Chews + Treats, Super Smarty HeartiesChews + Treats, Super Smarty Hearties818336012235We know brain development is important for dogs, but pups sitting down with a Sudoku or today’s New York Times crossword puzzle seems a little … improbable. Which is why we’ve created Super Smarty Hearties -- delicious and nutritious, they come in so-cute heart shapes and contain DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids to support healthy skin and brain development. With real salmon as the first ingredient and only five calories a pop, they’re great for training or rewarding. A three letter word for amazing is ARF, btw, if you want to keep that in your back pocket. - Animal ingredients and Nutritious Oils - For All Stages of Life - Added Vitamins and Minerals - No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, or Colors - No Fillers or By-Product Meals - Wheat and Gluten Free - Omega 3 + 6, DHA, EPA - Great for training - Free of carrageenan - Made in the USA5 oz bag
Dog likes them - by Our dog eats them and thats good for me. Soft treats, good amount in bag.
Happy Doggos - by I and love and you, Chews + Treats, Super Smarty Hearties
Pups - by I and love and you, Chews + Treats, Super Smarty Hearties
Dog likes - by She’s a little picky with treats, she’s not super enthusiastic but she likes these enough
Poppy's favorite treats - by Our girl loves every I and love and you products ❤️ poppy is a very finicky eater too!
I and love and you
I and love and you

Chews + Treats, Super Smarty Hearties

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