Milk Chocolate Sleep Supplement for KidsMilk Chocolate Sleep Supplement for Kids858982004314Provide gentle and safe sleep relief for your kiddos with Good Day Chocolate Kids Sleep. With 1mg of pharmaceutical grade melatonin - a pediatrician recommended sleep supplement for children ages 3 and older - you can help your little one get a good night's rest during occasional sleeplessness.* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.50 pieces
Kids love these! - by I stumbled on this brand so I bought them. My kids loved them. I continue to buy this product from Thrive because they have the best price. I have also recommended this product to others.
Sleep supplement - by Good Day Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Sleep Supplement for Kids
Good Day Chocolate - by Great sleep supplement for when needed. Just the right amount to help my children's brains quiet for bed.
Too strong for my kid, but perfect for me! - by My kid weighs about 45lbs, and this 1g of melatonin was too strong for them. I weigh about 120lbs and it was the perfect amount of melatonin for me. They slept 14 hours and woke feeling groggy and gross. I slept 9 hours with it and felt perfect when I woke up. They want to keep this for themselves for weekends when they need extra sleep, but most likely, I'm going to take this over for myself. Tastes great. M&M-like-shell on the outside, and earthy milk-chocolatey on the inside.
Do you have a child? - by If so, give yourself an assist and get these. They don’t pass out or anything and I’m not looking for that. They just help my dudes stay asleep through the night, not put them to sleep.
Good Day Chocolate
Good Day Chocolate
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Milk Chocolate Sleep Supplement for Kids

50 pieces
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This item may be shipped with a free eco-friendly cold pack to safeguard it from extreme temperatures
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