Grab 'N Go Fruit & Vegetable WipesGrab 'N Go Fruit & Vegetable Wipes855318002006Award-Winning Eat Cleaner® Food-Grade Biodegradable Wipes are your go-to for all your safe cleaning needs. Patented technology makes Eat Cleaner products over 99.9% more effective than cleaning with water alone – and don’t require rinsing! Biodegradable and food safe, made with all-natural, Kosher ingredients, perfect for cleaning a piece of fruit, hands, utensils or anything that comes into contact with your mouth. Even a binkie. Pack them in your diaper bag, purse, briefcase, glove compartment and desk drawer. Eat Cleaner is used by celebrity chefs, everyday heroes and superstar parents everywhere. You’ll see, taste and feel the difference. Think before you bite and Eat Cleaner – because you are the last line of defense for your family. Over 99% more effective than water* in removing wax, pesticide and agricultural/handling residue from the surface of fresh produce. Fruit and Veggie Wipes do not require rinsing, made of biodegradable material, and are alcohol and chlorine-free.32 wipes
Very convenient - by Eat Cleaner, Grab 'N Go Fruit & Vegetable Wipes
Vegetable wipes - by For your every fruit and vegetables needs, I do this for all of my food and they also dose not make your food taste bad
Ok - by Just ok
Great - by I really liked these wipes.
Convienent - by Bought these to keep in my car so I can grab a peice of fruit and wash it if need be. I feel like they get the job done well.
Eat Cleaner
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Grab 'N Go Fruit & Vegetable Wipes

Eat Cleaner
32 wipes
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