Lily Cup OneLily Cup One7350075026065Lily Cup One is the perfect starter cup for beginners of all ages - it uses only the smoothest medical grade silicone and has a special, easy-to-use design! Thanks to its unique bubble design, Lily Cup One is small in size but still offers high-capacity coverage. It can be worn for up to 12 hours of protection that you won't even feel, plus it has a leak-proof double rim and removal loop that make Lily Cup One extra beginner-friendly. Lily Cup One is reusable and ecological, making it the best tampon and pad alternative. It also collapses flat into a cute, compact case so you can take it on the go, meaning you're never caught off guard by you period again! Lily Cup One comes in one size and covers light to heavy flow.1 count
great for beginners - by This is the only cup I have ever tried, I think it's a good option for first-timers since it's on the smaller side. I plan to get a bigger one though so I don't have to empty it out as often. It's good for light flow. I love the travel case so I can keep it in my purse so I'm always prepared.
Love this sustainable option - by Still getting use to it but love this sustainable option!
Too soft - by I had slight leaking with the first menstrual cup I tried so I decided to switch it up. This one was MUCH WORSE. This is due to the fact that it is too soft and easy to fold up upon insertion. Also, there's a super hard ridge at the top that makes removal painful. The only thing I liked about it was the ring made it easy to being the pulling out process.
The Best Menstrual Cup - by This is by far the best menstrual cup I've tried. Easy in and out with the loop. Highly recommend it.
Great Product - by Really liked this product, it feels so much better than tampons or pads. It's a little tricky to get used to at first, but after you get a hang of it, it's super easy. Just empty and reinsert when you take your shower that day. I love that you just boil it to purify it, and don't need to replace it for many years. One key way that you can take back some freedom against the pink tax.

Lily Cup One

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