Kick Ass Whole Bean Coffee, Dark RoastKick Ass Whole Bean Coffee, Dark Roast629070800138This is the coffee of doers—the delicious kick in the seat you need to get up and seize the day. Made from 100 percent organic, shade-grown Arabica beans from Indonesia and South America, this bag of whole beans presents an earthy mix with notes of chocolate malt, molasses, and licorice. One of the core values of Kicking Horse is to be “awake,” which it describes as being passionately aware of the surrounding world and wanting the best for it. Seeking the very best brew is what led the founders to focus on their passion and begin roasting small batches in pursuit of perfection.10 oz bag
Not for me - by I like strong coffee. Was definitely expecting more punch.
Happy with this - by I am into this coffee. My husband, who usually doesn't have much to say about different kinds of coffee beans, even commented on how great this kind tastes.
Terrible tasting coffee - by Had a very dull but also bitter taste to it. Not sure if I got a bad batch but I’m throwing this out.
Excellent coffee! - by This is one of my favorite coffees--strong, bold flavor. I use a pour-over to make my coffee.
good product - by nice smooth flavor and no bitterness
Kicking Horse
Kicking Horse

Kick Ass Whole Bean Coffee, Dark Roast

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