Organic SauerkrautOrganic Sauerkraut024182011005If you need more fermented foods in your life (and who doesn't?) reach for organic sauerkraut from Eden Foods. This sweet cabbage is hand-harvested, fermented, and packed by a single family with more than nine decades of experience.32 oz jar
Really good - by I don’t know what to say about this other than it’s really good sauerkraut.
I never received this - by I never tried it
Kraut - by It's good
Eden Foods Organic Sauerkraut - by I use to NOT like sauerkraut @ all, but wanted to try it again since I know how good it is for the body. THIS IS THE BEST sauerkraut I HAVE EVER HAD! I like it so much that I have it on autoship. This not only is great by itself to eat, but blends well with a multitude of other foods, so if you want to get someone to eat it, they might not even know they did. :)
Great tasting and healthy - by I really like this sauerkraut!
Eden Foods
Eden Foods

Organic Sauerkraut

32 oz jar$0.15/oz
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