Avocado HuggersAvocado Huggers653341030948It’s no question that avocados have a five o’ clock shadow. After cutting them open, they turn brown within minutes. Change that with Food Huggers! These specially designed covers provide an airtight seal to keep oxygen out. The set comes in two sizes for avocados large and small and has a pit pocket you can push in or out for extra protection.2 count
They work - by I've only used once but they seemed to do what they were supposed to.
Use these daily! - by I use these almost daily for my avocados. They’re a little tricky to get on but they work really well to keep the air out and your avocado fresh!
Works great! - by Works great!
Great Idea - by Love this idea as sometimes I only eat half an avocado myself, but I wish there was a size just a little smaller than the small one as some of the avocados I have available are still small in the container
If I could give 0 stars I would... - by These are the hardest things to put on an avocado. By the time I get it on my avocado is a disaster and isn't worth saving half the time. If it isn't the perfect fit, you can forget about it. I really was hopefully that these would work well but I was SEVERELY disappointed. Wouldn't recommend and wish I could return. They are going in the garbage.
Food Huggers
Food Huggers

Avocado Huggers

2 count$5.40/each
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