Lip Moisturizer, SPF 8Lip Moisturizer, SPF 8834893000102Keep this trio of Juice Beauty Lip Moisturizers handy to nourish your lips throughout the day. This emollient kit features a naturally clear stick, plus two luscious mineral tints. All three reef-safe formulas are made with certified organic plant oils, mango and passionfruit essences, and vitamins.0.15 oz tube
Meh - by Not really impressed. They were all very dry going on and didn't feel very moisturizing at all. The red tint was nice and light. the pink looked blueish on me
Dried Out and Not Smooth - by These dried out incredibly quickly and were not smooth to apply at all.
Did not like! - by Not smooth or easy to apply! The consistency is super rough and I would not recommend
Hair in the mix - by Hi- I wish I had recorded my experience. I purchased and used one and felt a little tickle. Noticed there was a small hair on the surface of the balm. I thought it was weird but maybe it was my own eyelash that was on my lip. I went to remove it and quickly realized it was embedded in the balm, pulled it out and it was roughly 2 inches long just mixed in with the balm. I promptly threw it away. Pretty gross and disappointing. I hope this review makes it to Juice Beauty's QM to avoid this in the future.
2 out of 3 for me - by The pink color is VERY frosty and I did not like it at all, the other 2 are great. The red is very pigmented and the clear is nice, all smell nice
Juice Beauty
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Lip Moisturizer, SPF 8

Juice Beauty
0.15 oz tube$66.67/oz
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