Smoked OystersSmoked Oysters073230008511Smoked oysters are naturally wood smoked and hand packed in olive oil. They’re of uniform size and color, and are loaded with nutrients, including 1200mg of omega-3 per serving. As one of the world’s largest importers of smoked oysters in the world, Crown Prince sources only the highest quality oysters available. Enjoy them solo, piled over crackers, sprinkled over pizza, or mixed with cheese as a stuffing for mushrooms. Note: The occasional green color in oysters is actually not an abnormal color. During the harvesting season, the oysters are still growing and ingest a large amount of plankton while they are still lean. This makes the "green feeds" visible through their outer skin.3 oz can
Tasty... - by These are really good, wish they had a little more smoke flavor.
Delicious and clean ingredients! - by The best quality tasting canned smoked oysters with a clean ingredients list.
Great Smoky Taste - by If you like oysters, these have a great smoky flavor and smells at a good price.
Tastes great! - by No need to warm it, tastes great as is!
Oysters - by Just delish! Excellent with sweet potato crackers.
Crown Prince
Crown Prince

Smoked Oysters

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