Buckwheat Soba PastaBuckwheat Soba Pasta024182201550Buckwheat protein has all nine essential amino acids—and it's gluten-free. Enjoy 100% Buckwheat Soba noodles from Eden Foods in hot or chilled salads, soups, or stir-fries.8 oz bag
Not Celiac safe - by This product is not celiac safe, not truly gluten free. Eden foods didn’t even label it gluten free- why does Thrive?
No idea - by These are 100% buckwheat! Recently dealing with allergies and had no idea that they add wheat to some of these.
Buckwheat Noodles - by Learned how to cook these noodles properly for cold noodle broth. Immerse in cold icy water immediately when done to prevent clumping and turning to mush !
Actually REAL Soba - by I'm surprised to see many low reviews. These are real soba noodles. They take a bit longer to cook then wheat noodles, but serve them with an oil base sauce so they don't get stuck together. So good!!
Great for noodle salad - by These don't cook up like normal gf noodles, they can get really chewy/cloudy and stuck together as they cook. I made a cold Thai-style noodle salad and they were great. Just nice to have an alternative.
Eden Foods
Eden Foods

Buckwheat Soba Pasta

8 oz bag
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