Medium SalsaMedium Salsa628055758037This jar of Medium Salsa from Fody Foods means you'll never miss another Taco Tuesday—even when you're following a low-FODMAP diet. This onion and garlic free dip has been tested and certified by Monash University, and brings just the right amount of heat to your favorite dishes. Say yes to gut-happy fiesta-ing.16 oz jar
Jess - by Tastes like regular salsa to me. Would never know it was fodmap friendly!
Great taste for not having onion or garlic - by It has a great taste for missing onion and garlic which are pretty significant ingredients in regular salsa. Would buy again
Good flavor for IBS kid. - by Well rounded flavor. I do add garlic infused evoo and cumin but daughter likes as is too.
Fody to the rescue - by Great brand for those that need to control High Fermenting Foods in their diet....relief for SIBO sufferers
Great Snack - by Some all corn chips makes this a yummy snack!
FODY Foods
FODY Foods

Medium Salsa

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