Chai Latte Mushroom MixChai Latte Mushroom Mix816897020829Your belly is like your second brain and needs its own calming treatments to relax and keep it happy. Four Sigmatic Chai Latte is like a digestive form of candles and meditation, made with nutritive turkey tail and reishi mushrooms that love your gut and may support better digestion and well-being. Dairy-free, but add ghee to make it creamy.10 packets
Not great - by Sadly… wasn’t what I was hoping for. Doesn’t mix completely into hot water and it’s difficult to get all the powder mix out of the little packets they come in. Would be better as one container that you could scoop the mix out of.. the taste has potential but couldn’t quite get the liquid to powder ratio right so it didn’t taste watery.
It's not bad, a lil grainy as other reviews have said. - by Definitely a provides warms me up, but it's a little pricey for a caffeine-like substitute.
Great taste - by Love it
So good - by This stuff tastes so good
Better coffee alternative - by It has great flavor!
Four Sigmatic
Four Sigmatic

Chai Latte Mushroom Mix

10 packets$1.70/packet
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