Bone Broth, Coconut CurryBone Broth, Coconut Curry851702007381Get sipping on Kettle & Fire's newest addition: Coconut Curry and Lime Bone Broth. Fatty coconut and Thai spices will enhance your curries and soups, or enjoy a warm glass solo. Kettle and Fire packaging is made with paperboard from the certified forest and other sources.16.9 oz carton
time to get creative - by this is fun to cook with as it breaks up the hum drum with just a little something else
Delicious!! - by My favorite of the kettle bone broths to sip from a mug in winter or to add vegis to for a hearty soup
Not a Fan - by I love bone broth but was not a fan of this one. It may be good for cooking, but for drinking it is a definite no for me.
Heat and eat(drink) - by Quick and tasty lunch on the go!
Kim L - by This is one of my favorite bone broths. If you like curry you will love this bone broth.
Kettle & Fire
Kettle & Fire

Bone Broth, Coconut Curry

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