them. I've searched everywhere and I'm sure it will show up and hopefully before I empty the other bag. They are outstanding!

- Jeanne

Marathon Training help

I'm using these hemp seeds as part of my training for an upcoming marathon. I'm going as natural as I can in my training, and these provide me with energy and protein that I need during the day. They don't really have a strong flavor, and they're nice in salads and sprinkled over vegetables, but my primary mode of use is blended in my smoothies.

- Jacinda P.

Use on a lot of things

Hemp seeds are a great way to boost energy and get you revved up for the day. They are packed with protein and omegas and they don't have sugar or fat and are low in calories.

I always blend them in a smoothie for breakfast, and then use them again for my after hours workout. I've tried them in yogurt, and it wasn't bad, but you'll definitely get a nutty flavor that may or may not agree with the yogurt you're eating.

- Jerome Park

Smaller Bag is Better

One of those magical superfoods that I really love to take in through my diet as much as possible. I've tried both the larger bag and the smaller bag of this, and I always recommend the smaller bag. The larger bag is great if you go through a lot of it very quickly, but in terms of keeping things fresh, the smaller bag seems to do a much better job. I'm not sure why, but my hemp seeds always taste more delicious from the 8 ounce bag.

- Julie

Hemp Seeds, Not What You Thought

Most people know hemp as a relative of marijuana, only hemp can't give you the buzz. It's actually a wonderful superfood. Hemp seed helps boost memory and brain function. Its chock full of special properties like essential nutrients, healthy fats, and protein.

I used to purchase hemp seed at Lucky's Market, and it was expensive. With my Thrive Market membership, I get more for a small price.

- Jeremy Rhodes

Power Punch

These Hemp Seeds are great! They taste good as a snack on their own and I especially love them on my salads and in my soups. These are great to keep me satisfied throughout the day when I may get a snack craving and also for when I need a pick me up because after eating these I instantly feel ready to go for another few hours. I would definitely recommend trying these if you need a great protein packed snack or are looking for that extra boost during the day!

- Sadie L

These hemp seeds are delicious!

These hemp seeds are delicious! I loved how natural they tasted, and they taste great shelled. I eat these as a snack from time to time, and the texture of them along with the taste of them is what makes these hemp seeds delicious.

- Hazel Tucker

Great for smoothies!

Great for smoothies, mixes easily, great source of Omega 3, tasteless. Lasts a long time. Would buy this product again.

- P. N.

An energy boost

This is great for an extra protein boost in my smoothies. I also sprinkle them on salads and soups. I feel a lot more energetic afterwards, and the omegas really help with my arthritis inflammation. If you're an active person, want to be one, or just want more energy, try it out.

- Annette M.

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