Veggie Bites, Turn-Up The BeetVeggie Bites, Turn-Up The Beet857939008160Fresh Bellies makes it easy to enjoy veggies on the go. This tubular snack is made with sorghum and beets and seasoned with onion, paprika and parsley for a savory bite that delivers some calcium and potassium too.1 oz bag
Beet fingers? Yes, please! - by These are so tasty - our entire family enjoys eating them! Great flavor. They can def get a bit messy but we don't mind at all. Better to have red beet fingers to lick than neon orange - often fake! - cheese powder. We love all the other flavors too.
Flavorful! - by A small, perfect snack on the go. But beware, the beet powder can get messy!
Just Okay - by My one year old will only eat one and then throws the rest. I've tried them and just think its okay. Will not buy again.
Love! - by great flavor, great ingredients
meh - by Taste is ok but we didn't love it.
Fresh Bellies
Fresh Bellies

Veggie Bites, Turn-Up The Beet

1 oz bag$3.49/oz
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